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Tech and Machine Learning: 7 Amazing Facts to Know

Technology is changing how things work. The latest advancement in technology has made work more manageable. Machine learning is one of the most advanced technological progress that has enabled computers to do the work that has been done by human beings for a long time. What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is a way of directing a given software, most

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AI and ML revolutionalize customer experience

AI and ML Revolutionizes the Customer Experience

According to a Deloitte 2018 Global CIO (Chief Information Officer) survey, roles for them have been transformed into guiding the success and growth of an organization in this technologically advanced landscape rather than just “managing IT systems”. This path of success is empowered by the customer experience. CIO must bring together people, processes and technology to deliver world-class customer experience.

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machine learning programming languages

Different Machine Learning Programming Languages

Many companies are adopting new technology to build and improve the products and services they provide. Machine Learning programming languages are also part of diversified technology to benefit many businesses. Several algorithms, such as Python, Java, and Julia, to mention a few, are some of the languages that feature beneficial advantages. One may want to learn a particular computer programming language

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Will Machines Become More Artistic Than Humans?

Artificial Intelligence is starting to find its way into every industry with seemingly unlimited potential. As the field develops, researchers and companies, including Google’s DeepMind, are beginning to find ways to mimic human creativity. Researchers have used deep learning and neural networks in attempts to read people’s dreams and recreate them in video, but what’s just as startling is the

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Ai & ML next frontier of customer experience

AI & ML: The Next Digital Frontier for Customer Experience

Businesses are heading, growing and leading, day by day with the help of AI and ML. Surprisingly, many people have heard about machine learning and artificial intelligence but do not understand how these technologies work and how it helps to enhance the customer experience. In a simple definition,  “Artificial Intelligence could be best explained as a technique to create intelligent

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Machine Learning

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Machine Learning

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Machine Learning

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how ml enhance marketing

7 Ways Machine Learning Can Enhance Your Marketing

In the digital era, no marketers can survive without mastering data, analytics, and automation; the reason is a massive surge in data generation. Suppose you look at the stats about data generation. In that case, it’s more than 2.5 quintillions

Business ID cards

8 Benefits of an ID Card System For Businesses

Security is a concern for companies that open their doors for large numbers of employees and customers every day. Such businesses have an obligation to keep their employees safe as they go about their duties, which has seen most of

artificial intelligence in elearning

Benefits of Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in E-Learning

Artificial intelligence is already very much present in eLearning platforms meant not only for life-long learning but formal education as well. Duolingo and Thinkster are only two examples of prominent, globally-applied AI eLearning platforms which are already far beyond their

wifi 6 explained

WiFi 6 Explained: Is it Right for Your Lifestyle?

WiFi 6 is the new standard in WiFi, with quicker connections, higher reliability and greater bandwidth than former options. Along with WiFi 6, you can use a host of compatible devices to get the most out of your experience. Learn

Future and Facts of Apps

Future and Facts of Apps That You Need to Know

Whether it’s Facebook, Whatsapp, or Uber, we can’t imagine our lives without apps anymore. Some people would even say that apps are a must for businesses today. What makes this so popular, and how should you approach app marketing? Let’s