8 Google Add-On’s For Educators


Add On’s For Educators

In simple terms, Google Add-ons are the customized extensions in G Suits such as Gmail, Google, Sheets, Google Docs, Google Forms, and many other Google tools. For G Suite applications, google add-ons add new potentiality.

“Google add-ons help the user to perform automatic tasks and make third party services available in G Suite.”

By adding Google add-ons on your G Suit applications, you can create the customized user interface that is integrated with G Suit application such as google calendar, google drive, and Gmail.  This article shows you the best 8 google add-ons for educators. 


Easybib is an extension that is used in google docs. This extension easily creates bibliographies for the research paper. Using this extension, educators can automatically cite books, websites and journal articles just by enrolling the titles or URLs.

Once you create a bibliography, then click generate the bibliography so that your citations are alphabetized and displayed them at the end of your paper.  

Draw.io Diagrams

For an easy representation, educators must make a simple flowchart. Do draw the flowcharts, educators can prefer add-ons named “draw.io Diagram”. This is an open platform where you can create and share the flowchart representation.

In addition to the flowchart, educators are able to create UML, Entity-relationship diagrams, Network diagrams and many more. This extension is built around Google Drive.  Moreover, educators can work offline on the diagrams and can save locally on desktops.


Another best add-ons for the educator is “MindMeister”. This is an online mind mapping tool that makes you obtain, develop and share ideas visually. The best google add-ons for brainstorming, note-taking and project planning. Apart from this, you can also perform many other creative tasks.

This extension is easily accessed in Windows, MAC OS, and Linux Platforms.

“In face-to-face meetings and discussions, you can easily take notes, comment on topics or vote an idea immediately with MindMeister extension.”


Another exciting extension for educators is Joezoo add-ons. It is a next-generation assessment application that is integrated with G Suit for education. It is built with artificial intelligence to provide effective feedback and gradings for the students. It makes the educator’s work less by providing the best feedback with effective analysis.

This extension creates a digital portfolio and is filled with proof of learning. Teachers, parents, and students can use this extension in real-time. This extension is available through free and paid format. 


Every primary kid loves comics and storybooks. Add-ons in google allow educators to create a comic story full of excitement and fun learning. Pixton is an award-winning extension tool that makes the student actively participate in class. Using this extension, educators can pick a character and design it based on the story.

You can develop backgrounds, photos, voice-over and posable. Moreover, you can enhance critical thinking skills, conceptual understandings and improve the vocabulary.


For a digital learning experience, educators can step forward to use the extension called “Kami”. It is the learning pdf application for school students, as like Math Maze physically. By practising with this application regularly, students can develop their engagement and interaction in classrooms. In simple notation, kami is said to be, the student’s digital pen and paper. It engages the student with a user-friendly environment.

The educators can access kami in chrome, firefox, safari and internet explorer. Tutors can make the class with more interaction and collaboration. 


Google add-ons are not only used for English subjects and vocabulary. An exciting google add-one for learning math – “MathType”. By using this extension, educators can make the students write and type mathematical notations. Instead of using built-in math tools, students can make use of this extension.

“For a quality Experience and Digital Teaching method, MathType is one of the Best and Efficient tools that can be used in Educational Institutions.”

The students are able to work fast, easy and efficient with this application. In customized toolbars, students are able to save frequently used equations and symbols. Moreover, the students can even setup personal keyboard shortcuts. 

Read and Write

The best way to develop vocabulary skills is by practicing the “Read&Write” google extension. By using this extension regularly in the classroom, students are able to boost their confidence in reading and writing. Read and write extension offers personalized support for making documents, webpage and common files.

Students are able to make a strong conceptualization of vocabulary. For instance, educators can portrait picture messages or a visual image to develop their vocabulary skills.  


In the era of modernization, every educational institution invests huge amounts of money in technology. Investing in technology alone doesn’t make a school following digital methods.

Using small extensions and add-ons will also make them learn digitally and provides better engagement and collaboration. Every child needs a better understanding and a strong foundation for the subjects. Using necessary add-ons while learning provides them with strong and deep knowledge.  

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