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difference between cnc machines and robots

Difference Between Robots and CNC Machines

Robots and CNC machines are two of the most popular tools used in the manufacturing industry. While the two technologies do have some similarities, they also have some significant differences. What are CNC machines? CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. In basic terms, the metal fabrication method of CNC machine uses written computer code to control the machinery during the

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rev robotics

REV Robotics – An insight and documentation of REV Robotics

The science and technology is of no use without the practical experiments and uses. To perform a newly defined technology or test some new inventions you must require the best and the most efficient technical parts and robotics. And the most effective parts that have to be used cannot be underestimated. So, to provide you with the best robotics part,

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Green Robots Fighting Climate Change Using Robots

Green Robots: Fighting Climate Change Using Robots

Global warming has been a major concern for a while now, and nations have been trying to come up with countermeasures: some have been working while others have been falling flat on their faces. Clearing of forests to pave the way for development and the increase of population are not helping matters at all. Among the many potential solutions that

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AI and RPA helping business

How AI and RPA Is Helping Businesses Prepare for the Post- Pandemic Era

As the virus runs its course, remote-working technologies are gaining popularity! The digital transformation curve that usually took months is now fast-forwarded to a few days or a week. That’s because during these chaotic and unprecedented times, investing in and adopting new technologies is not a nice-to-have feature; it’s a matter of survival!  No wonder, organizations around the world are

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Artificial Intelligence

AI-Assisted Nuclear Decommissioning


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AI-Assisted Nuclear Decommissioning

AI-Assisted Nuclear Decommissioning

Nuclear decommissioning is a precise, time-consuming and inherently dangerous process. However, some people believe artificial intelligence (AI) could bring improvements for everyone involved.  Exploring the Potential of AI-Assisted Nuclear Decommissioning It’ll take a while before people have hard evidence about

Future of AI in school buses

The Future of AI in School Buses: Expectations vs. Reality

Will your bus driver be replaced by artificial intelligence? Maybe not as soon as you think. AI in school buses is certainly a reality today. This amazing technology is helping out in all kinds of fields, like customer service and

ways machine learning will impact education

8 Ways Machine Learning Will Impact Education

Technology is rapidly changing education. Schools across all levels have adopted tools like remote learning and smartboards, and this technological revolution is far from over. Machine learning is starting to transform the sector. These algorithms recognize trends and patterns in

leveraging AI to reduce plastic

Leveraging AI To Reduce Plastic Waste

Sustainability is a leading concern for businesses today, and plastic waste is one of the most prevalent issues. Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a helpful tool as companies and governments search for ways to reduce and clean up pollution.

Future of 3D and Augmented Reality

How AR Helps Business To Grow

Today, our world witnesses technology that helps us bridge gaps between concrete and digital things. Enter augmented reality: A technology fast impacting so many industries and organizations through its use of analytics and big data superimposed on the real world.