Important Things To Know About Video Interviewing Tools

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Since more and more organizations are emerging, there is a lot of competition. Every organization wants to own the best employees. But if you think that getting a good set of staff is easy then you are mistaken. Maybe the number of people applying the recruitment are in abundance, but that is sometimes intimidating. 

If you are an organization then you must find out the ways to ease up your recruitment programs.  You should introduce video interview tools to ensure that you catch the best talent from the industry and that too without many efforts.  The point is clear, whether you like it or not, you need to adapt video interviewing in your recruitment or hiring process to stay competitive. 

What Exactly is Video Interviewing?

Nothing but a job interview that conducts from anywhere which uses video technology and some other tools as the main source of communication. For your information, there are mainly three formats in which organisations or businesses conduct video interviews for hiring:

Recorded Interviews or asynchronous Video Interviews

This is a convenient way to screen a high volume or sum of candidates.
In this section employer already predefined a set of questions on recruiting software and invites the candidates to answer them. These questions are designed in such a way to get maximum exposure of the candidate to the employer. This whole process mainly based on the cloud application. The employer can send mail invitations to the applicants so they can attend an interview.

The applicant can answer those questions and recorded them in the given software or tool. Next employer can examine those recorded answers.

The Concept of Live Interviews 

Live to interview is a selection technique or method in recruitment.  It is similar to video conferencing through tools like skype, but various video interview software or tools that cater to live interview solutions caters additional functionalities that assist in streamlining recruitment.

The Concept of Video Resumes

Video resumes are another important screening methodology wherein the employer asks an applicant to deposit a video introduction. The employer could give guidelines on what to speak of or talk about and how long the video must be. This method is generally used for roles where evaluating a candidate’s communication skills and also that of body language is crucial to hospitality or acting.

Now since you understand what video interviewing is and the diverse sorts available, it would be good to quickly look at some of the most important aspects of video interviewing that you should know.

Perks of Video Interviewing 

The perks of using a video interviewing platform, that most clients often mention are: 

Lessen Time to Hire

Video interviews do help you reduce time-to-recruit by up to fifty per cent.  Yes, you just need to invite, schedule, recruit- it is as easy as that. 

Better candidate Experience

Yes, you can ensure it because video interviews allow the candidates to attend online interviews across the world, through web or mobile. It can take place at their convenience while catering a standardized, reliable experience. Since candidates can take up the interview from any place, any time and with ease; it gets them a positive experience.

Diminish Hiring Cost by Sixty per cent 

You heard it right. You can lessen the pricing of hiring by up to sixty per cent. You can do that by saving efforts spent on manual screening, logistics, co-ordination or extra resources. Since everything would be automatic, you are going to save a lot of money. Moreover, since the candidates would take up the interview online, you would not need to pay them for their commute. In this way, you end up saving a lot of pennies.

Enhanced Employer Branding

It is also true that the concept of video interviewing instruments allows the branding of the platform with videos, banners, colour themes, and logos. In this manner, your organization is going to be perceived as tech-savvy and applicant-friendly. Since the candidates would gain a good opinion about you, they are going to spread the positive word about your way of working. After all, it is not just about getting rejected or recruited; it is about a cohesive and comfortable experience too.

Video Logs for Future Audits and References

It is another great and helpful thing. All the videos interviews stay available for future reference. Similarly, in the same way, comments and evaluations are also saved for audits in the future.  In this way, you can get back to the videos if there be any doubts or uncertainties.


So, it is time that you start looking for the right video interview tools and use them for the best recruitment in your organization. These tools are going to multiply your productivity and efficiency for sure.

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