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In this world of internet and electronic mailing, faxing still has its place as one of the most secure and reliable means to transfer data to any other place. That is why a large number of businesses use faxes as an official way of sending and receiving documents and communicating within and outside the business.

Everything is being modified and made better with each passing day and so is fax. it’s a relief that faxing is not as tiresome as it used to be in the past. The experts and technology have transformed it from being a difficult task to just a walk in the park.

You would be quite surprised and astounded as well to know that faxing, in the present modern era, does not require the use of any fax machine or its maintenance as well as that of other necessities like paper, ink, and toner, etc.

What you need now is an internet connection and voila, there you go. You will be sending and getting faxes right away from literally any place on the planet earth.

Fax Numbers

Just like you need a phone number to make a phone call, the same way you need a fax number in order to succeed in faxing. This is necessary no matter what technique you are using to fax your documents.

Whether you are using the old primitive method of fax machines or you are making use of any kind of fax service, a fax number is something that is the utmost necessity.

So the result is that a fax number is very important to have if you are thinking of sending and receiving faxes because otherwise, you would not be able to succeed in faxing.  

You would definitely be wondering how to get a fax number? When talking about old ways, like the ones involving fax machines, getting a fax number for yourself was a hassle. 

At first, you had to contact your telephone operator and ask him for a fax number. And when you will be given one, it will be a very complicated and complex fax number that would be difficult to memorize. On top of that, you will have to pay for it too.

But thankfully, we live in the modern era where everything is now systemized. There is absolutely no need for contacting anyone to get a fax number as you can have one right away. Yes, here we will tell you about a way through which you will get free fax numbers from any place, whether you are home or not.

CocoFax – Free Fax Number At The Palm of Your Hand

CocoFax is one of the best online fax services in the world. With CocoFax, you can get a free fax number along with various other faxing highlights. CocoFax works in furnishing individuals with business-class correspondence arrangements excluding the equipment prerequisites for them.

CocoFax intends to improve the fax understanding of each individual who is utilizing fax or wishes to utilize it. By giving fax benefits over the web, CocoFax offers you significant investment funds that you could be spending somewhere else. With Cocofax, you can fax without a fax machine or even a telephone line. 

CocoFax didn’t stop its creative contributions at that. It has modernized fax such a lot that now you would now be able to send and get faxes from your PC, iPhone, Android telephone, Mac, or whatever other gadgets that can associate with the web.

Its point is to give a client a situated fax service with no shrouded costs. Along these lines, Cocofax gives you your own fax number for nothing. On the off chance that you like Cocofax’s services, you would then be able to get a membership plan for Cocofax.

CocoFax’s Free Fax Number

Stating that CocoFax is an ordinary fax service would be wrong because unlike others, CocoFax is an all-in-one solution for all your faxing problems. It has taken into account all the customer queries and has worked on them quite effectively.

In the same way, CocoFax has solved the problem of fax numbers too. Majority of the people faced difficulties trying to get a fax number and many people are not satisfied with the high cost it takes to get a fax number.

CocoFax understands all of this and hence, it has incorporated highlights that give solutions to all these problems. Where pricing problems are concerned, you will have none if you opt to use CocoFax. CocoFax provides fax numbers that are free of cost.

CocoFax will not ask you to provide any kind of credit card or payment details for this purpose. Hence, you need not care about the cost of having a fax number. With CocoFax you can easily sit back and relax.

You can get this free fax number while signing-up. You can also receive your fax number on your email if you provide your email address during registering up.


But you should keep in mind that this free fax number is not permanent. It will be gone by the end of the first month of using CocoFax. When you subscribe to a membership plan, this temporary fax number becomes permanent and then you can use it for a lifetime.

Custom Fax Number Facility

Wait, there is more to add in the incredible CocoFax highlights. CocoFax not only provides you with a fax number that is costless, but it also gives you the facility of a custom fax number. Yup, CocoFax allows you to make, create or choose a fax number of your liking.

CocoFax does not provide you with a fax number itself, it allows you to make a fax number for yourself. This way you get to have a fax number that you can easily memorize or use.

This feature is superb because most of the organizations and multinational companies want fax number that matches their company codes(if any). So, through this excellent highlight provided by CocoFax, they can benefit from this too.


You must have observed how easy faxing and getting fax numbers have been made with CocoFax. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your fax number from CocoFax right now.

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