Ai Chatbot: Automate The Experience For Your Customers

AI chatbot

AI chatbots are the future and the present of the engagement between a brand and its customers. Read more to know about what they are and how to automate the experience for your customers.

Most of us are already familiar with the term “artificial intelligence,” and the first thing that comes to our mind is Self-driven technologies that do not require manual labour. With time, AI is not merely a technology that will happen in the future, as some people might conceptualize. It is very much a present-day technology, and you can manifest it in reality.

“The businesses are investing in AI technologies to scale up and upgrade their businesses. One of the important reasons behind this investment is improving the customer experience.” 

Customers do not like to wait in the fast and growing technological environment; they want instant results.

They also want instant replies to their queries, which is why marketers are incorporating AI chatbots in their businesses.

  • To Fulfil the ever-changing demands of the customers.
  • To create speed-enhancing businesses and cut downtime.

How do AI chatbots prove to be a problem solver for your business :

Communicating with your customers is the central key to make a long-lasting impact on their minds. Whatever products you are offering to the customers is on one side, and how you maintain the communication with your customers is the other side of the coin. Both are equally important and inter-connected.

According to a recent study, the chatbot solution providers are upgrading the latest trends of the AI and voice-enabled assistants to keep a pace with the changing technologies to improvise the customer experience.

What Are Ai Chatbots And Their Importance In Business:

AI chatbots help in conducting conversations with customers. Chatbots not only help the small scale businesses to flourish but can change the face of the business to enhance customer support.

Let us see some of the features of the chatbots :

  • They are supportable for mobile devices.
  • They are helpful in effective user engagement.
  • Marketers can use messaging apps that are driven by artificial intelligence.
  • You can have maximum returns on investment by resolving customer queries quickly.

What are the Benefits of Ai Chatbot :

Many business sectors are using chatbots, which seem to act like a human conversation.

Now the business sectors have extended their reachability to the other messenger apps to book any product from other apps. For example – You can book a ride on UBER or OLA from the other apps such as messenger.

Let us see some of the other aspects of AI chatbots in business:

Chatbots in business: Small and large size enterprises are implementing chatbots to enhance customer services. The influence of chatbots is so much so that the year 2017 was declared as the “Year of Chatbots.” Many businesses are increasing their revenues through AI-driven technology.

The voice-assisted bots are yet another revolution in AI technology that helps in the healthy transactions of goods, products, and services. Also, the chatbots are helping the retailers in checking the orders and making purchases.

Healthy payment transactions: A personalized experience to the customers can leave a long-lasting impression on the customers. AI chatbots enable businesses to make payments to customers and evaluate their balances.

 For example – the insurance companies and corporate houses have adopted AI-driven chatbot services.

The upsurge in messaging apps: You can attain maximum conversions through the messenger apps by connecting to your targeted audience. Chatbots are now playing an essential role in having a one to one conversation with the customers to drive better customer service.

“As per the study of 2019, users now prefer chatbots to know the answer to their questions despite visiting the website.” 

Voice-activated assistance: The voice-activated help has now spread to all the devices such as smartphones, smart TVs, smart wearables as well. If you are a small industry, you can receive help from the other large scale industries to create your chatbots.

Call centres with chatbot assistance: Call centres’’ processes rely on AI-driven chatbots providing customers 24*7 support as the automated call centres have in-depth knowledge of the domains. It will directly help the customers to have a conversation with the customers.

How Do Ai Chatbots Improve Customer Service

how do ai chatbots improve customer experience

Let us see how chatbots can win the hearts of the customers and retain the existing customers :

1.Expansive customer support: If you are hiring human agents to solve customer queries, they can only solve customers’ problems with a limit. But with chatbots, there is no upper limit to solve customer queries. You can now focus on important tasks by letting the chatbots support their customers and increase their productivity. Among many other chatbots zebrabuzz is one chatbot for 24/7 customer service chatbot round the clock.

Without chatbots, a business can cost nearly 1.3 trillion dollars to fulfil customer services by recording up to 200 billion customer support requests every day. Therefore chatbots save a lot of your time and amount you would invest otherwise.

2. Satisfy customers to the tee: Customers are the market king, and respecting them must be your highest priority. You can initiate conversations with the customers and respond to them more quickly and efficiently. Bots, along with the advanced technologies, never let the customers wait for the long hours. They quickly understand the customers’ requirements and, at the same time, deliver the best possible responses to the users.

3. Evaluate users’ needs: Evaluate the users’ sentiments and preferences through voice chatbots. You can analyze the customers’ needs to avoid the loss in your business. Bots usually learn from the experiences, and eventually, they will provide personalized experiences to the users. You can increase your sales through chatbots as they offer solutions as per the needs of the customers.

Chatbots reduce the support team’s work to solve users’ queries, leaving the customers satisfied to the maximum point.

4. Round the clock availability: Chatbot wakes up the whole night and day to see what customers need and require, hence serving them accordingly. As customer agents cannot be omnipresent, chatbots do work on their behalf. Suppose a customer has a query during the night hours, and he wants an immediate response, where agents are not present; at that time, chatbots would do the required work.

5. More investment and lesser expenses: The amalgamation of AI and chatbot can save a lot of money that you would be wasting otherwise on labour costs. With the help of bots, you can automate the whole interaction process between the brand and customers. You can speed up the interaction process and enhance the customer support service. In turn, you can improve the productivity and performance of your business.

What Are The Other Potentialities Of Ai Chatbots

See below how do chatbots influence the growth if companies :

Get better CSAT scores: Al chatbots are the virtual assistants that help the business grow and give you better CSAT scores. Thereby, chatbots allow you to generate leads and nurturing your business. The lesser would be the friction in customer service higher would be the overall experience for the customers. 

Enhance lead nurturing: Nowadays, businesses are running an omnichannel strategy. Therefore, you need to communicate with the customers wherever they are present. AI chatbots help you to communicate with your customers through different messaging platforms such as messenger. Chatbots allow you to pick up leads based on their responses and interactions. In turn, you can further nurture a lead and increase conversions. Thereby chatbots help in lead nurturing and attaining conversions.

Picking up customer patterns: AI chatbots can pick up the patterns in user behaviour. As we stated above, they learn from their experiences and thereby predict potential issues and address them.

For example – You picked up some loopholes the customers face in the onboarding process. You can create information on the same aspect as you would know customers will be asking the questions similar to that aspect.

Nowadays, AI chatbots are coming with a new feature that is their integration with the videos.

When you integrate chatbots with videos, it offers personalized support to the customers. Also, you can pitch products to the customers enabling responses from them.


With chatbots, you cannot only get the users’ details – their names, contact details, and other vital information. But you can build user personas as well as their profile based on their actions.

The information collected from there on can get synced down into CRM from there, you can engage customers.

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