How Does Artificial Intelligence Power the Internet of Things

How Does Artificial Intelligence Power the Internet of Things

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The word Artificial Intelligence showcases the working of machines with human intelligence. AI makes a machine learn from experience, it lets machines perform tasks like a human. From simple computer games to high-tech robots performing task Artificial intelligence is all over the place in recent times. There are thousands of examples of Artificial intelligence we experience in our daily lives, check them below:


> Virtual Assistant in Devices like Siri in iPhone, Google Assistant in android and other Google devices, there is Alexa for Amazon Echo smart speakers. These virtual assistants work with your command and it starts when you say the wake word like Hey Siri, Alexa or hey google. You can ask them anything like weather, news and more. Amazon voice assistant is compatible with other smart devices, so you can ask her to turn off a light check on security camera makes calls and a lot of things. These virtual assistants are getting smarter day by day with more skills and knowledge.

> Tesla: Apart from smartphones and gadgets artificial intelligence is adopted by automobiles the best example is Tesla. Tesla car has achieved many achievements, the car smart features of self-driving, the capability to predict and technological innovation. This is the smartest car you can have.

> Netflix: This streaming service which gains popularity globally that features Ai through predictive technology and recommends shows to users based on their interest, choices, and behaviour. With updating time Netflix is getting more smarter.

> Flying Drones: showcase a powerful machine learning system that understands the environment through sensors and video cameras. The position of drones gets noticed through the sensors and cameras. Through trajectory generation, algorithm drones know where to and how to move. You can control drones over the wi-fi system and use it for specific purposes like product delivery, video and news reporting, etc.

> Boxever: company that completely relies on machine learning to bring enhance the experience of customers in the travel industry. It improves customer engagement through machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

These are some popular examples of Artificial intelligence which is loved by many and is used in day to day life. Artificial Intelligence is used by millions of people, it has a wide range covering all areas such as home, medical, education much more. Artificial Intelligence in machines holds the capability to perform the task with human intelligence.


What is the Internet of things?

The concept of ‘Internet of Things’ IoT is wider than you have though. Internet of Things is mostly about the things we use daily, it almost everywhere. In simple terms it one kind of system that connects two devices or to the Internet to perform an action. it could be anything a computing device like cellphones, computers, machinery and appliances like Refrigerator, washing machines.

Internet of Things covers everything and it’s everywhere. It has brought a  great impact on the lives of people worldwide. We would not be wrong if you say the internet of things pretty much drives our daily tasks and what we do.

But the question lies on how do all these devices share such large quantities of data? and how we put that information to work? Whether factory production gets improved or real real-time updates are provided to the city on where to park or monitoring our personal health, the Internet of things brings us diverse information together. It provides a common language for the devices and apps to communicate with each other.

The process initiates with the devices communicates with the internet of things securely. This process combines data from multiple devices and then implementing it share to for filling up industry needs.

Let’s understand this with a simple example: After taking a long road trip Alex notices that her car’s check engine light has come on. She knows that her car needs to be taken by a mechanic, however, she is confused if it’s a minor fault or something severe that an immediate solution. It turns out that the sensor that caused Alex’s check engine light monitors the pressure in her brake line. 

The sensor is one part of monitoring processes in a car that communicate with each other continuously. A component in the car called the diagnostic bus gathers the data from all these sensors then passes it to the gateway in the car.

The Gateway integrates and sorts the data from sensors and because of that only applicable data will be shared with manufacturers. Car gateway and platform have to first make their registration and securely communicate before data is sent.

Constant bits of information are stored from Alex’s car and hundreds and thousands of cars like hers. Hence building a historical record in a secure database. Logic and rules were  been inherited by manufactures. So when Alex’s car sends a signal that her brake fluid has dropped below a recommended level the platform triggers an alert in her car. The manufacturers also use the platform to create and manage an application that solves specific issues.

In this scenario, the manufacturer is capable to place an application on an asset management system. This application oversees all of their customer’s cars on the road as well as all the parts in their warehouses. It uses the data from Alex’s car to offer her a potential appointment time to service her car, directions to the nearest certified dealer and a coupon for the service. 

This app will check if Alex’s brakes are covered under her warranty. Also that the correct replacement part is ordered and then sent to the dealership. So it is ready when she arrives but the manufacturer’s analysis does not stop there, they have used a continuous engineering application that tracks not only Alex’s cars but thousands of others looking for ways to improve the design and manufacturing process.

If she faces the same problem in her break the manufacturer uses applications custom-built for the automobile industry for the same issue. They can see if these cars were made at the same factory used the same parts or came off the assembly line on the same day.  

So what do all these pieces add up to streamline inventory management for the dealer a  better safer car from the manufacturer and for Alex it means she can be on the back of road faster and get to where she’s going safely. All thanks to the Internet of Things.

How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) power the Internet of Things IoT?

Internet of things has been existing for a long time it came in the 1980s, it wasn’t that important at that time but scenario changes since the year 2010. Now in 2019 IoT tech and appliance have spread all across. Internet of Things is getting smarter day by day. It exists in every sector, it is part of homes as well as industries.

