Why Is Cyber Security Important and Its Benefits

why is cybersecurity important

Cyber Security is not just a matter of concern for government or business organizations but it has an influence on almost everyone. The digital devices like mobile phones, computers and tablets may contain information that hackers are interested in such as your name, contact detail, residential address, email address, birth dates and bank details can be misused by hackers.

For instance, if a hacker succeeded in getting your email address, he may send phishing emails containing malware or infected files. Opening or responding to such emails can make you lose your important data or control over your device.

There is no secret that our personal information is more susceptible than it was ever before.

“The incidents of Data Breach and ID Theft are more common in this Digital age having an Impact on Millions of Businesses and their Customers.”

The large and medium scale companies have been working consistently to protect their data by employing security measures. We all have responsibility to protect information relevant to us and people we communicate with. It starts by understanding and employing cyber security.

This article discusses why cyber security is important and what its benefits are for individuals and business organizations. 

Overview of Cyber Security

Any of your digital devices connected to the internet, computer or any other smart device can lose important information due to data breach.

This includes communication systems like emails and text messages, transportation systems like air plane navigation, financial systems like bank accounts and loans, government databases like social security numbers and tax records, medical systems like medical records and equipment, and educational systems like research data and report cards. 

Cyber security refers to technologies and practices to protect all systems, networks and important data from potential cyber security threats such as hacking and computer assisted frauds.

The hackers usually target with an aim to access, change or demolish sensitive data for extorting money from the user of specific network or system. The implementation of effective cyber security measures enables businesses and individuals to protect their systems and networks from such cyber-attacks.  

How to Practice Safe Cyber Security

It is important to safeguard your sensitive data from hacking, malware and viruses. Here is how you can start practicing safe cyber security. 

Beware of Phishing Emails

Never open or respond to an email in your spam folder. Moreover, if an unexpected email lands in your inbox, do not click on links or files attached with that email.

You are likely to receive phishing emails designed and sent by hackers to trap you. Opening such emails and links can infect your device making you lose important data. It does not only put your data at risk but also influences information you have about your fellows, co-workers and relatives.

If you are doubtful about an email, contact the sender of that email through any other means of communication such as calling or emailing them to a different address. 

Ignore Scareware

Have you ever received an email about security software warning? You are likely to receive warnings from unidentified sources. It is better to ignore such scareware.

While surfing the internet, you may receive a warning popping up in a new browser claiming to find a problem in your device.

These are fake warnings and are designed to infect your device.

Install Antivirus

Make sure you install a good antivirus in your mobile phone, computer and other digital devices connected to the internet. Also, ensure that you update your antivirus software regularly because an updated program can protect your device from newest potential malware, viruses and cyber-attacks. 

Importance and Benefits of Cyber Security

There are innumerable perks of practicing cyber security. We have discussed here a few of them. Take a look!

Protect Goodwill

Cyber security protects goodwill of your business. A cyber-attack can badly damage the reputation of your company making your customers to lose trust on your business. A hacker can access data relevant to your customer and publicize it in a negative way.

Therefore, it is crucial that you take cyber security seriously and ensure that your business do not get a bad reputation. 

Protect Bank Balance

Usually, the hacker gains access to system of a business organization for getting bank details such as credit card information and other important details.

” Moreover, the Companies Losing their Customer Data may have to face Legal Cases causing them to bear Expenses of Millions of Dollars.”

In more serious cases, you may have to shut down your business.

Protect Personal Information

The main objective of cyber security is to protect your personal data. The hackers may plan to get your personal details to use them for illegal activities.

Some hackers steal personal information of the target and use this data to create fake online accounts for the purchase of illegal products.

Your name and photos can be used to create multiple online accounts and you never know until you become a crime suspect. 

Protect Productivity of Employees

The productivity of employees does not negatively influence if the daily activities of the business organization remain uninterrupted.

The companies that lose data in data breach incident may also have to face a decline in employee productivity. Business owner can use monitoring software for employee see data from target devices.   

Create Safe Environment to Work

If you fail to provide a safe working environment to your employees, you can never get the best of them. Cyber security can help your employees to work confidently without losing business information and becoming victim of a cyber-attack.

It is important that you practice cyber security measures and educate your employees about it as well. Train your workers about how they can use company-owned digital devices without losing sensitive data.

Let them know the threats that employees face on daily basis such as malware, phishing emails, social engineering, ransomware attacks,

The Bottom Line

The effectiveness of cyber security for business and individuals is undeniable. With a few practices you can create an effective defense from potential cyber-attacks and can safeguard your money, personal information, goodwill and employee productivity.           


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