Cloud Computing and the Various Uses of Cloud Technology

Uses of cloud computing

Currently, we are living in a world which is totally dependent upon technology and during the past decade, technological evolution has been on its peak. The rapid technological advancement has not only made us effective and efficient but it has also allowed us to be accurate and quick. There are various technological gifts which have boosted our growth and helped us to become a technology-driven generation. It is because of the available technology that we can now see how our future will look like. 

Whether it was artificial intelligence or machine learning, all the technological marvels have helped us to improve and do what was once considered impossible by the human race.

” A robot answering daily life questions of human and solving Rubik cube in 0.38 seconds would have been considered near to impossible in the past but all this is happening in the current age and it has become very normal for most of the people. “

The benefits of these technological innovations have not only helped in improving our day to day life but it has also helped us to make business functions more effective and efficient. Most of the business solutions have now moved from pen and paper and shifted to software solutions and one such technology which has completely changed how businesses work is cloud computing. 

Nowadays, the amazing cloud computing technology has become a new normal for most of the business and because of the wide range of advantages offered by this amazing solution, it has become a new normal for most of the businesses and our daily life. According to the reports of IDS, by the end of 2019, 9 out of 10 companies will be using cloud computing solution in one form or another.

The use of cloud computing technology is very vast and that’s why it has been able to see dramatic growth in the industry. So, in this blog post, we will be looking at the different uses of cloud computing so that you can understand how vast and versatile this technological miracle is. 

Cloud Hosting 

 Although there are various uses of the amazing cloud computing technology, cloud hosting is the most prominent one. During the initial phase of cloud introduction in the industry, only giant companies were able to capitalize on the advantages of cloud as it required a huge investment in terms of IT infrastructure and IT team in order to use the cloud in business solutions. But cloud hosting opened the door for small businesses as well as it became an affordable solution for small businesses. 

The introduction of 3rd party hosting provider played an important role in making cloud hosting available for small businesses as well because in such a solution, small businesses didn’t need to build an IT infrastructure or hire an IT team. In the 3rd party cloud hosting solution, all the software and the data of the firm is hosted on the cloud server of the hosting provider and even round the clock customer support is provided. One of the best examples of cloud hosting is QuickBooks hosting in which the QuickBooks accounting software is hosted on the cloud sever of the QuickBooks hosting provider

Now, a small business has to just choose the best hosting provider in the market, pay the nominal fee and start capitalizing on the benefits of the cloud by making it an integral part of the organization system. 

Cloud Storage

The safety of data should be one of the most important concerns for any business. Each and every type of business data like marketing data, financial data contains sensitive information about the business and it such data lands in the hand of a wrong person, it could trigger a chain reaction of disasters for the company.

Earlier, most of the business owners considered their local hard disk to the be the safest place to store their sensitive business data but those days are long gone when your local computer was an ultra-safe location for storing data and that’s where the second most used form of cloud (cloud storage) comes into play. 

The highly secured cloud storage solution has been acting as an ultra-secure platform for storing business data from almost a decade. The cloud storage offers a 360-degree secure environment for businesses because it comes with different security layers like two-factor authentication, encrypted data, anti-virus, firewall protection, and anti-malware.

There are various cloud storage solutions available at an affordable price like Google Drive, iDrive, Dropbox, etc. Most of these cloud storage solutions are available for free but if you need more space and advanced feature then you can buy a package on these solutions and capitalize on the advantages of the cloud. 

App Development 

App development on the cloud platform offers a wide range of advantages for developers and that’s why most of the developers are now using the amazing cloud platform.

” According to the survey of Evans data cloud development, the average time for developing an app was reduced by 11.6 per cent while using the cloud platform.”

The amazing cloud platform offers a tailor-made for app developers which allows the developers to focus on their core job rather than spending time building a platform for their work. 

Along with the tailor-made platform, the cloud solution also allows the developers to add multiple users on the project which enhances collaboration. With the help of cloud platform, developers are now able to get their app in the production stage and scale the application according to their requirement in minimal possible time. 

Cloud computing solution has proved to be one of the biggest benchmarks in the world and it has streamlined every part of our life and business process. If a business wants to gain competitive advantage and get expected growth then using cloud computing is the best choice. There is no doubt in the fact that cloud computing needs improvement in various fields but looking at the current rate of technological advancement, we will soon see a perfect form of the cloud. 

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