Future of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on daily lifestyle

artificial intelligence daily lifestyle

Not only our homes, Artificial Intelligence along with other smart technologies, is all set to enter other numerous industries including workplace and daily routine.  It is one of the technologies capable of empowering the industries, enhancing productivity, accuracy, and efficiency.

A myriad of people thinks of AI (robots and machines) as a replacement of the human workers. It is considered as a threat and hurdle rather than a tool. Let us take a look at the actual picture of Artificial Intelligence and know whether it is a rival or counterpart. You would find several resources on Artificial Intelligence Definition, but in this article take the next step.

Is everything related to AI easy?

Making AI a household term has not been a cake walk as we all know. Gone are the days where the robotic image we used to have in our imagination was big and huge robots taking a lot of space. Today everything is sleek, integration capable and robust. Home security and laundry are two of the most unexpected areas of daily life where technology, AI has shown its magic.

The main advantage of AI is the enhancement and advancement in human intelligence. The best thing is the increased outreach of the capabilities and usage of AI by well-reputed companies. It is a friend bringing optimism in our life especially in the workplace resulting in the rise in the creation of more skill-based jobs for the implementation of new systems. This is one of the best Artificial Intelligence Examples.

See how we would be able to experience the advancements in our daily life due to AI and peer technologies.

  1. Having a “friend” – Facilitating companionship is another demand of the modern age’s children. The thought of having a robot as a friend has been given by the epic movie Star Wars.

    “ The day is not far away when we would be sharing our feelings and emotions with Humanoid robots. ” 

  1. A boon for the climate change issue– No technology in recent times has been able to detect the issue of the climate and hold the capability of solving it. The data storage and accumulation capacity of AI is the reason behind it. All the big data connections and the machines can one day pattern and discern the weather system. It will help in the correct regulation and empowering the real change.
  1. Automatic Vehicle– We have been acknowledging the breakthrough of the self-driving cars in the marketplace. The future is near when we would see highway roads full of automated vehicles. The first step was taken by Google in the year 2012, just a step below full automation. The innovations, professional endeavors and recreations are all set to surprise our next generation with automated transportation, hands-free taxis and automated food delivery services.

    “ Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.” —Ginni Rometty 

  1. Facilitating health and healing– The cyborg capabilities are not less than magic and a miracle to me. As per the technological advancements, AI would let the specially-abled to adjust anything about their natural abilities. Technology gives a helping hand to the one with artificial limbs by giving them greater mobility in their prosthesis making the best use of the brain and communicating through it.

The above-written will be the future faces with the help of AI. But it is not at all easy and needs research, practical and hard work. The influence of technology can be seen with the rise of the number of people who prefer messaging the online bot for communicating with a brand or a business to 63%. All these facts and figures have increased the demand for Artificial Intelligence courses, especially among the youth.  It is the time when we should take ourselves to the impact of AI on our daily life.

  1. Automatic meeting scheduling – Now you don’t need to pick up your phone, search for the contact number, and call to book an appointment, AI is there to do it for you. Android 9 Pie is one of the best and the recent examples making this practical and possible. It is like speaking and getting the work done.
  1. Eased daily routine – Now you don’t need to rush to your mobile phone to answer a call, Alexa, Siri, and other personal assistants are there for it. Just give them command of a particular task and they are available for your service. With the technology advancements, personal assistants are becoming more intelligent and sophisticated such as knowing your favorite song, placing an order from your favorite restaurant.

“ The fear of going out of fuel during a long journey will also nullify with Google Assistant. It is there to detect the changing levels and alarm you for the same, AI is the future, right? ”

  1. Personalized Media -We all know how to make a playlist of our favorite songs and movies and music. Now AI-advanced applications and assistants are there to design personalized media as per your specific tasks.

You just decide AI will perform. It might be termed as human-crafted work empowering “humanoid machines”            to do all the work.

  1. Searching the surroundings– I always wanted to get some device or technology which could help me taking safety measures. It is so exciting to search our surroundings the same way we search the web just by adding the keywords on the search toolbar. Now with the help of AI, we get to find people and things in the real world and real time.
  1. Smart food systems– In countries like India which are based on crops and harvesting, detection of the crop diseases and issues and protecting it from proliferating by providing timely nutrition to livestock. It comes under the daily lifestyle because of the food intake we do daily. Therefore, AI in the agriculture and food industry is all set to increase the efficiency of the resources, by decreasing the number of pesticides, fertilizers, and water.
  1. AI-based cities-Simulation and automation of the cities in the form of checking and regulation of water consumption, people flow, traffic flow, data, energy can be achieved by AI-designed and connected cities.

This is an insight into the future face of the world toned by AI. Stay tuned to read more on technology and know exciting and related features.


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