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The science and technology is of no use without the practical experiments and uses. To perform a newly defined technology or test some new inventions you must require the best and the most efficient technical parts and robotics.

And the most effective parts that have to be used cannot be underestimated. So, to provide you with the best robotics part, their reliable source is the rev robotics. The rev robotics is the best associated with all the latest robotics parts.

“Rev robotics builds, designs, and manufactures the best robotic parts and components to be used by the students to learn about science and technology. ” 

Introduction to REV Control System

The REV control system is one of the associated organs of the rev robotics. It is an affordable robotics control platform that provides you with the best interfaces required for building the robots. These are the devices that are used within most of the First Tech Challenge(FTC), First Global Challenge(FGC), and also in the classroom to be used for educational objectives.

Documentation of rev robotics

The documentation of the rev robotics will help you if you have any queries regarding control system of rev robotics which is mostly used in the first tech challenge and first global challenge.

If you are curious about getting amazing ideas to use the system, you must go through all the sections of the official website and the guides present over there are much more beneficial.

Also, you need to go through the description very carefully. You will also read some of them here as well. You can also directly ask your query head straight to it using the navigation bar. If you are having problems finding any kind of particular section over there just scroll it down in the search bar.

Building up a new technical device or any robots can become an intimidating process. The documentation of the rev products is done to make the process easier and more understandable for the new students. There are several ways given in the documentation which will help you to easily understand and use the control system so that you will soon get adapted with the REV.

What is in the section of rev robotics?

‌Control System Overview

This is the most viewed as well as the informational section that contains all the required information regarding the major mechanical specifications of the entire REV control Hun and the Expansion Hub as well. These sections also include the port pinout information, protection features, and also the various types of cables suitable for different devices.

Get started with the rev control Hub:

To start up with the rev control hub, all you need to do is take the control hub and the expansion hub as well from the configuration file. It also assists you to change your control hub’s name and password as well as also helps in pairing to your driver station. Moreover, it also includes the information on the different ways to add additional motors to the control system by adding a SPARK mini Motor Controller or even an Expansion Hub.

How to manage the control system:

This is the section whereby you have to manage the information required to keep your control system up to date and also the ways you need to troubleshoot your control system if issues arise.


This system obviously includes the information that you need to start your programming. Hereby you will get to start your first Op Mode to working with closed-loop control as well.


If you are an old student working with the robotic parts, you must be well known about the importance of sensors and how often sensors are vital for robots to gather information about the world around them. This section will be useful for you to discover how you can use the rev sensors and information about the different types of rev sensors.



Control Hub Basics:

The rev robotic control hub is one of the most affordable all in one educational robotics controller that provides a perfect interface that is required by the students to build up the robots. You can also thereafter build up mechatronics, with multiple programming language options. This control hub was designed with a motive of an easy to use platform along with being a dependable and durable device to be used in the classroom and the competition.

It also features the Android operating system, along with a mature software package designed for both the basic and advanced use cases. You need to update the control hub software which will help in enhancement and features the controller will be able to receive a field upgrade through an update process that is fast and simple though.

The Physical Dimensions of the control hub is around 143mm X 103mm X 29.5 mm. The mounting holes have a dimension of 16mm spacing with the input voltage of 12V nominal(8-15V DC). The processor used in this device is RK3328 Quad-core ARM® Cortex-A53 and Texas Instruments ARM® Cortex-M4 with 3.3V ports.

REV Robotics SRS Programmer:

One of the most demanding products of rev robotics is the REV Robotics SRS programmer which is the key that helps in unlocking all the smart features of the smart robot servo.

In this device, it is easy to switch between the continuous rotation, standard service, and custom angular modes as all you need to do is to press a button. The SRS Programmer can not only program the SRS but is also capable to act as a standalone servo tester for any standard RC servo.

Features & Specifications of the SRS Programmer:

The programmer has some of the amazing programming modes with continuous rotation and angular limits. You can reset to the factory defaults and check the various test modes available. This amazing programmer has an automatic sweep along with a manual position or direction. The maximum output pulse range is 550µs – 2450µs whereas the size is 70.5 mm x 64.5 mm x 35.5 mm. The battery capacity is of 4AA and comes with a 30-day limited warranty against manufacturing defects.


