Tips to Quickly Grow Your YouTube Subscribers

Tips to grow your youtube subscribers

Are you anxious to get your first 100 or 1000 subscribers on YouTube? Well, every content creator has, and they had to work out a number of tactics before they were able to hit the jackpot.

Instead of feeling hopeless, they kept at it and worked on a number of permutation and combination. But, before you try out something innovative, be sure to read about the YouTube policies.

“With changing algorithms, policies and other YouTubers claiming copyright issues, your videos might get demonetized or blocked.” 

Also, read the guidelines of Google AdSense and YouTube.  Meanwhile, if one is looking forward to expanding the reach of the channel, he or she should:

  • Make an Awesome Channel Trailer 

First, you must introduce your channel to the audience. And what better way is there to do it than making a killer trailer? The production quality should be top-notch. You can incorporate a background track along with catchy visual effects.

But the most important thing you must do is let the audience know the type of channel. You should make it clear whether you will host celebrities, or promote music, make it a vlog channel, etc. 

Make your YouTube icon attractive so that people are drawn to it and can recognize it instantly. In order to strategically position your channel, you have to create an impressive channel tagline. And you must put it in big fonts on your Channel Art. Furthermore, it has been observed that shorter trailers convert best. And you should include a 20-30 second highlight reel. 

  • Brand Your Channel 

You might be wondering what the true definition of branding is. Well, as per the recent trends, you have to provide the visitors with useful information. For instance, a company launches a product, and you do a review of the same. Thus, you are letting know the audience how the item will serve their purpose. And, if the product is unauthentic, you can issue a caution. 

Today, 70% of YouTube users are engaging with content creators. Thus, you should take this opportunity and heart audience comments and even show your appreciation for all the support you receive. If possible, you should respond to the comments as well. 

  • Introduce a Giveaway 

If you quickly want to increase your subscriber number, you have to pull off something spectacular. Well, content creators have found a solution to this- Giveaways. People love giveaways because who would want to miss an opportunity of winning an amazing prize, be it money, products or coupons?  

You can also offer giveaways when you celebrate milestones like 1,000 subscribers. 32.5% of the brands arrange for giveaways a month. If you look at the subscriber count and engagement of those channels, you will see that the tactic works wonders. Not only big companies but also the individual content creators are catching up.

  • Work on the Quality of the Video

You must upload videos consistently; otherwise, people won’t be motivated to subscribe. However, that should not come at the cost of low-quality videos. The content of each video should be interesting, and the video-editing should be top-notch. And try to be as unique as possible without ripping off other creator’s idea.

But what about the number of videos? Well, if your quality is not up-to-the-mark, there is no point in uploading videos every two days. You must optimize the video descriptions by researching target keywords. Before you publish anything, get it checked with the help of spell checker or proofreader. You must end the video with a call to action, whereby you encourage people to do something. 

  • Collaborate with Other YouTubers

If your channel is not big, you can also take the help of the influencers to advance your cause. If you think that it would weaken your audience base, it won’t. This is because when you are working with influencers, their channel is already established. Millions of customers trust influencers which is why 86% of the channels at some point or the other have relied on influencer marketing.

However, it is important that you collaborate with people in your niche so that you can pique the interest of the followers. Furthermore, share your videos on other social media platforms by taking the help of the influencers. The more you share your videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, the more backlinks you will get. Also you can try few marketing platforms like  youtube marketing from jaynike by your own risk and also you will be able to connect with other YouTubers on these platforms and when you do so, pitch your collaboration ideas to them.

  • Publish 10+ Minutes Videos

Are you aware of the fact that longer YouTube videos get better ranking on YouTube search results? Well, the ranking gets higher if you upload High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos. However, if your subject matter is short, do not drag the video unnecessarily. At the end of the day, you have to keep your audience engaged. So, you must not bore them. 

Take it as an experiment and start posting longer videos. The results on YouTube Analytics will let you know the difference. In order to entice more visitors, you have to make eye-catching thumbnails. The formula is quite simple- title text, compelling image, contrasting colours, 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall. 

  • Delve into Recent Trends 

Last but not least, you have to take advantage of the recent trends to generate more traffic to your channel. There is always a competition among the content creators who will outdo whom when it comes to the product review, launching of products, etc. Do not forget to use hashtags, so that the search engine works in your favour. For instance, you wish to promote music; put in two or three hashtags, similar to the ones you will insert in Instagram. 

Incorporate new ideas in your videos such as storytelling, flashbacks or organize a fundraiser. Now you might wonder what the recent topics might be. In this regard, you can consider offering solutions for businesses amid COVID-19. You can also talk about technological advancements, latest smartphone, camera launch and other gadgets. People will be intrigued to know about the new products. 

YouTube algorithm does favour channels with more subscribers and showcases the content to more audience. However, you must remember that these channels had to grow from 0 subscribers. Hence, if you put the above-suggested tactics into action, there is no reason why you can’t grow your channel exponentially. 

If you are working on a digital marketing assignment, it is imperative that you research on the audience, statistics and algorithm. Most importantly, focus on the content and the length of the video. Check which channel is getting endorsed or sponsored and why. And, if you need any assistance, you can hire professional essay writers.

 — Peter Clarke is a data analyst and is associated with a reputable business firm in the USA. 

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