Introducing Android Push Notification In A New Light

Android push notifications

There was a time when SMSs and emails used to rule the market. They were used to be considered as a prime marketing strategy for any business.

But with the advent of technology push notifications starts to show their presence. Within a short span of time Push notifications in the form of React native push notifications for Android mobile applications have marked their huge presence. This presence was so effective that businesses from all around the world are forced to adopt push notifications.

Push notifications work on the principle of the following quote by Richard Bach that says

“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they are yours; If they don’t, they never were” 

This is the power of push notifications where a user is given control to receive push notifications. It let them come to your platform at their own pace.

Well, if you are unaware of the power of Android push notifications, we are introducing Android Push notification in a new light for you.

What are Android Push notifications?

Android Push notifications are messages that pop up on Android mobile phones. As far as the Android platform is concerned, a Notification manager is provided for this purpose.

Push notifications are rich media messages and are composed of text, images, graphics, videos, gifs, emojis, etc. They are especially sent with a purpose to create an urge in the mind of the user to take action.

Push notifications can be timed and organized as per requirement. This is the reason why these are known for providing effective results. It doesn’t matter, which part of the world your audience resides. They only demand a single click to reach any corner of the world.

That’s why any marketing strategy is considered insufficient without their effective implementation.

Benefits of Android push notifications.

According to “”, the opt-in rate of Android push notifications is 91.1%. It means users find push notifications interesting.

Moreover, according to a report posted in “infographics”,

  • Push notifications carry the ability to boost app engagement by up to 88%.
  • Push notifications can lift the app retention rate by 3-10X.
  • When push notifications were enabled 65% of users open the app within 30 days.
  • In-store purchase on receiving push notifications was 48% in the case of mobile users.

These stats are capable enough to prove the power of push notifications. To give you more detail on the benefits of Android push notifications let us dig some deeper.

Communication: Push notifications provides easy and effective two-way communication with users. They are one of the fastest ways to reach the users, present in any corner of the world. It just takes a single click to reach them.

Moreover, the users are also provided with an opportunity to directly reach you or your products and services. It makes them feel special by providing good user experience. As a result, it helps you to earn customer loyalty and free advocacy for your business.

Engagement and retention: In most cases, the users download the app, opens it once or twice, and never show up again. In another case, a user downloads an app but never completes the registration process or never opens it. In these circumstances, push notifications are very effective.

Automated push notifications motivate the user on regular time intervals to engage with the app. It not only helps to engage users but also lets them feel that they are valuable users. As a result, it helps to retain users for a long period of time.

Personalization and segmentation: According to “Statista” currently there are around 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. Among these 74.13% are Android smartphone users. It means a variety of people from whole over the world. As a result, you cannot sell a single product or service to all users.

Here Push notifications can help you a lot. Push notifications can be segmented and personalized. It means you can send push notifications on the base of gender, age, region, interests, etc. This will provide you with an opportunity to target the right users. As a result, the probability of a sale will increase exponentially.

Advertising: You start up your business or are looking for expanding it worldwide. Which will be the rapid and cost-effective source to reach billions of people around the world?

Obviously push notifications are the best source. You don’t require any personal information from your audience. You need to spend a lot of money in making and running video ads on Television. This era is an era of internet where most of the audience can be accessed easily through mobile phones and social media platforms.

“You can make effective use of the React native push notifications and Android push notifications to promote your brand or business.” 

Push notifications give you an opportunity to reach every corner of the world instantly. It will take some moments and you are done with branding and advertising of your business.

Conclusion: Android push notifications have earned the top spot in any marketing strategy. It is due to their ability to provide effective results. Moreover, the majority of the population around the world uses Android phones and tablets. Hence it is easy to target the audience.

But when it comes to leaving an impact in the mind of the user, push notifications with their ability to carry rich media stands apart. Moreover, they can be used for multiple purposes at an economical price. This is the reason for its popularity.

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