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Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Businesses

Top 10 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Businesses

We live in a world where there is so much automation happening around, businesses that are adopting these trending technologies with the proper execution generate 5X to 7X profits. Those who don’t suffer massive losses even go bankrupt.  It is how businesses run on today’s date. They solely depend on data to make better decisions. The more they understand the

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How To Use Machine Learning For eCommerce

The e-commerce market is vast and only expected to get bigger with time. Not only has the global e-commerce market been valued at $9.09 trillion, but it is also expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14.7 per cent over the next seven years. As a result of this enormous size, companies have been flocking to the

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machine learning facts

Tech and Machine Learning: 7 Amazing Facts to Know

Technology is changing how things work. The latest advancement in technology has made work more manageable. Machine learning is one of the most advanced technological progress that has enabled computers to do the work that has been done by human beings for a long time. What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is a way of directing a given software, most

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AI and ML revolutionalize customer experience

AI and ML Revolutionizes the Customer Experience

According to a Deloitte 2018 Global CIO (Chief Information Officer) survey, roles for them have been transformed into guiding the success and growth of an organization in this technologically advanced landscape rather than just “managing IT systems”. This path of success is empowered by the customer experience. CIO must bring together people, processes and technology to deliver world-class customer experience.

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machine learning programming languages

Different Machine Learning Programming Languages

Many companies are adopting new technology to build and improve the products and services they provide. Machine Learning programming languages are also part of diversified technology to benefit many businesses. Several algorithms, such as Python, Java, and Julia, to mention a few, are some of the languages that feature beneficial advantages. One may want to learn a particular computer programming language

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Ecommerce tips to convert visitors into customers

6 Simple Tips to Convert Ecommerce Store Visitors into Customers

Like most businesses, you want a high-converting website. The challenge is that turning your website visitors into paying customers isn’t easy. Most first-time visitors don’t immediately buy since they don’t know your brand yet.  “You need to give potential customers

residential proxies

7 Reasons To Use Residential Proxies for Scraping Web Data

Web scraping is the collection of information from the internet. Normally, scraping uses bots (programs that do automated tasks on the web) to collect data from public online sources automatically. The data collected is then analyzed and used for various

retail banking improvements

4 Improvements To Retail Banking A Modern Digital Banking Platform

Over the last few years, the mounting digitization of modern services has radically shifted customer expectations for providers across a host of industries. In this regard, banking and financial services are no exceptions. Today’s customers expect their banks to function

AI-Assisted Nuclear Decommissioning

AI-Assisted Nuclear Decommissioning

Nuclear decommissioning is a precise, time-consuming and inherently dangerous process. However, some people believe artificial intelligence (AI) could bring improvements for everyone involved.  Exploring the Potential of AI-Assisted Nuclear Decommissioning It’ll take a while before people have hard evidence about

Future of AI in school buses

The Future of AI in School Buses: Expectations vs. Reality

Will your bus driver be replaced by artificial intelligence? Maybe not as soon as you think. AI in school buses is certainly a reality today. This amazing technology is helping out in all kinds of fields, like customer service and