Numerous companies have adopted IoT appliance and the number doesn’t stop to increase. Last year in 2018 an average164 billions of dollars were provided in IoT technologies worldwide. Not only that but in the future, in less than five years of the time the number of money is expected to increase 10 times higher. The growth is because of the consumers and their acceptance of new technology.

When we talk about artificial intelligence it is a huge concept. The concept is even to understand because we all use it in our day to day life in smart devices or appliances.

Appliances like refrigerators and Television and devices like smartphones and laptops are part of every household. There is at least one device in every house that requires an internet connection and we use it daily. We don’t think much about device mechanism, the only concept people understand and know is that the device works with an internet connection.

AI-Powered IoT Technology Real-Life Use Cases

Have you wondered how people and Industries make use of IoT tech? The examples mentioned below showcases the usage of AI and IoT together. The example shows how agriculture companies benefit from IoT and AI. It takes care of security management image recognition tools that understand human movement by eliminating it from non-human movements.

Example1: AI and IoT approach in agriculture to check the shelf life of the farm products

Example2: AI and IoT approach in security to Identify human movements over object movements

Example3: AI and IoT approach in offices to improve in-office efficiency

Example4: I and IoT approach in healthcare to predict and prevent diseases


AI and IoT approach in agriculture to check the shelf life of the farm products

The agriculture industry known as agtech has used artificial intelligence to automate process earlier done with hands. So, when we consider agriculture industries of large and small-scale IoT tools powered by AI have a great impact on the production.

IoT condition sensors are used with AI cloud-based software to check and manage the supply of fresh food chain. In Pallets of fruits like oranges and strawberries, IoT sensors are places to detect the temperature and time. The collected data is then processed and evaluated through cloud-based analytics and identifies processing issues, gives real-time alerts and also calculates the shelf life of fruits.

Machine learning from the data collected from sensors is capable of improving the accuracy of algorithms over time. By knowing the freshness or shelf life of each fruit pallet intellectual pallet routing can be implemented. This technology reduces wastage of fruits from factors like premature spoilage. It improves the profit rate and most importantly customer satisfaction.


AI and IoT approach in security to Identify human movements over object movements

One of the main elements of AI-powered IoT tools is security it could be home, business or anywhere else. Security is the main concern for all of us examining safety is what people look forward to. Security cameras system and tools that are connected powered by IoT lets you track and monitor safety from anywhere. Appliances that work with smartphones lets you check what’s going around your home or office. These apps let you take quick action when a break-in or damaging event.

AI-powered video security tools are made that can understand human behaviour, so you don’t have to worry about false alerts. This method shows 95% of accuracy compared to traditional motion detection.  The reduction of false alerts is a great deal for security purposes you will save yourself from alerts caused by animals, or change in the environment or weather. The AI used in this can also work with IP security camera that turns out to be  AI-powered IoT product.

The product is greatly valued in business sectors because of its ability to make the current camera system smarter with no change of existing hardware. When alerts arise it is sure that it’s because of a human. Thieves get instantly caught when they break in or attempt to steal any item. All Thanks to the AI that makes the camera monitor humans in a way that didn’t before.


AI and IoT approach in offices to improve in-office Efficiency

Smart products are part of our daily life and routines and it’s grown most of us also spent a lot of time in a way office space is part of daily routine. So IoT and AI devices are been used a lot for many purposes that improve the efficiency of work such as scheduling meetings, managing risks, setting room temperature, and monitoring websites. 

These tasks can be easily managed with IoT devices without taking your time. These smart tools let you streamline the process real quick. Efficiency is a big deal in any sector especially in an industry that is changing rapidly like a mobile-based company.

Usage of devices like Amazon smart speaker Nest smart thermostats makes office work less time-consuming. You can use Alexa to get information for meetings, or keep it on your desk and use it for making calls and sending messages while you are equipped with your work. The smart Scheduling feature in Alexa can even keep track of your to-do list. You can set an optimal room temperature with the Nest smart thermostat. This technology can save energy it monitors the room with sensors and turns down the temperature when nobody is in the room.

You can use Vigil Website monitoring to get a status report of websites. It works more efficiently when you link it with Alexa. You can ask Alexa for reports and stats that consist of your site related information. For example, ask Alexa if your website is currently down or ensure if everything is up so that the issue is resolved quickly.

AI and IoT approach in Healthcare to Predict and Prevent Diseases

In medical and health care sectors tons of data are generated daily. IoT and AI-powered devices play a great role in this industry have brought a huge impact. Medical device sensors, mobile apps for health care, fitness trackers are devices that produce patients data and keeps a track of all the data. AI-powered IoT devices can predict diseases of patients and even suggest cures for its prevention. There tools that maintain and provide drug administration. Approach Artificial Intelligence and IoT together can benefit millions of people all over the globe.

Bottom Line

AI-powered IoT devices are everywhere from the conference room to farms, from home to health care, you will find it in every sector. They help us manage our daily tasks, provides home and workplace security, it lead us to better health care and agriculture. The combination of AI and IoT is capable to take actions in advance, it has the ability to analyze, predict and automate actions serving a different purpose.

We know the power of AI and IoT because of the tech giants that understood its capabilities such as Google, Amazon, Tesla, Uber, and others. AI-powered IoT devices are the future it will a tremendous impact.


— Jainish Vora marketing manager at Phoneier.

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