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laser marking technology

Uses of Laser Marking Technology for Various Industrial Applications

The Laser Marking Technology is a mechanism where a beam of light is directly focused on the surface of an object for marking the information regarding the product which might include product name, date of manufacturing or product quality standard as well. This laser technology is purposely used for having a permanent mark that won’t disappear over time.  And there is no limit of using

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How AR VR can be used for marketing

How Can AR and VR be Used For Marketing?

Nowadays, the customers focus on product quality rather than falling into the trap of marketing. For businesses and service providers, it is now mandatory to surpass their customers’ expectations to engage them effectively.  That means more sophistication is required not only in product development but also in digital marketing. Thus, incorporating Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology in marketing strategies is critical for having a

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Impact of covid-19 on 5g deployment

How COVID-19 Could Impact 5G Deployment

2020 was supposed to be the Year of 5G. Experts speculated that all across the U.S., new 5G infrastructure would go live, massively expanding the nation’s 5G capacity and driving millions of Americans to purchase new 5G-capable phones.  Then, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The global economy is currently being rocked by the impact of the novel coronavirus, and while wireless carriers insist that they’re moving

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Google Chrome Elevation Service

Google Chrome Elevation Service – Understanding Chrome Components

Introduction  The web browser, most commonly used today is without a doubt Google chrome. The real reason for chrome to stay the unbeatable warrior is simply their quality and customer service. Google Chrome updates and adapts itself rapidly for the changing environment and to the competition. These updates are sometimes successful while other times they run-heavy and might not be quick with the updates, this

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technology management in business industry

Role of Technology Management in the Business Industry

In this ever-evolving world, ruled by the phenomenon of advancing technology, the business industry has found itself amidst a whirlwind of competition. New scientific inventions have made the work easier for firms. But it has also made it nearly impossible to make the most cost-effective use. The development in this particular field has made almost everyone competent enough. It has become challenging to find a

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Machine Learning

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website loading tools

4 Tools To Improve Your Website Loading Speed

Today, it’s critical that websites load fast and offer a flawless user experience to gain and retain customers. As per Google’s research, when the page load time changes from 1 second to 3 seconds, the bounce rate surges by 32%.


Kubernetes Drives Artificial Intelligence Development

For the past twenty years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been emerging as a mega trend that impacts all sectors. In 2020, investment in AI startups exceeded $40 billion, which was an increase of 9.3% from 2019. On the other hand,

The Role of Virtual Learning Tools in an Academic Environment

The Role of Virtual Learning Tools in an Academic Environment

Keeping up with virtual learning tools has been a challenge in the education system. The digital divide became clearer when the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic happened during the first months of 2020. As governments announced the closure of academic institutions, teachers

ar vr in museums

Digital & Cultural Relation: VR & AR Museums Is the Future

The usage of AR and VR is increasing with time. The technological trends are penetrating in daily life routine. Around 40% of consumers prefer to pay more for the product that is AR/VR customized. Therefore, the market size of AR/VR

Shop and AI. e-commerce concept.

What is the future of Cloud-based software in the Retail Industry? 

The population has access to the latest technology and becoming more tech-savvy than ever before. As a reason, every industry should digitally transform its processes especially, the retail sector. “Cloud computing is a robust technology that will help to revolutionize