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Protect your data center from ransomware

Ransomware is On The Rise – Here’s How To Protect Your Data Center From It

This year marked the largest, most damaging, and most publicized ransomware outbreak we’ve ever seen. WannaCry infected tens of thousands of systems all over the world, from the NHS to a major Spanish telecommunications firm. The worst part?  WannaCry isn’t going to be the last attack of its kind – far from it. Ransomware has been steadily growing more damaging, more complex, and more recurrent

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creatively use big data to grow your business

How to Creatively Use Big Data to Grow Your Business Efforts

Data, or big data, now fuels every industry. And why shouldn’t it? When armed with the right information and machine learning algorithms to analyze it all, businesses can make an unprecedented number of successful decisions. Data can provide information about a company’s customers, market trends, upcoming events, potential ventures, and so much more. It’s no stretch to claim that it can help a business, big

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data exchange for better connectivity

How Businesses Can Improve Data Exchange for Better Connectivity

Organizations these days leverage big data to improve their operations, provide better customer experiences, and ultimately increase profitability. “Big data can be used to assess the evolving preferences of consumers, consequently empowering companies to make confident decisions and become responsive to customer needs and expectations.”  But this is only possible when big data is used properly. Truth is, though big data holds tremendous potential, it can

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why vulnerability matters

Why Routine Vulnerability Assessments Matter

Businesses of all sizes need to consider how vulnerability assessment fits into their network security. As with all elements of running an enterprise, there are risks and benefits involved in making various decisions. Unfortunately, in today’s world, leaving digital assets unsecured carries a high likelihood for catastrophe. Vulnerability assessments are a way for organizations to stay ahead of threats. “With the nature of modern networks,

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Recover Lost Data Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Review

Maybe at some point in your life, you will come across a situation where you accidentally delete your data, format your drive, or simply the drive crashes. That data might be worth if not hundreds but thousands of dollars or maybe that data contains images and video which are your sweet memories.  At that time you feel helpless and think that lost data is not

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Why End-To-End Testing Is Vital For Your Product

Why End-To-End Testing Is Vital For Your Product

With the use of applications increasing every day, more complex workflows are created within and outside the enterprise environment. Today, applications are interconnected and integrated with several systems, making it necessary to examine much more than just their functional flow.


How to Become a 21st Century Engineer?

Studying engineering and become a 21st-century engineer is one of the most desirable jobs for many students. The career scope, the knowledge, the personality, everything that a student gains in their education and career life is worth the money and

Impact of technology on automotive industry

The Impact of Technology On The Automotive Industry

Technology is a paramount force that drives progress in many industries, and the automotive industry is no exception. As technology advances, cars become more intelligent, comfortable, and energy-efficient. The range of features and functionalities you can find in an average

how iot linked with amazon echo and google home

How IOT Is Linked With Amazon Echo and Google Home

We are currently living in an era where Amazon’s wireless speaker and Google Home assistant have infiltrated our homes and offering us a range of unprecedented conveniences. Thanks to the internet and its growing penetration around the globe, progressive technologies

Reasons you should use analytics in your business

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Analytics In Your Business

Are you confused why many of your business strategies often fail? Wondering whether you should also dip your head into the sacred pool of analytics everyone keeps talking about? Continue reading; you’ll find the answer to these questions! “The business