6 Ways AR /VR Can Improve MedTech Customer Field Service

augmented reality virtual reality in customer field service

Technology has always been evolving. Probably you can say that like time technology is a thing that is not constant. And after the internet revolution, the new age technology that is making its way in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

While before you ask me are they both the same or different? Let me first give you a short description of both of them before progressing.

“Augmented Reality (AR) is something that creates a connection between the virtual and real world. It brings on the element of the digital world to the real-time view.” 

Say for example the Google Lens. When you open Google lens and your camera scan the outside location and you would start witnessing signs over the places like say for example a cafe, a restaurant, a mall, etc when you see through the lens. However, in actual no, such signs would be there when you see through naked eyes. A similar example of AR is the popular game Pokemon Go.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a different experience. It cuts you out of the real world and takes you to a virtual environment where you feel the part of it. An example of it is Virtual Gaming which is popular these days. You wear a VR headset and then you are mentally and consciously completely into the digital world while being in the real one physically. 

To utilize the VR technology you not only need a VR headgear but also few VR application developments as well so that the app can act as a connection between the device and its controls.

Now, since you have got the idea about the two technologies we would now come to the core of our discussions here. That is how these two technologies can help in the MedTech domain especially for customer field service staff. Let’s get started with this:


Training is a very important part of any job. To make the new entrants understand the things in an easy to go away so that they can grasp it and retain for long you need interactive ways.

And what better then VR and AR to give them that real feel. For field customer service staff we can use VR effectively to create a virtual set up of on-site customer support where they can feel how it can be when they go to resolve the customer’s query. This also induces a practical based approach to training that would come in handy later on.

Remote Assistance And Monitoring  

 Probably one of the best benefits of AR/VR technology is that field executives can remotely monitor the products and can provide assistance to the user in case of the failure.

Say for example a user is experiencing some issues with the ECG machine than with an AR/VR powered app the user can connect with the field executive allowing the first-hand assessment of the issue remotely. Thus, the executive can resolve the issue (if possible) without visit only saving time for those where he has to go and the AR/VR interface is providing initial assessment only.

Guidance To The Users

Visual guidance is another benefit of the use of AR/VR for the field executives. Many times field executives have to reach the users that are based on remote locations. This can take time. And for users, this can be a problem until the executive comes and checks the device.

Here an AR/VR interface can bridge that gap as the executive can provide guidance to the user based on his assessment of the problem that can help in an instant or at least a quick solution to the problem.  


Analysis of the data collected from the field movement is an important part of this domain. With an AR/VR technology executive, the companies can get a better and holistic understanding of the collected data.

“Say for example the picking of trends and patterns in the data which becomes simple and almost instant with AR/VR rather them being a hectic task with manual effort.” 

Efficiency And Ease Of Procedures

With enhanced training, quick customer/user support, and ease of data assessment one thing is for sure that the efficiency of the workforce is enhanced with the help of AR/VR. Not only these but the technology helps the field executives like the technician to get through the procedures and references on the go. 

Say for example a technician is repairing a device on the client’s site and he feels that to resolve the issue he needs a bit of reference from the standard manual. Now 9 out of 10 times getting access to that would not be possible if he is not carrying that manual. That’s where AR/VR changes the game.

With AR/VR support the technician gets a quick reference by accessing the manual or by going through the real-time animated solution for the issue he was looking to get the reference for on the go.

Happy Customers

 By helping the field executive in the face of efficiency enhancement and delivering quick support to the customers the two technologies help you build a happy customer base.

And once you are able to create that base of happy and satisfied customers then they not only act as the testimony of the quality of your service but also become a word of mouth promoters of your business.

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