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Protect your store from cybercriminals

5 Tips to Protect Your Online Store from Cybercriminals

In this digital world, the e-commerce industry is one of the most lucrative platforms for cyber intruders. Thus, online retailers need to be aware of the potential risks and take adequate steps to secure e-commerce platforms. “Here, we have come up with a list of five crucial safety practices, which can help you safeguard your e-commerce site, protect it from any fraud, and maintain all

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top business applications for better internal communications

9 Business Applications for Seamless Internal Communications

As a business, there is a need to use a few mobile applications that facilitate better internal communication. These not only help keep everyone in loop but also ensure a free flow of communication between all the members of the team. “Seriously, nobody wants to be yelling from one office to the other or run emails back and forth. It is just not worth it.

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tech professions for tommorow

Are You Prepared for the Tech Professions of Tomorrow?

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, bringing along new innovations and opportunities, the careers available in the industry transform with it. “The introduction of things like Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain have created dozens of new job titles for people who have an eye for all-things technical. ”  For highly developed countries that have access to some of the world’s latest tech innovations,

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Inspiring AI technologies

7 Awe Inspiring AI Techs That Transformed The Digital World

For many people worldwide, artificial intelligence is slowly making its way into their lives without fussing. From our cars, homes, mobile phones, and our workplace, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. Apart from our personal lives, Artificial Intelligence has also made its way into various industries such as automotive, e-commerce, healthcare, and entertainment. To better understand artificial intelligence’s impact on the digital world, we first need to

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augmented reality virtual reality in customer field service

6 Ways AR /VR Can Improve MedTech Customer Field Service

Technology has always been evolving. Probably you can say that like time technology is a thing that is not constant. And after the internet revolution, the new age technology that is making its way in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). While before you ask me are they both the same or different? Let me first give you a short description of both of

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artificial intelligence in gaming

How AI Revolutionize the Way Video Games Developed and Played

Artificial intelligence is simplifying our lives and changing the way we perform everyday tasks. An AI revolution has already taken place in many industries, like healthcare and marketing. But is it going to affect the future of video games as

Astonishing Statistics Associated With E-learning Industry

5 Astonishing Statistics Associated With E-Learning Industry

Technology has revolutionised the educational landscape in a way that could have never been imagined before. The scale and rate at which E-Learning is spreading its wings across the globe tell us that lectures and seminars will never be the

online learning tools

10 Online Learning Tools to Keep Learning During Pandemic

The concept of an online learning management system has again proved its value to the academic communities around the world. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has closed the doors of educational institutions worldwide including the U.S. The only alternative is remote

10 Ways Technology is Transforming Cycling

Technology is driving today’s world, and the biking industry is also in on the action! “There are various interesting technological innovations applied to the latest brands of bikes that are shaping the future of biking.”  In this post, we consider