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AI Tech Can Reduce Antibiotic Treatment In Dairy Cows

AI technologies are helping farmers minimize antibiotic treatment in dairy farms, supporting improved health outcomes for humans and animals. The use of antibiotics in livestock is a serious concern today due to the growth of antibiotic resistance in humans. Agricultural technology developers are leveraging AI and machine learning to help cattle farmers minimize their need for antibiotics in cows. How

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AI coffee making profiles

5 Things You Need to Know About AI Analyzing Coffee Flavor Profiles

Coffee is one of the hottest commodities on the planet, a multibillion-dollar industry that could easily skirt past trillions shortly. However, the coffee supply chain and production process haven’t developed with the demand of modern customers. It’s an ancient process where coffee farmers don’t know what it tastes like until the end step — cupping.  Cupping is a time-consuming bottleneck

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Using AI for predictive analysis in aviation industry

Using AI for Predictive Analytics in Aviation Safety

Aviation professionals can apply AI-powered predictive analytics to improve safety in everything from aircraft design to airport logistics. Safety is at the core of success in this industry, so it needs cutting-edge tools to stay ahead of risks and hazards. AI can streamline and automate key safety processes such as design, monitoring, testing and more.  AI-Powered Predictive Maintenance AI is

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alleviate insider threats in business

5 Tips to Alleviate Insider Threats in Your Business

Most businesses today understand the need for cybersecurity. Still, many focus on protecting against outside threats like hackers or ransomware gangs. You may not realize some of the biggest cyber risks come from inside your company. Your employees already have access to sensitive data, so making a mistake or going rogue can cause a lot of damage. If you want

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privacy regulation

How AI Impacts the Privacy Regulation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has far-reaching effects on privacy regulations. Many want to know how these technologies interact with personal data as it increasingly interweaves into everyday lives. The implications are bigger than you might think, raising important questions about privacy.  Here’s the impact of AI on privacy regulations and historical technological shifts that better explain the complexities of a data-driven

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