Computer Programmers Are Not The Only Ones Making Money Online

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All these times if you thought that it is only the computer programmers that are making a huge amount of money online then it clearly signifies two things:

  • One, you are still ignorant about the scopes and opportunities available online to earn money and
  • Two, it is time that you think again.

Well, the most significant thing about being able to work on a computer all day is that you can easily use it effectively and remotely to earn money.

Typically and according to Quartz study, this is the primary reason why most of the computer science workers prefer to work from their home in comparison to any other employees in any other field.

  • Working on your computer and remotely, you can work for and with a global company such as Google from the comfort of your home. Over time, the development and use of technology have established and facilitated an infrastructure for interoffice communication. This has helped the remote workers in a great way.
  • Looking from the viewpoint of the business owners, allowing people to work from home saves them from going to extreme lengths to entice talented tech workers and save them on free lunches and others.

That means, working from home and online provides a win-win situation for both the employers as well as the workers. Here are a few ways in which you can earn money online.

Working as a computer programmer

If you choose to work as a computer programmer, you will need and your job will involve:

  • A Virtual Private Network or VPN
  • To connect to the system of your company safely
  • Some amount of organizational skills
  • Know and stay on top of the current projects.

The best way to make sure you do well as a computer programmer is to use different online tools and software such as Trello which is perhaps the nest organizational tool.

If you can make a mark as a computer programmer you can earn over $60,000 as your average annual salary if you work full-time.

Working as a virtual assistant

If you are not that ‘programmer’ type then you can also work as a virtual assistant for different companies that use remote workers. As a virtual assistant you will have to:

  • Organize personal matters such as appointments and meetings
  • Book travel tickets and hotel reservations and
  • Manage communications between the employee and respective clients.

A good virtual assistant will keep everyone on task, possess strong communication skills and make the day better and shorter.

These are the three primary reasons to hire a virtual assistant by a business. Improved communication will lead to the growth of a business. As a VA your job will be to make sure that no important email goes unanswered or ignored that will affect the trust of the business negatively among the customers and the employees. With you taking care of the to-do list, the business owners can focus on new things to try out to move the growth needle.

Though the remuneration of a virtual assistant is not as competitive as the pay scale of a computer programmer but it may vary according to the location. However, to do well as a virtual assistant you will have to win the trust of the company you work for so that they are comfortable and relaxed by letting you access to their private and sensitive information and communications. As you are more important than a telephone operator you will need to be:

  • More focused on the organization
  • Be more responsive and responsible
  • Maintain clear communications and above all other things
  • Practice discretion.

It is also a good idea to be familiar with Microsoft Office along with Excel apart from Word. Make sure that your employer knows that you are someone they can count on.

Social media manager

If you find social media interesting and have a fair idea about it then you can also act as a social media manager for a company. This is a competitive marketing space where you will find thousands of businesses and brands are competing to surpass their competitors. More often these companies have to compete with the same audience which is where the role of the social media manager comes in.

To create a valuable position in the company you will, however, need some specific attributes such as:

  • You must know the right ways to help the business stay a step ahead in this competitive environment.
  • You must have the skill to understand the tone and demand of the business you represent as well as that of the close competitors.
  • Stay connected with the company always as it is highly possible to find yourself disconnected if you work remotely.
  • Make sure that you say everything that is relevant and in tune to the business being absolutely sure about the current as well as the upcoming trends.
  • Have the ability to convince the business about the requirements for a promotion, the right time to do so and the right ways in which they can tap the already excited audience.
  • You must also know the right tags to use and hit the right tone at all times.

Business promotion at the right time and in the right way is very important in this modern business setting or else all retailers would have been satisfied after designing the best website. You will notice that even banks and financial organizations do much more than publishing the best debt settlement reviews to reach out to more and more audience, targeted or otherwise.

To make your mark as an efficient social media manager you will have to have the following skills and knowledge:

  • A very strong organizational and communication skill like the virtual assistant
  • Strong user of social media channels
  • How to use different social media analytic tools
  • Know how much content to post
  • Be genuine in your efforts
  • Allow everyone to interact and most importantly
  • Work on feedback from customers and audience members.

This will help you to earn about $48,000 on average without needing any additional software. However, for all, there is no substitute for hard work. Therefore make sure you give a lot of it.


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