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IOT manufacturing industry

How has IoT Contributed to the Manufacturing Industry?

In this article, we are going to discuss how the IoT contributes to the manufacturing industry and how it benefits the business in different ways. Modern technology has brought manage gifts to businesses and IoT is one such benefit.  With the use of modern technology, one can use advanced analytics to take care of the activities. If real-time insights are used, they can help to

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How is AI Affecting the VPN Industry

How is AI Affecting the VPN Industry?

Most of us are familiar with VPNs. A great percentage of the population also use VPN, be it free PC VPN or paid for streaming purposes. If you’re out and tensed about privacy, you can simply choose the best VPNs connection available in that area. For example, Canadian citizens use the best VPNs for Canada to access content worldwide and protect their identity. But have

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artificial intelligence in medical field

How Artificial Intelligence Is Altering the Health Care Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) can positively impact the health care industry in more ways than one. AI has a wide range of applications, from robotic surgery assistance to remote monitoring of patients. It seems as though new use cases for AI are emerging daily. Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) technology is already helping improve patient outcomes and supporting a transition to a more interconnected health care

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Building AI and Data Science Capability

Importance of Building AI and Data Science Capability For Strategic Growth

Businesses across the globe have started adopting artificial intelligence and data analytics to streamline their operations. Investing in the latest technology helps enterprises optimize resources, increase productivity, improve quality and get a faster return on investment.  From following the traditional approach of decision-making, SMEs are slowly turning into data-driven businesses. Big data is being stored, processed, and analyzed to gain actionable insights. These insights are

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Digital Transformation Strategy

Essential Steps For Winning Digital Transformation Strategy

As a business, you need to think one step ahead of the moment you’re in and always seek new opportunities for growth and development. In addition, your end-users and customers need to be your top priority and the focus of your future endeavours. Changing your business model to respond to their needs and the changing business environment you’re in is a must. Not responding to

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wifi 6 explained

WiFi 6 Explained: Is it Right for Your Lifestyle?

WiFi 6 is the new standard in WiFi, with quicker connections, higher reliability and greater bandwidth than former options. Along with WiFi 6, you can use a host of compatible devices to get the most out of your experience. Learn

Future and Facts of Apps

Future and Facts of Apps That You Need to Know

Whether it’s Facebook, Whatsapp, or Uber, we can’t imagine our lives without apps anymore. Some people would even say that apps are a must for businesses today. What makes this so popular, and how should you approach app marketing? Let’s


Comparing SD-WAN and MPLS for IoT Applications

The requirements of business networks have changed mightily since the dot com era. Back then, company networks were primarily concerned with data communications and workstation connectivity. Today, businesses make more demands on network bandwidth than ever before. Fifteen years ago,

Robots to the Rescue

Robots to the Rescue: How Robotics Save Lives During a Crisis

The reality of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics is something that is revolutionizing how we all work, and play.  But new technologies are starting to make a dynamic impact on saving lives too. For example, robotic technology in the healthcare

salesforce data recovery

5 Things to Know for Salesforce Data Recovery and Backup

Data management is one of the most crucial aspects of any Salesforce implementation. It is very important for the tailored Salesforce solutions where flawless mapping data is the key to Salesforce CRM success. Salesforce does maintain its data copies, but