5 Reasons Why Logistics Industry Should Embrace Artificial Intelligence

why logistics industry should embrance artificial intelligence

The last three decades have witnessed a prominent change in the field of technological evolution. The evolution was not only in the digital field but it proved to be a great transitory period in the life of human history.  

“AI has revolutionized the industrial structure to its very core. Digital transformation has become a crucial factor in assisting a company in earning a competitive edge in the market.  ” 

Time to move the logistic industry on the artificial intelligence track

No doubt, with the help of AI, industries are gaining a prominent place with their working efficiency almost in all areas related to their production process. But the logistic industry is not fully equipped with the tool of Artificial Intelligence as yet.   

It is need of the hour that most logistic companies must apply this method of positive changes that would enable them to move on a smooth, easy, flawless, rapid, and shortest journey of progress and prosperity.  

Why do some companies still hesitate to adopt AI?  

It is an extremely stressful task to infuse human qualities and capabilities into a machine. Building such a huge system is an uphill task as it needs the ceaseless struggle of efficient software engineers, developers, and operators. 

AI is the game-changer  

Almost 60 per cent of big leaders in the industrial field of logistics have transformed their business processes into AI-led technology, but a lot of business companies are still reluctant to join the pioneers.   

Their reluctance shows the lack of awareness of the benefits AI provides. Somehow, big business leaders like Google, Tesla, DHL, and many other renowned organizations are investing billions of dollars to go ahead in AI. India is also rushing fast to complete the perfection in its logistic supply chain. Its robotic technology has reached an upper stage.  

Why go for it?

It is about time that the logistics company holders and the parties in the game come forward and adopt AI technologies. In this way, the whole world would be able to take benefit of this venture. We can find Artificial Intelligence present everywhere.   

How can AI improve logistics efficiency?  

So, the logistic companies, by increasing their capacity of improvement, build their supply chain strong, which can be proved beneficial for both the stakeholders. Having access to Artificial Intelligence, logistic companies can surely perform all tasks related to freight forwarding easier. 

Big Data and AI

Big data and artificial intelligence are the two vital forces that are accelerating progress in several industrial fields. These two technologies have brought industrial development to level 4.0.         

It brought an unbelievable change in the logistics arena. It has infused the logistic chain with a new type of energy that could help the logistic companies make their E2E journey safe, easy, perfect, highly speedy, completely satisfactory, and much more attractive to all the stakeholders.  

Information handling    

As earlier, it has been mentioned that two critical forces are working behind astonishing progress. Among them, the first one is Big data and, the second one is AI. Big Data consists of a flood of information coming through internet platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube, safe city, and other applications installed at millions of known and unknown places, etc.  

The information is based on the analysis of customers’ likes, dislikes, needs, and preferences. Artificial Intelligence helps in selecting important and useful data out of this information, bifurcates it into different categories, and after checking and rechecking, it delivers to the concerned companies which want to use it.  

How does it work?

Big data is saved into the small devices of Artificial Intelligence. It is all useful both for the customers as well for the suppliers. By giving Big Data access to the logistic companies, AI has become a beacon house of all-around strategies through which they can facilitate both the customers and the suppliers to their utmost satisfaction at the same time. All they have to do is move according to the programming set by the logistics. 

The process that the AI is bringing, aim to make the logistic industry a full-fledged autonomous functional army 

AI enables the server to become an autonomous network to have a complete hold on combining huge volumes of data. It sophisticatedly but in a fast-tracking process breaks down keys of algorithm and brings them into a line to control all the industrial as well as the logistic procedure automatic. 

Driverless technologies

Now, automobiles have been introduced which are driverless. Such driverless cars are on the roads now. This automatic system has lessened the danger of accidents and other hazards.  

China and Japan both are running bullet trains successfully. These trains are travelling at a speed equal to that of airplanes. It has reduced the distance of time duration from the days to the hours. 

Robotic technology  

Scientists have invented a robot, Mitra, that can recognize guests. The task of replacing humans with robots has begun. The developed countries use different types of robots to work in auto vehicle factories, oil refineries, steel mills, and mines where human life can be endangered by any expected or unexpected incident.   

Drone technology 

On the other hand, the USA and other European countries have made successful deliveries through drones possible.   

Now they are working drones that may take passengers from one place to the other one. It is a result of the AI application that the processing speed of the supply chain is increasing day by day. 

Task efficiency

The task may become easy if the hard work and proper policy the company adopts in this respect. To solve the problems quarterly or on time, the company can avoid a lot of complications such as damages, low-quality products, and delaying problems which are headaches either for the suppliers or for the customers.   

Identification of problems

The logistic company gets help from AI, identifies the nature of the problem, and again by applying the AI method solves it to the satisfaction of both the suppliers and the customers. 

By identifying and solving these difficulties and problems with the help of applying AI methods, the logistic companies improve the business process easier, smoother, and faster.  


AI equips the logistic industry with the latest tool that deducts a hundred per cent accurate results based on error-free analysis. By using the specific details of highly powerful Big Data, the logistics owners can ensure the accuracy of their destination. Consequently, having a flawless approach towards their goals. When this positivity comes, it also makes their performance perfect. 

Now, the logistic company only needs to wave this magical stick, and improved and harmonious decisions are being made. The smoothness and satisfaction all increase the efficiency that makes the benefits crystal clear. The emergence of tremendous progress shows that the credit goes only to AI.   

Customer’s satisfaction

The great evolutionary revolution in IT has brought a miracle in the shape of AI that has changed the whole business scenario. The picture of placing orders, re-orders and receiving orders has fast and fresh colors.  

The customer finds no difficulty if he or she wants to reorder or is desirous of placing a new order. In the same way, the supplier is not at sixes and sevens, when a change in order or a new order appears on his computer or cell’s screen.  

Warehouses and predictive analysis

Most of the industrial giants and even the logistics ones are not an exception. They are in the race to take the lead and to move on the track to have the utmost advantage of the advancement in the field of AI.  

Each one of their departments is eager to have expertise in the advancement made in Artificial Intelligence. The management of the warehouses, predictive analytics, and smart roads are energetic and active since the availability of advanced technology by AI is under control.  

Their understanding has reached such a rational level that they feel no need to urge themselves to waste their energy on any other gadget. Instead of that, they use their power on the latest technology and modern machinery based on AI.  


But as time went on, they came to realize that they would be left far behind if they remain strange to the new advancement coming by the AI. Their strategy has transformed and it helped them to bring revolutionary changes in the field of logistic activities. AI, if viewed in its broader prospects, enlarges its working capability that expands to unimaginable boundaries.

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