10 Universities Dedicated To AI Research

10 Universities Dedicated To AI Research

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has developed into a technological phenomenon that has spread through various industries. From data analytics to deep learning, to big-data mining, and so on, AI has transformed technology for the better, it seems.

So, if you want to join this lucrative industry in working with AI, consider getting a degree from an accredited college or university. Here are 10 universities that are dedicated to AI research: 

Cambridge University

Cambridge’s Department of Engineering is one of the most sophisticated schools in the world. From constant research to ongoing developments, students not only learn about AI, but also develop their foundational roots in disciplines that allow them to work hands-on with technology. With a large network, students can share and develop what they’ve learned.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University invites students to learn about AI. With more than 400 startups linked to this prestigious university, as well as endorsements and backing from companies like Argo AI, Aurora, and Uber, CMU is all about turning novice engineers into the driving force that brings AI further and further into the spotlight.

Columbia University

Columbia University also shares its enthusiasm for engineering. From healthcare to electrical engineering, CU understands the complexities and roles that AI plays in such industries. With acclaimed engineers and scientists like Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, Christine Hendon, Tal Danino, and Elham Azizi assembling the roundtable of tech-based discussions in conjunction with Columbia Engineering magazine, they share their inputs on AI in healthcare and electrical engineering.

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

The Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) exposes students to realities concerning technological advances, including AI. Since 1847, Harvard has been the champion of engineering and applied sciences. And now, with AI, the school continues to be the champion for engineering excellence, especially in a time when AI is growing more and more in popularity.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT takes pride in America’s industrial revolution. The school understands that technology has many avenues that people can pursue – AI included. With rising talent and jobs to fill, MIT is committed to growing the AI community by offering relevant disciplines, and by allowing its students to work with technology through artistic and inventive ways.

Oxford University

Oxford offers Engineering Science, which is made up of various subjects like microelectronics and offshore oil platforms. With amazing studies in engineering:





Information, AND


… students will learn how AI is at the forefront of engineering. 

Stanford University – School of Engineering

Stanford takes AI seriously through research and innovation. Here, students will know the going-ons of technology in the 21st century, along with the major challenges that surround this generation. By studying various backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives, students will learn to incorporate what they’ve learned about AI into the real world.

University College London

With global data networks, renewable energy, driverless vehicles, etc. on the rise, UCL is committed to teaching students about the high-tech world, and how AI is involved behind the scenes. From mathematics to physics to engineering and computer science, UCL ensures that students will learn the full extent of this growing technological phenomenon. 

University of California-Berkeley

UC Berkeley’s Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research has a new professional degree program in the College of Engineering. Students will learn about optimization, data analytics, risk modelling, simulation, and so on, which are vital to understanding the complexity of AI. UC Berkeley is there to teach students about the various scenarios that AI is most needed – healthcare, transportation, finances, the works.

University of Texas (Austin) – Cockrell School of Engineering

Finally, UT Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering is focused on growing tech trends like AI. Here, students will learn about the leading pioneers of the high-tech world, and how AI is cementing its greatness in such a world. Students will eventually be subject to an ever-growing network of opportunities in AI, including jobs, internships, etc. from various companies like Apple, IBM, Dell, Samsung, Google, and many more. 


So, you see, AI is a desirable skill to obtain. So, when you consider these 10 universities, you’ll know just how popular AI is, and what benefits you’ll get from attending one of them. Knowledge in AI opens many doors, so why not open the door to any of these wonderful schools today? 

~ Christina Lee is a writer and editor at Studydemic. As a content writer, she writes articles about technology, coding, and engineering.

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