Role of Artificial Intelligence in Video Marketing

role of artificial intelligence in video marketing

Though it is only recently that video marketing became popular, this marketing medium is already making a huge impact. However, as effective as it is, video marketing, coupled with artificial intelligence, still holds so much potential for businesses.

Using AI in video marketing can help businesses to connect with their customers on a more personal level, thereby guaranteeing massive success for their marketing campaigns. In this piece, we discuss the roles of AI in video marketing.

AI Provides Improved insights

“A great way to maximize artificial intelligence for marketing is through video analytics.” 

AI software has become a lot more advanced recently, and people are starting to take advantage of this. Data such as your target audience’s previous preferences can be learned using AI tools. Armed with this information, and the help of a video marketing agency like video production sydney, your can improve your business fast.

To give you an example, if customers love watching slow-motion videos on YouTube and engage with them better, there is a possibility that they wield the same preference on Instagram or Facebook. Therefore, understanding what they like will help you shape your strategy moving forward so that you can create videos that resonate with your target audience.

AI Helps You Test Your Current Video Marketing Strategies

Let’s imagine you’ve prepared some video ads and are confident in your strategy. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could try it out first and see how it works before investing money in advertising? Artificial intelligence analytics technologies can help you figure out which of your pieces of content has the most potential for increasing engagement among your target audience.

Consider this an opportunity to practice and learn. You can test several versions before committing to a massive launch, which is a terrific approach to save money while improving your outcomes. 

AI Improves Personalization

Today, targeted marketing is critical for a variety of reasons. It not only boosts user engagement but also sends out personalized messages, which clients enjoy. Although personalized video marketing has yet to gain as much traction as it should, we are confident that it will as more organizations realize that customized video content leads to improved engagement.

AI provides Real-time Updates

AI keeps you abreast of all the engagement your video content is receiving.  Consider AI your new set of eyes. It does not only watch but also comprehends consumer reactions. With the information, you can make all the necessary changes to your video. Making small changes such as changing your posting time can often increase the number of individuals that visit your site. 

AI Increases Conversion

With consumers spending one-third of their online time watching videos, many of them may consider video ads to be a nuisance if they do not match their preferences. Showing adverts solely to those who have searched for a specific product or service is one technique to avoid interfering with customers’ online viewing experience. As such, the chances of conversion. AI makes this possible.


Today, video marketing is used by over 81 per cent of firms. So if you’re not harnessing the full potential of AI yet,  it’s something you should think about for your company. After all, AI technologies and analytics can assist you in tailoring and shaping your video marketing to appeal to and impress your target audience.

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