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Engrave Leather with co2 laser engraver

How to Engrave Leather with a CO2 Laser Engraver

Timeless techniques of experienced artisans and new technologies of industrial innovators have helped small businesses grow and flourish, changing the face of commerce as we know it. “These small businesses are continually making their marks, especially in the fashion industry, where laser engraving has made production more effective and efficient.”  Many leather product manufacturers have taken advantage of laser engraving technology to run their operations

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i'm feeling curious trick - Google Fun Fact - google trick

I’m Feeling Curious Google Fun Facts Trick Straight From Google

The American technology company, Google, operates the world’s largest online search engine. Accounting for 86.86% of all online searches, it is the most influential tech company in the world. Aside from searches, the company also inserts several Easter eggs, tricks, insider jokes, and cultural references to its various products (YouTube, Google search, and Android). “Google encourages its employees to spend as much as a fifth

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what is remarketing and its importance for business

Remarketing and It’s Importance for Startups that Sell Products Online

If you are using Google Ads, Facebook, Bing or any other network to promote your products, you are probably familiar with the term “Remarketing”. We will focus on the remarketing on the Google network. In this article, we will look into it. You will learn what Remarketing is, how does Remarketing work and a few reasons why Remarketing is extremely important.  What is Remarketing? Remarketing

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Important Ways of Communicating With Clients on Social Networks

Important Ways of Communicating With Clients on Social Networks

The old motto “The customer is always right” has never been more relevant than it is today. Given so many ways consumers can interact with businesses these days, brands need to be at their peak and ensure that their customer base is satisfied with products and services. From consumer reviews to interactions on social media, customers are just a few clicks away from you. Therefore,

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tech products for kids

5 Tips on How to Market Tech Products for Kids

Children want the latest gadgets in their inventories. They could care less about the price, practicality, and safety of tech products. It falls upon the parents to consider broader aspects of tech gadgets. Tech companies aiming at child-customers should not forget that many millennials who grew up in an era of digitization are primary caregivers to children now. Thus, when choosing something tech-related for their

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How AR VR can be used for marketing

How Can AR and VR be Used For Marketing?

Nowadays, the customers focus on product quality rather than falling into the trap of marketing. For businesses and service providers, it is now mandatory to surpass their customers’ expectations to engage them effectively.  That means more sophistication is required not

Impact of covid-19 on 5g deployment

How COVID-19 Could Impact 5G Deployment

2020 was supposed to be the Year of 5G. Experts speculated that all across the U.S., new 5G infrastructure would go live, massively expanding the nation’s 5G capacity and driving millions of Americans to purchase new 5G-capable phones.  Then, the

technology management in business industry

Role of Technology Management in the Business Industry

In this ever-evolving world, ruled by the phenomenon of advancing technology, the business industry has found itself amidst a whirlwind of competition. New scientific inventions have made the work easier for firms. But it has also made it nearly impossible

Robotic Healthcare

Impact of Robotic Technology on Healthcare Industry

The whole idea of robots in hospitals is not new for healthcare professionals. The idea of using robotic technologies in healthcare evolved in 1985. It started when healthcare planned to transform robots into precise machinery for surgery. “The idea came