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Mobile App data to improve user experience

How to Use Mobile App Data to Improve User Experience

The days when marketers and designers relied on guesswork and intuition to create products for their consumers are long gone. Data-driven strategies are currently shaping customer acquisition. Today, users spend more time on their mobile phones than they do on desktops. This trend has produced the need to create apps that users can access and use to fulfill various needs

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childern using internet

10 Ways the Internet can be Good (and Bad) for your Children

From the last two-decade, the number of internet users has increased tremendously, especially in the children and youth age groups. They regularly use the internet to watch online videos, play online games, spend time in social media, education, and classwork. However, the lack of proper approach and awareness to educate and protect the children is severe, level difficulty increasing day

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why business need crm

Reasons Why Your Business Needs CRM

Nowadays, almost every large- and small-scale businesses are preferring to use a CRM application for improving their business and get the best of it. The app helps them to keep a proper record of every customer and serve them the value they record. It improves the number of leads and also improves the marketing of these businesses.  It can help

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5 Tips for Effective Time Management During Lockdown

We are all sailing through the same choppy waters amid the worldwide lockdown issued in the wake of COVID-19. The uncertainty and unrest caused by the pandemic wreaked havoc on personal and professional lives both. Mandated remote work has caused a paradigm shift in the business landscape.  Time management has been an issue for remote workers even under usual circumstances.

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netflix best movies

The 5 Best New Movies on Netflix in April 2020

How many times have you sat down to watch a movie on Netflix, only to waste the next 15 minutes browsing through the oddly limited menus of the subscription service? Netflix’s massive collection of films, coupled with its inscrutable algorithm, can render choosing what to watch, seem more like a task than a way to unwind. Thus, we’re here to

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