Uses of Laser Marking Technology for Various Industrial Applications

laser marking technology

The Laser Marking Technology is a mechanism where a beam of light is directly focused on the surface of an object for marking the information regarding the product which might include product name, date of manufacturing or product quality standard as well. This laser technology is purposely used for having a permanent mark that won’t disappear over time. 

And there is no limit of using this laser marking technology as you can simply use this for marking all kinds of surfaces and materials as well. Here different kinds of laser technologies are available for different kinds of surfaces so you can choose wisely as per your surface requirement for achieving the best result.

The two best laser technologies which are used commonly are known as Fiber and CO2. Now when we are talking about the technology then here you are also authorized to adjust the maximum laser power for having high-speed marking. 

Now for getting the best results from laser marking solutions, this technology could be optimized for specific applications. Here the two best laser marking technology processes are laser engraving and laser etching. Apart from this, the third laser marking technology process wisely used is known as laser annealing which is the only capable technology for marking on the stainless steel. 

“Laser Marking is a rising technology in industrial marking which can literally be proved with its increased number of applications. This is because this technology is comparatively low maintenance and more effective to others. ” 

Further, this technology is contactless as the object surface is not touched directly during the procedure of industrial marking. Apart from this, this technology is not used on consumables as the surface requires to be hard.

Here, if we compare this technology with Dot Peen Marking Machine then there is no requirement of a machine operator for operating this machine as this machine is automatic in nature. So, here the operators will be required for rare functionalities such as setting up the machine and checking for the errors if any. 

Now if we talk about it’s implementation then it’s purposely utilized for quality control, traceability and process improvement as well. And for it’s effective utilization, the users are just required to recognize each part of the beginning of the product line where they further can use the barcode readers for scanning the identifiers at every manufacturing stage. 

With the usage of these barcode readers, the products can be easily traced starting from the first stage of the manufacturing process till the last one. And for the purpose of process improvement and quality control as well, the same barcode readers help in storing the important information specifically for each part that is provided in the database. 

Here the most trending codes which are implemented and utilized in the Industrial Engraving and Marking Applications are QR Codes, Data Matrix Codes and Alphanumeric series numbers as well. And the popular industries which require Laser Industrial Engraving and Marking Systems are Metal Industry that include steel, aluminum, lead, zinc, copper etc. Apart from this, the other industries which are utilizing these laser portable marking machines are automotive industry, manufacturing industry, extrusion industry and converting industry as well. 

How Laser Marking Technology Works?

First of all there is a requirement of a laser beam which is used for marking surfaces and this laser beam is generated through light which is amplified by stimulating the photons. During this process, a material is firstly charged by applying energy so that its electrons could release the transformed energy in the form of light. And then, light usually amplified. 

Further in this process, the elementary particles start naturally stimulating the atoms so that its electrons release as much photons as they can. The natural stimulation then produces a ray of light which is concentrated and known as the laser beam.

Here, when the laser machines are required to mark the surfaces then mirrors are used in this process so that they can direct the laser beam in the exact direction. Usage of mirrors ensures the creation of high quality and high contrast marks when laser beams touch the surface of the material. Now for creating a laser beam mark differently on the material, surface and under surface as well, different laser marking processes are used. 


Here we can conclude that the laser marking technology can be used as the fastest marking solution in overall  industrial marking. Further, this technology is very safe to use as it is strictly regulated by the international standards. Further, barcode readers are used in this technology so only laser marking is able to trace the material during the whole manufacturing process. And the mark created by laser baen is always permanent.

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