How Smart Technology Is Reshaping The Hotel Industry

Smart Technology for Hotel Industry

In many respects, the hotel industry is at the forefront of the adoption of intelligent business technologies.

Just as intelligent Hotel Energy Management Systems (E.M.S)’s allow hotel operators to monitor and optimize power consumption, so do the same with predictive maintenance, so that they can use sensor data to identify wasteful or dangerous trends and warn employees before a problem becomes more expensive.

Other intelligent technologies, such as customer surveys, intelligent loyalty program management, and intelligent hotel management, will have a greater impact on the way hotels are operating in 2020 and beyond.

Just about anything in your home or hotel including air conditioning, thermostats, lighting and garage doors can be connected to the internet and remotely controlled with a portable or intelligent loudspeaker. Alex has more than 10, 000 Skills from third parties, making it the most widely supported intelligent home hub.

When it comes to artificial intelligence, the wizard is usually smarter than Alex and Siri, because it’s fed by the brain of Google searches, which means you’ll be able to ask a wider range of questions and you’ll probably have a good answer.

Stop and unlock and lock doors from anywhere in the world with the Smart Lock plug, perfect for users with children, guests and anyone who wants to keep an eye on the activities of their doors. Also, Few examples of intelligent appliances are intelligent Microwave ovens, intelligent dishwashers, Smart boilers, Smart outlets, Smart toasters, intelligent Electric stoves, and Smart Air conditioning. 4Many kinds of intelligent keys are being developed using more sophisticated technology that can store more information for the devices used daily.

Intelligent technology gives us unrivalled, instant access to knowledge and each other – an omnipresent and seamless presence in our daily lives. 6Intelligent technology is said to create dependence on devices, narrowing our world to echo cameras and reducing cognitive abilities through shortcuts and distractions.

Smart Technology For Hotels

With technology and competition, hoteliers are focusing on offering guests a unique experience that attracts them to their services. The hotel industry has changed over the past many years.

There was a time when people want a TV in their hotel room as a luxury item, but now, they want the digitization option. They like to control in-room heating with a remote, want to book rooms online, to control the in-room heat, and see the menu and order from their smartphones. Internet and technology made consumers’ expectations grow.

As consumers look to more comfort, hotel technology has to offer everything from automated check-in to virtual concierges.

Here is how smart technology is reshaping the hotel industry


To remain in the competition, hotels can’t ignore the modern and hi-tech needs of their customers. In today’s era of the internet and smartphones, hoteliers can give customers a unique experience which attracts them toward your hotel during their next visit in the same place. Today, the guest does not want to wait at the reception desk, and they are expecting everything digital in your hotel. However, self-check-in service by a mobile app is the best solution for customers’ as well as hotel management staff.

Also, with this, the guests can easily find out whether their room is ready, can make requests for amenities and many more.

Smart Hotel Parking

The smart sensors and apps allow the user to reserve parking spots for them before their visit and can park easily on the booked space on arrival. Thus, a smart parking system or app will save the labour cost of manually managing hotel parking. Also, this will give guests a unique and smooth experience.

Mobile Room Keys

Do you know that you can access the hotel room with a Smartphone app?

Yes, you read it right, today hotels are offering guests many facilities, which they can access via their Smartphone app. This allows customers to get free from carrying harmful plastic keycards all the time with them.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the latest trends in technology that is very famous among industrialists. And, the hotel industry is no more exception in this. Cloud computing enables hotel staff to synchronize their systems in real-time, and help them to update software instantly. Moreover, the data protection and security login of cloud technology makes it a perfect choice for hotels.

Smart Energy Management

Installation of smart thermostats and energy sensors help in reducing response to fluctuations in occupancy. Smart energy-management systems use machine-learning algorithms and analyze weather patterns and give load according to energy consumption in real-time.

Thus, smart energy management helps hotels to reduce energy costs. Also, the resale value of your hotel will increase with a smart energy system.

Mobile app for Easy Access

Today it is vital for hotels to offer users a mobile-friendly app of their services and menu. Make website desktop as well as mobile-friendly that help customers to book easily from anywhere.

This amazing hotel trend offers a seamless browsing experience to guests and encourages them to book a room instantly. Also, the hotel mobile app engagingly promotes your business and amenities.


As you know about the innovative ways that are reshaping the hotel industry, try to utilize them in your hotel business to stay ahead of competitors. Stay updated with the above hotel industry trends and stand out in the competition.

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