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phonicmind - free vocal remover

Phonicmind A Guide To Remove Vocals From Songs

In recent years, artificial intelligence has revolutionized every aspect of our everyday lives. With the expansion of this phonicmind powerful tool, more and more applications are set to appear that will make even the most complex processes simple, depending on the type of AI used. Up until now, vocal removal applications had uncertain results. However, the appearance of PhonicMind has changed the way that you

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significance of spread size in trading

Significance of Spread Size in Trading

Ever wonder how marketers play with the psychology of the customers? Offering the same product at a price of $99 which earlier used to be priced at $200. “Well, it is no shock to learn how even the tiniest drop in the prices of a certain commodity or service attracts various customers towards purchasing it.”  For a customer, a product worth $499 may look cheaper

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Protect your data center from ransomware

Ransomware is On The Rise – Here’s How To Protect Your Data Center From It

This year marked the largest, most damaging, and most publicized ransomware outbreak we’ve ever seen. WannaCry infected tens of thousands of systems all over the world, from the NHS to a major Spanish telecommunications firm. The worst part?  WannaCry isn’t going to be the last attack of its kind – far from it. Ransomware has been steadily growing more damaging, more complex, and more recurrent

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Pack Your Books

How to Carefully Pack Your Books for Public Storage?

Packing your books is an easy task. However, it may not be easy if you have a lot of them. Below, we tell you some problems that might happen while packing your book to storage company and how to fix them. This way, you can carefully do the process and move your book safely. #1 Book Chaos Books can be stacked on top of each

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Virtual Account Management Benefits

4 Benefits of Using Virtual Account Management

“The landscape of transaction banking is evolving.” While this is a statement that has certainly made the rounds in the last few years, it hasn’t been until recently that it’s become truly apparent. By now, it is impossible not to feel the impacts of the digital revolution—and the mounting pressures that come with it. Given the challenges of a more competitive globalized market, corporate clients

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Machine Learning

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website loading tools

4 Tools To Improve Your Website Loading Speed

Today, it’s critical that websites load fast and offer a flawless user experience to gain and retain customers. As per Google’s research, when the page load time changes from 1 second to 3 seconds, the bounce rate surges by 32%.


Kubernetes Drives Artificial Intelligence Development

For the past twenty years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been emerging as a mega trend that impacts all sectors. In 2020, investment in AI startups exceeded $40 billion, which was an increase of 9.3% from 2019. On the other hand,

The Role of Virtual Learning Tools in an Academic Environment

The Role of Virtual Learning Tools in an Academic Environment

Keeping up with virtual learning tools has been a challenge in the education system. The digital divide became clearer when the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic happened during the first months of 2020. As governments announced the closure of academic institutions, teachers

ar vr in museums

Digital & Cultural Relation: VR & AR Museums Is the Future

The usage of AR and VR is increasing with time. The technological trends are penetrating in daily life routine. Around 40% of consumers prefer to pay more for the product that is AR/VR customized. Therefore, the market size of AR/VR

Shop and AI. e-commerce concept.

What is the future of Cloud-based software in the Retail Industry? 

The population has access to the latest technology and becoming more tech-savvy than ever before. As a reason, every industry should digitally transform its processes especially, the retail sector. “Cloud computing is a robust technology that will help to revolutionize