VR Apps To Enhance Your Overall Virtual Reality Experience

There is no denying the fact that Virtual Reality has completely revolutionized the digital world experience for humans. Even if you know, that the world is not real, you can escape from your own world with just a click.

This is all about Virtual Reality (VR), we know it’s virtual but it feels like real. Everything is possible in that world and we can live the dream. Virtual reality app can facilitate you while enjoying your contents on Virtual Reality headset.

“ The best thing about Virtual Reality technology is that you feel that you are actually present in a different place with other peoples. ”

Here I am going to reveal a few of the best Virtual Reality apps that are going to enhance your overall Virtual Reality experience so stick with me to know more about them. As there are a number of apps for virtual reality available on the internet hence selection of the best can be a pain in the neck but worry not, here I have compiled the best ones for you. So let’s start with our first one

1. Google Earth VR 

You talk about technology and Google is there to excel its competitors in the field. After the introduction of Virtual reality technology, people were excited about Google apps that will enhance our digital experience. With this Virtual Reality app, you feel like flying around the planets like an eagle. You are going to love this if you are fond of geographical studies.

This Virtual Reality app is highly enjoyable as well as good for education purpose. Since it is available for free of cost people scroll through it and zoom-in to gauge their favourite locations in a completely revolutionized way.

2. Littlstar 

Virtual reality gaming is no doubt really awesome but when it comes to watching video contents nothing can match the experience provided by Virtual Reality headsets. Littlstar has been designed for the lovers of video contents.

No need to spend your hard-earned money in visiting IMAX theatres, just sit back at your sofa and plug-into this virtual reality app and enjoy complete 360-degree videos at your place only. The point of view provided by  Littlstar is inevitable. From Netflix videos to educational contents, you can enjoy everything through Littlstar.

3. Aircar 

This virtual reality app has been designed mainly for those who love Virtual Reality gaming. You get one of the coolest experiences while using this app. There is a dense city and you get to drive a little hovercraft through it.

You can consider it as a flight game which is no doubt equivalent to science fiction. You can certainly enjoy the isolation through this app and feel the peace around you.

4. Tilt Brush

The first paid virtual reality app in our list which charges $19.9 and it is worth it. Those who love to design 3D art, this app is boon for them. It enhances the 3D art-making experience by a huge extent.

The power of Virtual Reality technology can be well understood while using this virtual reality app. Have you got some artistic idea? Do you want to create it? Tilt Brush is going to make your job extremely easy. It’s funny and you will enjoy the process on it.

“ Your imaginations actually restrict you to think of the applications of VR (Virtual Reality) ”

5. Kingspray Graffiti VR

Another paid Virtual Reality app, mainly designed for people who love street art reveals the power of Virtual reality technology. This app provides you with the experience to use virtual spray paint to draw your mark on digital walls.

Enjoy this app on your Virtual reality headset and create your mark on different digital walls like roadside walls, walls of car or train, inside a laboratory and so on. You feel like a gangsta while enjoying the digital painting experience in 360 degrees.

6. NextVR

This virtual reality app has been enriched with cable programming that enhances your virtual reality headset experience. NBA virtual reality gaming lovers are going to enjoy NBA gaming experience on their virtual reality headset through this app.

This app offers good content on standup comedy, musical performances, NBA gaming and so on. Enjoy the 360-degree experience on your virtual reality headset using this virtual reality app.

7. Anne Frank House VR

 This is a more specific virtual reality app which lets you experience the Anne Frank House tour in 360 degrees on your virtual headset. You must have heard about Anne Frank House tour that it appears like frozen in time, you get to experience that through this app.

Get beautifully rendered 3D scans on this app and get a chance to experience the power of virtual reality technology. Get to feel a ghostly quiet place and praise the gift of technology in the form of virtual reality.

8. Virtual Desktop

Experience computer navigation in virtual reality through this virtual reality app. It feels really cool when you experience complete desktop navigation in virtual reality.

Watch Netflix, play games, browse the web and even manage your spreadsheets through this app. This app is really powerful and you can even experience multi-monitor setup.


Virtual reality technology has gone entirely to a different level and this is very evident while you are using NYT VR; this virtual reality app lets you experience digital filmmaking experience in 360 degrees on a Virtual reality headset.

Since this app is new in the market, the content library is not vast but enough to satisfy your needs. When a viewer looks around, the image viewing experience is extremely seamless.

10. Allumette

This virtual reality app lets you enjoy the best virtual reality film experience on your virtual reality headset in 360 degrees. The characters will not speak but use different other forms (noises, emotive, etc) to express the emotions.

This app provides you with a charming and heartrending experience of the poem by Hans Christian Andersen. You are definitely going to enjoy this journey on Allumette.

So these were a few of the best VR apps that are certainly going to reveal the power of virtual reality technology to you and they will bring you closer to this technology.

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