The 5 Best New Movies on Netflix in April 2020

netflix best movies

How many times have you sat down to watch a movie on Netflix, only to waste the next 15 minutes browsing through the oddly limited menus of the subscription service? Netflix’s massive collection of films, coupled with its inscrutable algorithm, can render choosing what to watch, seem more like a task than a way to unwind. Thus, we’re here to help you out. Read the complete article to get to know the benefits

Best 5 New Movies on Netflix :


With almost all of the MCU pulled back in reaction to the current COVID-19 issue, Netflix has provided us with a mini-MCU reunion. Long-time Marvel stuntman Sam Hargrave is making his directorial debut with Extraction, which was directed by Joe Russo and starred Chris Hemsworth as a mercenary who has given the riskiest gig — saving the kidnapped son of a foreign drug lord. Bonus Wonder points: A small special appearance of David Harbour.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

This film is an undeniably epic horror classic. A neon-packed piece of crazy in which an alien race that looks like circus clowns are invading a town in California with deadly and clownish antics. It includes acid balls, man-eating shadow puppets, and, of course, cotton candy pistols. Besides, it’s a colourful circus tent full of campy, macabre surprises, so it’s a perfect bit of a real tack.

Taxi Driver

One of the most successful and best films ever made, Taxi Driver, is a masterpiece. The 1976 neo-noir tracks a depressed veteran and taxi driver named Travis Bickle searching for meaning. Disgusted by the increasing filth on the roads of New York City — as he sees it — Travis wants to take things into his own hands and clean up the streets himself.

The Lethal Weapon Quadrilogy

Some of the most vital action series in film history is heading to Netflix this month. Danny Glover looks like Murtaugh, a seasoned investigator with a violent, psychotic partner, Riggs (Mel Gibson). But Riggs isn’t just a wild card, he’s suicidal and suffering from depression. Besides, the first instalment of Shane Black, in particular, is a lot more raw and real than your average crime movie.

Minority Report

Centred on the tale of Philip K. Dick, the film takes place in a futuristic world where cool inventions and a few “Precogs” eradicate crime. Tom Cruise looks at the director of Precrime, the branch that tracks out all the suspects to be. He then gets himself swept up in a trap as he turns up on the wrong side of the wanted list for a crime; he has no intention of executing.

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