How and Why to Implement AI into Web Development?

ai in web development

In 2020, the global corporate investment in artificial intelligence reached $68 billion. 

The above graph clearly shows the trend of exponential growth in AI investments. 

In the future, the use of AI will become even more commonplace. A report from SEMRush seconds that. It suggests that in 2022, companies are expected to have an average of 35 active AI projects.

Now, when we hear the term AI, a utopian future of robots and self-driving cars comes to mind. But web development is one of the fields that is increasingly leveraging AI software. And it is making the digital experience better for customers and business owners.

But what exactly is Artificial intelligence?

Is it even possible to use AI on your website?

What are the benefits of integrating AI in web development?

What are the most valuable use cases of AI in web development? (Spoiler alert: You don’t need to hire scientists or pro developers)

Find answers to all your questions right here. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Wikipedia defines Artificial Intelligence as the intelligence demonstrated by machines. AI is an interrelation of several areas of study like computer recognition, reasoning, action, and more.

It is the ability of a computer or a computer-operated robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.

Applications of AI in business are many and varied. They range from advanced search engines (like Google) to platforms that offer content recommendations (like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon). It also included machines and systems that understand human speech (like Siri and Alexa) and automated decision-making as seen in strategic games like Go).

With such large-scale, high-impact applications of AI, it is obvious to wonder what integrating AI with a humble business website can offer. To answer that curious question, here are the.

Benefits of integrating AI in web development

If you would have used artificial intelligence in web development in 2020, the primary benefit for your business would have been the first-mover advantage. 

Today, your customers expect you to offer certain levels of experience across all touchpoints, including your website. And AI in web development is important to meet those customer expectations. Your competitors are probably already doing that. 

But all is not lost. The key benefits of having AI-enabled websites include:

  • Faster search, which gives users instant access to information. 
  • Better and 24/7 customer interaction with chatbots. It also reduces the financial burden of a customer support team. 
  • Customized experience for your users that is facilitated by AI-powered information gathering. When you know who your customer is, you can modify your UI according to their needs. 
  • Personalized shopping experience enabled by AI that facilitates a real-like experience. And this, in turn, can promote sales. 
  • Predictive analysis of marketing campaigns can help you move investment from low-return to high-return customers. How? By predicting churn rates, average customer lifetime values, and effects of marketing campaigns. 

How to Implement AI in web development

The best part about making use of AI in web development is that it doesn’t require specialized machines, huge investments, or even expert supervision. 

A modern website builder is likely to come laced with AI-based features. You just have to tap a few keys and move your mouse to get your AI-enabled website live. 

Moreover, there are AI website builders that use AI to get your website up and running. (Just enter the details about your business and how you want your website to look. The AI builder will do its magic and create a customized website for you.) 

Now, the level and quality of AI features you get with a smart website builder may vary. 

The best AI website builder might let you add a lot of frills. 

A basic AI website creator, however, would offer just a quicker time-to-market by automating the web design process for you.  

Irrespective of the AI website maker you pick, here are some basic ways to integrate AI in your web development:

1. AI Chatbot

Studies suggest that 90% of customer interactions will get automated by 2022. Automated how? With AI chatbots. 

And customers are ready for that. As seen in a study, 27% of customers were interested in using AI support tools.

By using an AI chatbot on your website you can ensure your business is available 24*7 while reducing the cost of customer support.

2. Enhanced website accessibility

Businesses don’t want to limit their audiences by ignoring specially-abled sections of the population. Nor do they want to land in legal hot soup by flouting ADA compliance and other accessibility norms. 

But the task is herculean. AI-enabled website builders, however, make it possible. How? With simple features like:

  • Auto-captioning of videos on your website.
  • Transcriptions of audios.
  • Audio reading of website text
  • Voice search
  • Legally-compliant Data Collection

Your website is the most valuable resource for collecting data about current and prospective clients. From forms where users fill in their data to cookies, websites can be data mines. 

But are you collecting this data as per the data privacy of your country (and the country of your user)?

If you are doubtful, trust AI to help you do that. AI data tracking systems, when added to your website (as plugins or third-party integrations) can sort, filter, format, process, and store the information you collect from your website. In legally-compliant ways. 

Plus, there are data visualization dashboards that an artificial intelligence website builder might offer. It can help leverage the data in the right way by simplifying decision-making. 

3. Real-time personalization on the website

Did you know that 71% of people accepted that they get irritated by impersonal digital shopping experiences? In fact, 80% of people would like to engage with businesses offering personalized experiences. 

You can send personalized business emails and even offer one-to-one consultation for that. 

But what about your website? 

Changing your website content for individual customers seems impossible, right?

Enter AI. 

With the use of machine learning algorithms, you can show people personalized content and product suggestions on your website. This is based on their previous interaction with your business and their general preferences.

4. Predictive churn analysis

It is a well-known fact that 50% of your customers will churn within 5 years. That’s natural and unavoidable. 

But what if you spend a sizable marketing budget on targeting customers who’d anyway churn soon? 

Or what if you fail to target customers properly and your churn rates hit the roof?

That can be crippling for any organization. 

With AI-powered predictive analysis, however, you can better understand which customer to target, when and how, to avoid churd. In fact, 85% of customer churn is because of poor service and can be prevented. 

With third-party AI integrations, you can analyze customer data and predict churn. This information will help you identify issues and take remedial steps. 

Some AI site builders also have features where you can directly program necessary actions to prevent churn. 

Start leveraging AI for web development today

With that, now you know what is AI, how it can help your business if integrated on your website, and 5 wonderful use cases. All that is left to be done is for you to find a suitable AI website builder and get started. Get started today.

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