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steps to secure your data

3 Steps To Secure Data Of Your SQL Server

There are few things as important these days as data security. It seems like there is a major data breach happening daily when you open a newspaper. This is why it’s so important to think about security as you are provisioning a SQL server. Whether you are starting from scratch, or are looking to shore up your security, it is vital that you do so

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4 ways to protect yourself online

4 Brilliant Ways To Protect Yourself Online

IP, which stands for internet protocol, is popularly chanted as the IP address. In other words, it is the identity of your device that makes it stand out. For your information, the IP address is equivalent to the house address and is unique for each of the computer devices in your home. Simply put, it might appear to be fancy in the beginning but if

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do your data software review

Powerful and Safe Data Erasure Software Review

Many of us delete files and then, later on, clear the recycle bin and assume that all the files are gone for good. That is not even close to deleting any data. We all know that computer saves the data in 1s and 0s. Any data like music, picture, document, videos are based on 1s and 0s. When we delete the data, the computer just

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Protect your data center from ransomware

Ransomware is On The Rise – Here’s How To Protect Your Data Center From It

This year marked the largest, most damaging, and most publicized ransomware outbreak we’ve ever seen. WannaCry infected tens of thousands of systems all over the world, from the NHS to a major Spanish telecommunications firm. The worst part?  WannaCry isn’t going to be the last attack of its kind – far from it. Ransomware has been steadily growing more damaging, more complex, and more recurrent

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creatively use big data to grow your business

How to Creatively Use Big Data to Grow Your Business Efforts

Data, or big data, now fuels every industry. And why shouldn’t it? When armed with the right information and machine learning algorithms to analyze it all, businesses can make an unprecedented number of successful decisions. Data can provide information about a company’s customers, market trends, upcoming events, potential ventures, and so much more. It’s no stretch to claim that it can help a business, big

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Artificial Intelligence

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Ways Technology is Changing the Education Landscape

Artificial Intelligence

10 Ways AI and ML are Transforming Different Industries

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cyber attacks

Top Benefits of SASE To a Startup

When launching a startup business, you have all sorts of different considerations to make with regard to IT software. Ultimately, data security is such an important issue right from the start. If it is one that you do not take

cybersecurity artificial intelligence

Cyber Security and How AI is Making it Worse

Cyber security is a critical issue for both businesses and individuals. It’s crucial to take the necessary steps to ensure that all data is safe from potential threats. Organizations that don’t stay on top of cyber security can find themselves

push notification

How Push Notifications Can Make Customer Engagement Better

WordPress push notifications is a treasured marketing tool that has helped companies to spread awareness about their services in e-commerce. It is a crucial step to invest in the accurate push notifications that are built according to your website requirements.

artificial intelligence in education

10 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence In Education

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic in the business and education world in recent years. Many educators are curious about how they can use AI in their classrooms, and rightfully so – there are many potential applications for

ai in web development

How and Why to Implement AI into Web Development?

In 2020, the global corporate investment in artificial intelligence reached $68 billion.  The above graph clearly shows the trend of exponential growth in AI investments.  In the future, the use of AI will become even more commonplace. A report from