Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Outdoor Canopies

Buying Outdoor Canopies

When it comes to a social gathering, your basic parking lot becomes more than just a row, and your yard becomes the center of festivities.

If you are planning for your next get-together, do not overlook the weather conditions that you might face.

When the temperature is at its peak, high temperatures can make your guests feel uncomfortable, and your drinks may get warm. While on the other side, if it is the rainy season, the weather could spoil the results of all the initiatives you put into your party to make it a success.

So, what is the ideal solution to tackle this situation? The answer is a canopy tent.

They’re cost-effective, user-friendly, come handy and could save your stuff from getting ruined.

But how do you find that absolute perfect canopy?

Here is what you need to look for to be sure that all your needs are fulfilled.

Canopy Size and Quality

Mostly you will see the same four legs and overhead shelter; however; you will find several canopy tent sizes as per your requirements. Now it is up to you to decide what size you actually need. Also, keep in mind to buy the size that fits for all your guests say taller ones.

However, if you look forward to Canopy tents with telescoping legs for adjusting heights, then it would be a better option to cover your belongings, either big or small.

Now, you will find a variety of materials in a canopy tent. The two usually seen materials are aluminum and steel.

  • Steel is proven to be stronger and durable, which can be useful in stormy weather. It will also prevent the quality from getting rusted.
  • While aluminum can be lightweight and easy to set up but is more tend to bend and can’t resist windy conditions.

Another suitable material you can find is the water-resistant polyester with a vinyl coating. However, it can cost you more than the other two.

Other Canopy Features

Want to put your hands on some impressive looking canopies?

Then look for some features below that will make your canopy tent stand out:

  • Mostly you require some help to set it up, but some models allow you to set it on your own with the help of spring technology.
  • You can find polyester canopy sidewalls in various levels of thickness and mesh sidewalls crafted to keep away insects. This quality offers protection and privacy from the sun and harsh weather.
  • Want to show your team something extra? There are a tremendous number of canopy tents with logos for college sports teams and professionals to choose from.



Do not forget to measure the canopy’s weight before strong wind weighs down your fun by causing your tent to fly away. You can purchase leg weights, sandbags, or tie downs if you don’t find with them already.

Once you find the best canopy tent to meet your expectations, you will be ready to kick back and make beautiful memories with your family and friends.

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