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Plan App Release for Business

How to Plan App Release For Your Business

With millions of apps prevailing in the app store, the competition to stand out from the rest has become tougher than ever before. Launching an app isn’t easy these days. No business would want to spend such a huge amount of money and time on building an app that fails to meet its desired needs. So, to increase your app revenue, you must build a

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software licenses

Popular Types of Software Licenses That You Need to Know

With so many different kinds of licenses available, it can make it difficult for developers to use the one that’s right for them. Knowing more about the various licenses helps to keep your work protected while also ensuring that you don’t have problems when using other people’s code.  This post covers the main types of licenses so that you can leave with a better idea

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mobile health care apps

How Mobile Apps Are Improving Access to Healthcare Services

Using mobile or smartphone devices in the healthcare establishments by the health care professionals (HCPs) and caregivers has almost become the standard part of the protocol of practices. They are no longer viewed just as a useful personal tool that at times can be used for certain functions like browsing about a medicine. Many mobile app startups have emerged catering to this ever-growing healthcare app

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all you need to know about database architecture

All You Need to Know about Hybrid Database Architecture

Technology offers a solution to all sorts of problems and needs in these times, which is why processes are gradually becoming so smooth. The idea is to enhance the performance and efficiency of every action to its potential to optimize results. Most companies and businesses are chasing this as they try to dominate their competition using their financial and technological resources and leave other participants

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Extract data from web

How Marketers With Programming Skills Extract Data From the Web

Web crawling or web scraping is the process of collecting data from the web then saving it in a database for future use. For the purpose of this article, we will delve into how marketers with programming skills use this valuable data to better connect with their customers and ensure that their content is seen.  Market Research Market research consists of gathering data about people

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artificial intelligence in gaming

How AI Revolutionize the Way Video Games Developed and Played

Artificial intelligence is simplifying our lives and changing the way we perform everyday tasks. An AI revolution has already taken place in many industries, like healthcare and marketing. But is it going to affect the future of video games as

Astonishing Statistics Associated With E-learning Industry

5 Astonishing Statistics Associated With E-Learning Industry

Technology has revolutionised the educational landscape in a way that could have never been imagined before. The scale and rate at which E-Learning is spreading its wings across the globe tell us that lectures and seminars will never be the

online learning tools

10 Online Learning Tools to Keep Learning During Pandemic

The concept of an online learning management system has again proved its value to the academic communities around the world. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has closed the doors of educational institutions worldwide including the U.S. The only alternative is remote

10 Ways Technology is Transforming Cycling

Technology is driving today’s world, and the biking industry is also in on the action! “There are various interesting technological innovations applied to the latest brands of bikes that are shaping the future of biking.”  In this post, we consider