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digital marketing tips for business owners

Digital Marketing Tips Every Business Need To Know

If you’re a business owner, you need to be thinking about your digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing has never been more important and it’s now the answer to growing your brand to new heights. With social media usage on the rise and paid ads yielding high returns, you can use various digital marketing techniques in your business to maximize your

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Customer Automation

7 Ways To Excel Customer Automation In 2022

 Organizations are looking to AI to help bridge the gap as demand for a better and more personalized consumer experience develops. AI advancements are paving the way for enhanced efficiency across the enterprise, especially in customer service. Chatbots are still at the forefront of this shift. Still, other technologies like machine learning and interactive voice response systems are ushering in

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agile framework

Pros and Cons of Adopting Scaled Agile Framework

Many companies involved in software and software-driven product development have probably considered implementing SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). It is not surprising. Various global companies like Lego, Phillips, Sony, Air France, and organizations like NHS have successfully implemented SAFe to achieve top performance in their sectors. Why is SAFe important? This framework can help companies scale agile practices and thus improve

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How to Set up a Home Tutoring Business

In 2020, online tutoring became more necessary than ever, and the COVID-19 pandemic means that teachers were forced to deliver classes online. As an added bonus, many started realizing the appeal and flexibility of online tutoring to establish a profitable career.  With the magic of modern technology, it’s now possible to pursue higher education online. Online tutoring is here to

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cyber attacks

Top Benefits of SASE To a Startup

When launching a startup business, you have all sorts of different considerations to make with regard to IT software. Ultimately, data security is such an important issue right from the start. If it is one that you do not take seriously, you can easily find yourself in a situation in which your new enterprise is not able to get off

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