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AI cybersecurity

AI Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities for Educators to Be Aware Of

AI may be a valuable tool in education, but it also poses some key cybersecurity vulnerabilities that educators should be aware of. There are a growing number of ways that hackers can exploit AI weaknesses and bypass AI security systems. Here’s a look at the top AI security vulnerabilities on the rise today and how they could

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Generative AI for educational purpose

Using Generative AI for Educational Purposes

Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly. One of the most exciting fields within this blossoming technology is generative AI. Generative AI has gained a lot of traction in art and entertainment, but it shows promise for educational purposes, too. When you think of AI, you probably think of algorithms that analyze and act on data. While many

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AI-chatbot.jpg (2)

How AI-Powered Chatbots Have Revolutionized Education

If you’ve checked the status of a parcel in transit, inquired about a restaurant’s opening hours or asked a basic question on your bank’s website, there’s a good chance you interacted with a chatbot. Chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI) to assist people. They can generally handle simple questions people ask frequently. They can also help customers get

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ai biomakers for lungs treatment

How the Discovery of AI Biomarkers Can Affect Lung Disease Treatment

Lung diseases can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Even if you know what specific condition someone has, it’s hard to say how their body will respond. Biomarkers make understanding these factors far easier. Biomarkers are biological signs that provide information about a condition or a patient’s body. With these markers, you can recognize unique disease strands

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ai learning modes in education

The Impact of AI on Flexible Learning Modes in Education

Flexible learning modes are becoming the new norm in education. If you haven’t used online education tools at some point, you probably know someone that has. Artificial intelligence (AI) in flexible learning will likely grow as these technologies become increasingly common. With 63% of high school students and 45% of elementary pupils using e-learning and digital tools

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