The Spark Max is a motor controller which is capable of controlling both brushed DC as well as brushless DC motors. The max faults to its brushless mode and is ready to drive a NEO brushless motor with its PWM interface and the below, you will get the basic steps to get a motor spinning as well as information on how you have to configure your SPARK MAX.

Table of Contents in the SPARK MAX:

The major contents of the Spark Max which combined make it as a fully working efficient model are:

  • Electrical Connections
  • NEO Brushless DC Motor Connections
  • Brushed DC Motor Connections
  • Control Connections
  • Power Connections
  • Mode Configuration
  • PWM Control
  • CAN Control
  • USB Control
  • STATUS LED Colors and Patterns

Before you go to spin a motor you need to make a few electrical connections for power, control, and the motor. The major step is determining the type of motor you wish to connect first. Some of the major required motors you might be required are: brushed, brushless, NEO, CIM, Mini CIM, RS-550, RS- 775, BAG, etc. So, generally brushed motors only have the major two primary wires whereas the Brushless motors have the 3 primary wires.


The Connections of this most special device of the re robotics is as simple as anything else. All you need to do is to connect the three primary motor wires namely: red, black, and white and make sure you are Connecting the matching SPARK MAX output wires which are already labelled such as red as A, black as B and white as C.

After done with this Connection, now you need to proceed with NEO’s encoder cable to the port labelled ENCODER which lies just above the output wires.


In the Connection process of the brush, DC motor needs to connect the two motor wires, M+(red) and M-(black), to the SPARK MAX output wires which themselves are labelled as A (red) and B (black).

After the Connection of these two wires now you need to proceed with the Connection of the third output wire that is labelled with C with white colour and is not used when driving a brushed motor and should be kept secured and insulated. It is also recommended to tie it back with a zip tie and cover the end with a piece of electrical tape.


You can also control the wirings and the Connection of the SPARK MAX with PWM, CAN, and USB interfaces as well.

FIRST Tech Challenge

The rev robotics is a wide platform that not only fulfils your requirements of robotic components but also gives you the chance to explore your idea and creativity. It is way fatter than just building up the robots. First tech challenge teams with almost 15 team members of grad 7-12 are challenged to design, build, program, and operate robots to compete in the challenge in the form of alliance format.

“In this challenge, you are guided by the adult STEM skills and practice engineering principles along with realizing the value of hard work, innovation, and working as a team” 

The robot kit used over here is reusable from year to year and also can be coded using a variety of levels of JAVA based programming.  The team is responsible for designing and building the robots and raising funds, designing and marketing their team brand. They also do community outreach to earn specific awards. The participants of this challenge are also to apply for college scholarships.

The sessions every year finally conclude with regional championship events and an exciting Championship.


The first global challenge is the great platform for technical competence, it is the best platform to showcase your knowledge in the modern technology world. It invites all the countries to send a team to compete in this tournament also known as the robotics Olympics, which takes place in a different nation every year.

This challenge is themed around the greatest challenges facing our planet also including the 14 grand challenges of engineering identified by the National academy of engineering every year brings a different challenge that takes centre stage with an effort to foster understanding and the cooperation among the youth and their abilities to solve the world’s problems. This global challenge includes all the major and modern problems of the world.

Here we face a global society that needs to be solved and the next generation is able to meet the task together. Till today there are several new technologies already invented to meet the needs of the world.

The 2020 FIRST Global Challenge (Connecting Communities)

The 2020 FIRST Global Challenge — Connecting Communities is yet to be held to discover the major and modern inventions out of the rev robotics. It will consist of three mouths filled with social media and technical challenges, talks by the STEM professional and also the technical training sessions. T

hese attractive sessions will be held Connecting around the world. All you need to do is join the challenge through the official website and join the innovative sessions together and make changes together and connect through the globe. Although the challenge has been postponed but will surely be conducted soon to get some new innovative ideas.

Thus, rev robotics is an amazing platform to fulfil all your technical needs. You can find all the different types of technical parts as well as tools over here and moreover, you also do not need to get confused about the different variations of the same type, you can clearly get a direction regarding it.

Apart from these things you also get several opportunities to discover something new and amazing in the technical field. It provides several opportunities and challenges for the students to grow and showcase their talent.

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