Different Aspects of Search Intent and Tips to Fulfill Search Intent

understanding different aspects of search intent

In 2020, it is of pivotal importance to ensure that your website and business are at the very forefront in the minds of users when they are researching on search engines relating to products and services you provide.

They must have your brand on top of their minds while pressing the ‘Buy Now’ button or even the ‘Add to Cart’ one. However, you must be wondering about effective ways to identify the precise type of content required that could help you in appearing at diverse phases of the entire buying cycle.

What Is Search Intent For Search Engine Optimization?

As per SearchEngineLand, the term search engine was at first, coined way back in 2002 by Andrei Broder, an employee from Altavista. Today, we have realized that search intent is of critical importance to achieving a successful search engine optimization campaign. 

“Search intent is supposed to be the actual reason behind the query of a searcher on search engines. It is an expression of the precise objective or purposes the searcher is attempting to accomplish.” 

For instance, somebody could want to learn more about something, buy something, or simply find something. Generating suitable content that helps in satisfying search intent is the key to PPC, marketing, and overall SEO success. When you seamlessly align search intent to your content you end up:

  • Making yourself very much relevant to your precise target audience
  • Boosting brand awareness
  • Increasing share of voice
  • Driving retention and conversions

While performing keyword research, it is important to take into consideration search intent along with keyword difficulty and keyword popularity. Simply put, search intent is precisely what the consumer is looking for online while searching for a precise keyword.

Even though the average volume in terms of monthly searches is crucial to clearly fathom a keyword’s reach and the difficulty faced by you to rank for a specific keyword, the possibility of achieving higher SERP rankings is quite slim in the event you fail to exercise caution regarding the actual search intent that was behind that keyword.

This is quite natural because Google has been aspiring to come up with results for users that are effective in responding to the actual intent behind each user query on the search engine.

Search Intent Checklist

You must consider making a copy of your specific search intent checklist. Once you accomplish this once or twice, you would get the hang of it and would no longer require a checklist. It would come to you spontaneously. Let us explore what your Search Intent Checklist entails.

Unveil the Precise SERP Intent

At the very beginning, you must identify your primary SERP intent. It could be informational. Moreover, you need to identify your secondary intent and that could be investigational as per the kinds of content users are actually searching online.

Consider Listing SERP Notes & SERP Features

You could consider listing the SERP features observed by you in the search engine results. You could make a special note in the event you come across something special or different in the SERP. For instance, if you came across an unanticipated string of pictures for a specific SERP, you could note that down. Moreover, you could make a mental note of the exact order of the specific features that are being displayed.

Go Ahead and Read, Absorb, & Make a Note of the Ranking URLs

You must then consider reading and absorbing all the diverse ranking URLs. You must realize that this part is of pivotal importance in the event you are pretty serious about getting a higher SERP ranking for a specific keyword. You must consume the content intensely and actively. Do not forget to make relevant notes regarding entities and topics that have been covered. Make note of: 

  • The precise kind of multimedia being used
  • Specific layouts that are used
  • The way it actually feels like

“You could start having an improved checklist of precisely what the content is all about and what seem to be the precise expectations.” 

Remember to Scan the Domain Authority of the Ranking URLs Using MozBar

The secret trick here is to go about activating MozBar for the precise SERP or search engine results page. This is simply because you could successfully see the relevant Domain Authority including the backlinks meant for each and every URL on a search engine results page.

The MozBar helps in accessing and comparing link metrics while examining any SERP. It helps you to go about evaluating quickly ranking probability with Domain Authority, Page Authority, and even MozRank of each and every page you browse. This sort of information is valuable for knowing about your own website and more importantly, for competitor marketing research and analysis. You may seek professional assistance from a reputed local seo company for achieving effective digital solutions for your business.

Tips for Fulfilling Search Intent

  • Come up with ten to twenty unique ideas and utilize the extras to boost your social media. Consider generating multiple title ideas for arriving at the best idea. The rest of the ideas could be effectively used for boosting your social media accounts.
  • Utilize the inverted pyramid. Consider adopting the journalistic style precisely where you would be telling everyone just the most critical information right at the top.
  • Ensure you end up with crisp and concise summaries. Eliminate needless or useless words both from the bottom or top of your content. Succinct summaries are the need of the hour since Google enjoys pulling that valuable information basically for things such as featured snippets. 
  • Use scannable subtitles. For instance, this is done exceptionally well by Copyblogger where you could simply scan any of their articles and you could at once understand what precisely the content is all about. That proves to be immensely helpful for everyone.
  • Focus on leveraging the power and versatility of multimedia.  


Now that you understand what search intent actually entails, you need to have a CTA for fulfilling the precise page goal you have specifically chalked out for yourself. However, this must ideally come to you intuitively after just a couple of times where you would simply be having these mental checks and you could better and more promptly appraise and analyze search engine results pages for targeting, ranking and succeeding in search.  

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