5 Ways Robotics Will Help You Get More Business

How robotics will help you to get more business

Robotics and automation are changing the world we live in…and it will change the way we work as well! We’ve seen movies such as Metropolis  (1927) where robots were used as slave workers, but now they are actually becoming helpful to us with tasks including picking up dry cleaning, providing security for banks and helping those who need wheelchairs get around more easily.

How can this help your customers? And how a business owner could benefit from robotics and automation?  Here are 5 ways 

Improve Your Bottom Line

“With An Automated Store, Customers have been able to walk into an automated store set out their clothes on a conveyer belt that tells the computer what is being brought in. ” 

From there, another conveyer belt delivers it to a remote employee who works from home and sorts the clothes based on size and colour. Afterwards, they are sent back to the customer on yet another conveyer belt! It may sound odd at first, but this kind of service may help your customers save time and money by not having to wait in long lines during these busy years ahead of where most companies will be fighting for survival. 

Increase Productivity for Your Customers

Many companies have reached their optimum level of productivity with employees, whether that be through voluntary automation or because robotic workers can do things better than humans can. This means human employees can focus more on revenue-generating activities instead of doing manual labour over and over.

Improve Customer Service

For some customers, one of the first places they will interact with a robot is at their local bank where security robots patrol and monitor for suspicious behaviour. Many banks have already put robots to work on their behalf as well as security guard human employees. A robot can do the job just as well if not better since it is programmed to never get tired or take a break and always be alert! Also, you won’t need to pay them overtime!

Sell More Products

Self-driving cars are right around the corner and no doubt this would impact your business if you own a car dealership. Self-driving taxis will soon become available which will decrease clientele, however, if you’re able to charge more for a self-driven taxi than one driven by a person, then your business will benefit! 

Improve Health and Safety

With industrial robots improving daily, their roles are becoming more and more important. They help human’s complete tasks and develop processes and products so we don’t have to. The latest example of this is in car manufacturing where welding robots work alongside humans to build the cars we depend on so much! Your customers may very well find themselves working alongside or near robotics, leading to safer places both at home and at work.

Being able to understand how robotics can impact your customer experience will not only give you an advantage over your competitors it will also increase your bottom line. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want that?


Who are some of the manufacturers of robotics?

The biggest name is undoubtedly Amazon with their acquisition of Kiva Systems in 2012 followed by other big companies such as Google, IBM, Microsoft and Foxconn among others. 

Who are some of the competitors in this space?

One example is Savioke which is the company behind the hotel bellhop robot, Relay.

What can I do to prepare for entering this market?

To get started you need to determine how your product or service will impact your customer experience with robotics and automation and at what point they enter the equation.

For instance, some companies may see automation in banking while others might see it in car dealerships. However, you identify it be sure that you plan out what new products or services may come about as a result of robotics and then find a way to offer them before your competition does! This way not only will you increase revenue but also create brand loyalty through personalization! 


The market for robotics and automation is expected to do nothing but grow in the coming years. Many industries will be impacted positively, however many may also face a decline in their profitability due to increased competition from companies who add robotics to their workforces.

In order to stay competitive, you should familiarize yourself with this new technology and how it can impact your business! Get ahead of the curve by making sure all jobs are being done in a safer manner while increasing revenue and creating brand loyalty. Lastly, always consider how robots can help you compete in a global market where labour is much cheaper than in the United States! 

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