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AI driven market research for ecommerce industries

Why ECommerce Brands Should Invest In AI-Driven Market Research

The eCommerce industry has seen massive growth in the past few years. More and more people are investing in eCommerce with each passing day. However, 2020 has encountered demand for eCommerce like never before. With the Covid-19 pandemic taking over the world, eCommerce faced fierce competition from overseas newcomers. The best part about the new eCommerce businesses in 2020 was their effective business strategies and

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what is remarketing and its importance for business

Remarketing and It’s Importance for Startups that Sell Products Online

If you are using Google Ads, Facebook, Bing or any other network to promote your products, you are probably familiar with the term “Remarketing”. We will focus on the remarketing on the Google network. In this article, we will look into it. You will learn what Remarketing is, how does Remarketing work and a few reasons why Remarketing is extremely important.  What is Remarketing? Remarketing

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Important Ways of Communicating With Clients on Social Networks

Important Ways of Communicating With Clients on Social Networks

The old motto “The customer is always right” has never been more relevant than it is today. Given so many ways consumers can interact with businesses these days, brands need to be at their peak and ensure that their customer base is satisfied with products and services. From consumer reviews to interactions on social media, customers are just a few clicks away from you. Therefore,

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ai in digital marketing

9 Applicable Ways To Use AI in Digital Marketing

How many times do you think you’ve already used an AI-driven platform, app, or service today? The answer might come as a shock as it’s now one of society’s most progressively used advancements in the commercial and private industries. Its influence upon us goes almost unnoticed, but rest assured, it’s very much amongst us. Health care, Education, Financial markets and services, Retail and E-commerce, Security, Social

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Marketing Technology Trends

7 Marketing Technology Trends to Consider in 2020

Are you ready to see what 2020 has in store for us? With each year technological advances are only going forward, shocking us with all the useful and helpful tools that are emerging. Marketing has always been affected by technological innovations since it is essential for every business and every industry.  Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the trends considering the fast

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Enhancing Nondestructive Testing with AI Insights

Beyond the Human Eye: Enhancing Nondestructive Testing with AI Insights

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) has long been a crucial aspect of quality assurance in structures and materials across various industries. Traditionally, NDT relied heavily on manual inspection techniques and human expertise, but the process has undergone a transformative evolution with the

Implement AI-Powered Threat Detection

5 Steps to Implement AI-Powered Threat Detection in Your Business

As you navigate the vast online world, safeguarding your business’s data against increasingly sophisticated threats is essential. Fortunately, AI is transforming threat detection. This technology learns from patterns and anomalies and enhances its ability to spot potential dangers quickly and

The Real Impact of AI in the Workplace

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how employees work in many industries, making tasks easier and faster. Over the years, it has grown from machines doing simple, repetitive tasks to understanding and predicting human needs. While it’s true that AI brings

how AR VR revolutionize home schooling

How Can AR and VR Latest Technologies Revolutionize Home-Schooling?

Implementing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into education is now an option for the average household, transforming how parents home-school their children. Here is an overview of how these technologies may revolutionize alternative education. Why Use AR and