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automation in marketing

Automation in Marketing Through Microsoft Dynamics 365

The world of marketing has been evolving with the speed of light in the past few years. Companies can now experiment and automate various marketing strategies and increase conversions, thanks to modern technology and some specific software. “One of the leading software in this domain is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, which is redefining how businesses market their products and services globally.”  In this post, we

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alterneate data collection the new must have for ecommerce

Alternative Data Collection – The New “Must-Have” for ECommerce Brands?

Data is arguably the most valuable resource for a business. To serve your customers well and succeed in this competitive market, you must understand your customers’ wants and needs. Data about the recent trends and interests will allow you to customize your service to fit the latest demand. However, as the internet has grown into an unexpected labyrinth of data, it has become tough to

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AI driven market research for ecommerce industries

Why ECommerce Brands Should Invest In AI-Driven Market Research

The eCommerce industry has seen massive growth in the past few years. More and more people are investing in eCommerce with each passing day. However, 2020 has encountered demand for eCommerce like never before. With the Covid-19 pandemic taking over the world, eCommerce faced fierce competition from overseas newcomers. The best part about the new eCommerce businesses in 2020 was their effective business strategies and

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what is remarketing and its importance for business

Remarketing and It’s Importance for Startups that Sell Products Online

If you are using Google Ads, Facebook, Bing or any other network to promote your products, you are probably familiar with the term “Remarketing”. We will focus on the remarketing on the Google network. In this article, we will look into it. You will learn what Remarketing is, how does Remarketing work and a few reasons why Remarketing is extremely important.  What is Remarketing? Remarketing

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Important Ways of Communicating With Clients on Social Networks

Important Ways of Communicating With Clients on Social Networks

The old motto “The customer is always right” has never been more relevant than it is today. Given so many ways consumers can interact with businesses these days, brands need to be at their peak and ensure that their customer base is satisfied with products and services. From consumer reviews to interactions on social media, customers are just a few clicks away from you. Therefore,

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best ways to use AR in marketing strategy

5 Best Ways to Use AR in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

The business market is getting customer-centric, and business professionals use more and more modern approaches and plans to get the best out of their venture. Technology has been very supportive to businesses as it introduces new customer-centric approaches. Augmented Reality

3 Key Misconceptions of Artificial Intelligence Dissected

3 Key Misconceptions of Artificial Intelligence Dissected

Whenever there is a seminar or discussion on the future of technologies, AI and ML are trending topics.  Tech professionals say that AI is the future of not only the tech industry and subsequently others. Lifestyles have indeed been modified

IOT manufacturing industry

How has IoT Contributed to the Manufacturing Industry?

In this article, we are going to discuss how the IoT contributes to the manufacturing industry and how it benefits the business in different ways. Modern technology has brought manage gifts to businesses and IoT is one such benefit.  With

How is AI Affecting the VPN Industry

How is AI Affecting the VPN Industry?

Most of us are familiar with VPNs. A great percentage of the population also use VPN, be it free PC VPN or paid for streaming purposes. If you’re out and tensed about privacy, you can simply choose the best VPNs