Future of Robotics: How robotics helps in E-Learning during this COVID-19

Future of robotics

We often hear that the future is robotics, well, what’s wrong in that? The existing situation of the world is clear to us, the spread of COVID-19 is increasing every day and there’s an extent to how much we can control it.

“People are going insane because they are locked up in their homes, already suffering from depression and handling their crippling anxiety, this pandemic is like a cherry on top.” 

We can’t hang out somewhere nice, it’s been so long since we last met our friends or families who are stuck overseas and we can’t hope for a major change or revolution because the future is that uncertain and this uncertainty just grows every day. It’s miserable and sad to see the current state people are in, but kudos to the people who are fighting with their or their loved ones’ lives every day, struggling in these trying times, and to the front liners in the health sector who are trying their best to put every possible effort to provide and save the lives of the masses. 

From office clerks to students, everyone is worried because this COVID is a threat to their personal and professional lives. Where many people are getting fired from office or are sent on unpaid leaves, the situation is quite alarming because it directly impacts not just the person going through it but the family or household that he has to look after.

Such a challenging time has taken a toll on the academic life of the students for whom this pandemic is a barrier that holds them back from pursuing their dreams and completing their courses to get a full degree. Where many institutions have woken and started online education, some are still asleep which is making every student anxious. 

It’s a Real As It Gets

The year 2020 has highlighted the importance of social and safe distancing, online education, e-training, and online meetings, etc. It is incredibly vital for people to step out of their comfort zones and adapt to the changing environment which is a much safer choice in the digital age of today.

People who have been a noob to many social platforms are paying attention to every little detail of the robotics dynamics that the future entails. It is difficult but not impossible to keep an open eye to digital learning. However, many are still failing to mould their traditional routines and learning tactics into digital learning. But this is the future!

Since the pandemic situation has taken over the minds of the people, it’s alright if they often forget how robots are going to change the world with their functionality. In the words of Martin Ford, 

“People usually say they want a human element to their interactions but COVID-19 has changed that.” 

Of course, the world does not stop revolving and the age of robotics has risen to contribute to our worlds. It is our job to extract the positive spirit out of the whole scenario and put it to better use – one that’s beneficial and combines with our expertise. There is no doubt that in the future, robots will be incorporated into our economy. 

Good for us, “COVID-19 is going to change consumer preference and really open up new opportunities for automation.” Companies are extending their services through robots to support social distancing and reducing their staff who come to work in-house and they can also help in doing work that people can’t do at their homes. 

E-Learning a Smart and Organised Approach

Amongst these crucial circumstances, we have the right to acquire education in any field we want to. Thanks to online platforms and free online courses offered across the world, everybody can get access to education and benefit from the knowledge that their mentors or peers will share with them. 

Paul Cooper gives lectures at Yale University in the Dept. of Chemistry and he says, 

“There is a learning curve for instructors who have never used classroom technology before, but it’s also an important opportunity to become a better educator.” 

This shows how positivity and forward-thinking is the way to move forward if we want to run at the same pace as the rest of the world. “With an open mind, it’s all possible.” When there are no limitations to e-learning, so it has been a great help and still is of great support for many students who are struggling at their homes due to power failure or lack of resources. Students can get essay writing services to make sure the boundaries around them don’t prove as a hindrance to their e-learning process and they complete whatever courses they are enrolled in easily. 

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, many workers, professors, etc., are being replaced by robots to do their work in less time and with higher efficiency. Online learning platforms like Zoom, Google MEET, etc., are there for online training and education purposes. Professors can streamline their experiences by recording lectures, open discussions, and assignments on these platforms. We know that the key is to work hard but smart.

Monitoring every student’s performance as well as yours can be a bit tricky but a great experience nonetheless. E-learning provides a distinct opportunity to not just teach others but learn yourself as well by navigating through the extensive options available on the internet and communicating with your students effectively as well. This online adventure is one of its kind, professors can easily see the full picture between the completion of students’ assignments and comprehending the content. 

According to Lecturer Nicole McNichols, 

“I can follow up with them and answer their questions, almost like I’m actually with them.” 

He recommends students to organize their courses methodically to make sure navigating through it is intuitional. 

Where Eric Davis thinks that “Gen Z wants us to keep things active in the classroom”, it’s high time we welcome the various benefits of technology (and robotics) to keep things engaging and productive.

If one thing that came out positive in this pandemic, it’s the fact that we can see the potential to modify our timelines and decide how usefully and efficiently we are going to incorporate technology in our world. 

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