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VR Apps Expectations vs Reality

VR Apps: Expectations vs. Reality

The ecosystem of virtual reality was kick-started in the 1990s. Then gloves and goggles were cool enough to offer 3D graphics and after that, the concept was significantly altered with the arrival of Virtual Reality or VR. VR has become

Essential Helpful Tips for New Designers

6 Essential and Helpful Tips For New Designers in Tech

Congratulations on getting your new job as a designer! It is the field where you create something new every day; get the best taste of your creativity and learn new things. You must be feeling excited right now! However, to

Artificial Intelligence Threat to Humanity

The 5 AI Capabilities That Already Pose a Threat to Humanity

A few years back, many of the world’s top scientists and industry leaders like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking came together and wrote a letter warning about the dangers of artificial intelligence.  Among the things that they pointed out was

IOT is changing digital marketing startups

How IoT is Changing the Digital Marketing Startups?

It is evident that IoT is rapidly growing technology as it connects tremendous devices in our daily routine tasks. Precisely, IoT consists of multidimensional aspects ranging from handheld devices, smart home automation systems, supply chain management, healthcare and many more.