7 Features For a High Converting E-Commerce Website

high converting e commerce website

When you are selling online, you need to ensure that your site speaks about your identity and what you do. All things considered, it’s your opportunity to establish a connection and mark an impression on your shoppers. 

“Your business website should be deliberately curated to pull in purchasers. It’s not simply a question of motion effects or smooth designs.” 

Your website needs to utilize rules that make a consistent shopping experience, so there’s no opposition towards arriving at the checkout page. 

The site ought to mirror your brand image through deliberate and clean design. An expert can create a “look” that can give buyers thought of what your business is about and acts as an indication of the worth of your products. The design of your eCommerce site should establish an enthusiastic association among you and your purchasers.

Let’s dig into the features that contribute to high converting eCommerce website

Creative Design: 

The design is a significant factor when it comes to any website on the internet, and considerably more for eCommerce sites. Flourishing website design can help give customers a superior or friendly experience and possibly lead to more deals.

When you are utilizing templates for your website, there are chances that your site would look similar to any other website on the internet. You need to guarantee that your brand identity is unique in its own way and doesn’t reflect another eCommerce website. 

Your brand is going to be judged by your site design when the customers first visit your online store. Your business is extraordinary, ensure that everyone knows it. Thus it’s important that you only choose excellent graphic design services for your ecommerce website development, so your website stand out and you leave your competitor’s way behind you.


Today, 91% of marketers have a belief in mobile marketing for their business. And for this, your website should be instantly adaptable to any device so that the optimal user experience is maintained. Actually, a responsive website is likewise considered to be mobile-friendly; however, not all websites are responsive. 

Thus, your customers could have a poor shopping experience if the site isn’t responsive enough for their cell phones. If you develop a perfect design with mobile-friendliness, you will have a superior shot at making an incredible experience for your buyers.


Product reviews on an eCommerce website are responsible for building loyalty, trust, and also help in distinguishing your product from the rest. The quick advantage of these reviews is that they can cause your future customers to feel considerably more certain. 

“The more reviews you have on a particular product, the more persuaded a customer will be that they’re settling on the correct choice.” 

Product reviews can also assist you with comprehending your items. You can go through hours utilizing an item, yet risks are customers will see things you never would. 

That implies your buyers can give you an extraordinary input, ideas for upgrades, or even mind-blowing showcasing thoughts! The most ideal approach to get reviews is to simply ask the customers to leave their review one week after they receive their order. 

Multiple Payment Options 

When your clients go to the checkout page, you need their experience to be easy and helpful. Therefore, it is important to offer multiple options for the customers so that they do not feel restricted. 

In addition, if your site does not have a payment gateway they can use, there is a high possibility purchaser will drop the purchase. 

An enormous level of customers will cancel their purchase if their favoured payment options aren’t accessible. How frequently have you searched for your desired item spending a lot of time on it and at that point, you find the payment method you have to make the purchase isn’t accessible? 

As a customer, this is a gigantic dissatisfaction. Because of the current plenitude of choices on the retail market, benefits for customers are basic for expanding your business growth. 

It will likewise help set your business apart from the rest. As customers find the new methods of payments, stores ought to give the alternative to use them.

Site Security 

Give advancement to a site’s security by showing SSL certificates and the lock image, which depicts that any information of customers will remain secure. SSL is one of the best approaches to accomplish security on your eCommerce site and to keep the information of your customers protected. 

SSL additionally prompts your buyers that your site is sufficiently secure to give their credit card information.

The most ideal way to guarantee that the data isn’t vulnerable to hackers is basically to not keep that data all around. Keep disposing of the old customer information all the time. At that point, just keep the data that you require to issue refunds, credits, chargeback accounts, or track packages.

Simple Navigation 

Navigation is best comprehended as the strategy in which you move around the site and explore it. Simple and easy navigation around a site plays an important role with regards to planning or designing a site. 

“Here are a few hints for good navigation: There is no point in having an extremely innovative site, if your visitors can’t utilize it and explore around it to discover the entirety of what they are searching for. ” 

Keeping it basic and evident will keep your customers and visitors upbeat and returning for additional purchases. Be certain that your visitors can find the essential data at the earliest opportunity, without looking through loads of unnecessary data. 

Navigation, before a call to action can be made, should help the customer in discovering all the data they are looking for.  

Website Hosting 

How quick your site loads is essential for merchandisers for both customer experience and in terms of search engine optimization. The speed of sites that have a loading time of fewer than three seconds has a ton of favourable advantages over sites that take more time to load. 

A few platforms have the SEO features as well as offer applications to assist the customers with search optimization. 


When a visitor arrives at your landing page, there are things they hope to see and need to see.  They hope to pick well insights into your items and discover key data about your store. 

That is the reason you need to follow best practices to turn your website into a high converting eCommerce website.

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