3 Tech Tips for Businesses During Lockdown

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With no definite end in sight for the current pandemic, most businesses have been forced into a work from home ethos. Many business owners have seen the benefits of this approach and are gearing up to make a move permanent. There are a couple of immediate challenges that need to be addressed, particularly in terms of technological requirements.

Fortunately, many companies specialise in large scale networking equipment and service. We found some of the information on Gescan Datacom Solutions’ website a big help for getting an idea of precisely the sort of systems your business can benefit from inevitably. 

With practical tech solutions available to resolve any challenge you may find in migrating to a remote working system, we have put together a quick guide on some of the most essential and useful considerations.

Dedicated Equipment 

An extremely prudent measure to take is to equip staff with dedicated work devices. This may seem costly at first, but the long term benefits will more than justify the expense. A primary distraction for anyone has to interact with personal devices such as smartphones or tablets continually.

“Providing staff with company-owned devices allows you to mitigate this issue. More importantly, it will enable you to set security measures. Having confidential data on an employee’s private phone is a risk” 

Regardless of an individual’s trustworthiness, they may not be prudent about taking security precautions. It is not entirely fair to expect an employee to take additional precautions with their property either. A company-owned device can be issued under the contractual agreement of due diligence. 

Online Office Tools 

Speaking of G-Suit, you will need a flexible and easy to use set of online productivity tools. Both Microsoft and Google have offerings to cover this requirement. We recommend using GSuit for ease of use and practicality. At incredibly affordable rates, you can put together a custom solution suited to your needs. 

As part of the package, you will receive anything from 100GB to unlimited cloud storage, depending on your subscription. This means safe and accessible online storage for all your staff. You can set permissions for individual staff members to access or view only specific documents or folders. 

With no expertise, you can create different file locations, not only for individual staff members but for divisions as well. Combine this flexibility with email functionality, customised and routed through your business website domain, and you will appreciate the value for money. That is without mentioning Google Duo and Hangouts conferencing and live collaborative document editing, from basic text to spreadsheets.

Project Management Solutions 

Even with all the tools in place, and dedicated remote staff, management may struggle without a means to set clear direction and monitor staff performance. While there are many project management platforms in the market that provide several solutions, Trello is a popular choice. This platform integrates seamlessly with Google services through the use of simple in-app plug-ins. It is available on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

With fantastic ease of use, Trello allows management to set project goals in the form of interactive, listed cards. Deadlines are easily managed and monitored with the previously mentioned Google integration. Checklists can be added to cards, and all tasks can be shared with specific team members, with labels and a notes section to clarify task designation.

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