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understanding different aspects of search intent

Different Aspects of Search Intent and Tips to Fulfill Search Intent

In 2020, it is of pivotal importance to ensure that your website and business are at the very forefront in the minds of users when they are researching on search engines relating to products and services you provide. They must have your brand on top of their minds while pressing the ‘Buy Now’ button or even the ‘Add to Cart’ one. However, you must be

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big data application in business

A Practical Definition of Big Data and Its Application in Business

Big data can simply be defined by volume, velocity, and variety. It is an enormous amount of data that is coming into a business every minute. “Today, both small and large organizations have to deal with big data to be successful in making logical decisions.”  The practical definition is one that describes the applicability of big data in an organization where departments such as production,

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Benefits of web design

Top 6 Benefits of Professional Web Design

When there are so many website builders online that you can use for free or almost for free, why should you even consider a professional UX/UI design agency? Does it bring you any benefits? It sure does, in fact! If you want to be taken seriously, that is, according to Clay. A website that took 15 minutes to make on a free website constructor will

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Future of robotics

Future of Robotics: How robotics helps in E-Learning during this COVID-19

We often hear that the future is robotics, well, what’s wrong in that? The existing situation of the world is clear to us, the spread of COVID-19 is increasing every day and there’s an extent to how much we can control it. “People are going insane because they are locked up in their homes, already suffering from depression and handling their crippling anxiety, this pandemic

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Prevent Credential Stuffing Attack

How To Prevent Credential Stuffing Attack

Credential stuffing as a hacking attempt of any kind in which the perpetrator uses credentials obtained from another data theft or data breach on another website or system to attempt to log in to another unrelated website or system.  “For example, a hacker may use a list of credentials obtained from a data breach of a major eCommerce website (let’s say, Amazon) and then use

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software licenses

Popular Types of Software Licenses That You Need to Know

With so many different kinds of licenses available, it can make it difficult for developers to use the one that’s right for them. Knowing more about the various licenses helps to keep your work protected while also ensuring that you

mobile health care apps

How Mobile Apps Are Improving Access to Healthcare Services

Using mobile or smartphone devices in the healthcare establishments by the health care professionals (HCPs) and caregivers has almost become the standard part of the protocol of practices. They are no longer viewed just as a useful personal tool that

all you need to know about database architecture

All You Need to Know about Hybrid Database Architecture

Technology offers a solution to all sorts of problems and needs in these times, which is why processes are gradually becoming so smooth. The idea is to enhance the performance and efficiency of every action to its potential to optimize

data analysis trends

Data Analysis Trends That Are Ruling 2020 Business World

Data with incomplete information, statistics, or corrective support loses its integrity and value. Meaning it will be useless; hence data analysis is essential to ensure the safety and authenticity. Most companies have a massive amount of data (big data), which