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difference between cnc machines and robots

Difference Between Robots and CNC Machines

Robots and CNC machines are two of the most popular tools used in the manufacturing industry. While the two technologies do have some similarities, they also have some significant differences. What are CNC machines? CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. In basic terms, the metal fabrication method of CNC machine uses written computer code to control the machinery during the

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rev robotics

REV Robotics – An insight and documentation of REV Robotics

The science and technology is of no use without the practical experiments and uses. To perform a newly defined technology or test some new inventions you must require the best and the most efficient technical parts and robotics. And the most effective parts that have to be used cannot be underestimated. So, to provide you with the best robotics part,

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Green Robots Fighting Climate Change Using Robots

Green Robots: Fighting Climate Change Using Robots

Global warming has been a major concern for a while now, and nations have been trying to come up with countermeasures: some have been working while others have been falling flat on their faces. Clearing of forests to pave the way for development and the increase of population are not helping matters at all. Among the many potential solutions that

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AI and RPA helping business

How AI and RPA Is Helping Businesses Prepare for the Post- Pandemic Era

As the virus runs its course, remote-working technologies are gaining popularity! The digital transformation curve that usually took months is now fast-forwarded to a few days or a week. That’s because during these chaotic and unprecedented times, investing in and adopting new technologies is not a nice-to-have feature; it’s a matter of survival!  No wonder, organizations around the world are

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pitfalls in ai based learning

5 Pitfalls in AI-based Learning

Everyone is talking about AI models like ChatGPT and DALL-E today, but what place does AI have in education? Can it help students or does it pose more risks than benefits? As impressive as this technology is, there are some


How Do AI-Generated Models Impact the Retail Industry?

Innovation is at an all-time high, and the growth potential is just as promising. Artificial intelligence (AI) is leading the way — especially generative AI, the latest trend that’s here to stay. It’s already having a big impact on retail.

robotics technology for SMEs

3 Ways to Apply Robotics Technology to Reduce Operating Costs for SMEs

Robotics technology has become a staple of almost every industry. Using robots in manufacturing, industrial and construction sectors has many benefits for large businesses. However, a robotic workforce can also help small and medium-sized businesses make their processes more cost-effective. 

ai tools in education

Are AI Tools Ready To Be Trusted and Used as Educational Resources?

You never know what will come into the classroom next, whether it’s augmented reality mathematics or AI robots tutoring students. Teachers need tech to keep students’ attention and increase efficiency, but it’s common knowledge that countless AI models are still

generative ai

How Generative AI Is Reshaping the Workforce in 2023

You’ve interacted with generative AI even if you haven’t known it by that name. Consider when Dall-E creates images to spark your design work or ChatGPT constructs code or outlines narratives.  The more people use these tools, the more information