Cyber Attacks Have Led to Focus More on Data Security

Cyber Attacks Have Led to Focusing More on Data Security

The recent change in working pattern has led to Work from Home and since then it has been difficult for accountancy firms to keep a check on the data. Thus, it has been hard for firms and employees to deal with security.

“That being said, the chief officer for Calligo, Adam Ryans has suggested that the change has been difficult and by default, the change itself can be at a state of vulnerability to cyber attacks.” 

In fact, during a live conversation at Accountancy Age, he also mentioned that the change in human behaviour is codependent on cultural change. That being said, he also mentions that when a person goes to work in the office, the alertness and the sense of being alarmed all the time are relatively higher. That is not the same when the work process continues from home.

However, the point is, it is natural to change the environment that becomes comfortable after a point of time. While work from home is convenient, it can also reduce the sense of awareness along with added distractions in the house. That way, the sense to detect any potential threat can easily get reduced. Let’s find out how you are prone to data theft.

How These Cyber Attacks Take Place?

Ever since work from home has been called out globally, the rate of phishing attacks has gone higher. This gives all the attackers the vantage point knowingly that work from home comes with a reduced sense of security and having distractions- for example, daily household chores, parenting, or more. As per the reports, what has also become common are the fake emails from higher authorities and failed Data recovery

Bearing that in mind, Chris Knowles, a Digital officer of RSM in the United Kingdom had agreed with Ryan Adams. However, he also added that the current situation calls in for immediate exercising to control any breaching of data. He also suggests that action should be taken instantly which is involved with technical solutions. 

With regard to that, Chris also mentions that working remotely does not necessarily mean that every employee will work from home. Instead, it means that employees may be at a different location, maybe running errands whilst working or visiting a public place.

This itself implies that security levels should be taken into long consideration if employees are going to work from different locations other than their house. But before doing that, what is a necessity is to find out what or which organization can be targeted by breachers. And, how that can affect a certain type of cyber attack. If your data is in the wrong hands, contact Data recovery services. 

What are the Security Implications?

As work from home is the new approach, there has been a shift in the change of using other platforms. For example, Zoom or any other application that is in use for video conferencing. Ryan and Chris have been concerned about this shift. The concern derived from a previous isolated incident that involved the application, Zoom. 

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation made an investigation approach towards Zoom when hacking incidents took place on the platform. Even after that incident, many have still resorted to using Zoom as a channel of video communication. 

Bearing that in mind, Knowles suggests that private messages and emailing needs to have proper and levelled security, because it forms a channel of communication & collaboration. Thus, to keep the profession going, companies and organizations must also consider regulations while finding a safer way to communicate. If your informational data is at stake, find a safe Data recovery from professionals.

How Accountancy Education will Reflect on the Current Situation?

For many years, decades, and centuries, education systems keep teaching about the role in society, for generations after another. However, the recent events have been challenging to an extent where many have decided to simplify it. Meanwhile, such challenges, over time, can reflect upon how education systems have been teaching everyone, and the current situation can be helpful to learn from. 

On the other hand, IFAC (International Federation of Accountants) has an association with accountants worth 3 million, shares wise advice. The association is popular in many countries, such as France, Canada, Mexico, and more. During the discussion with all these people, two notable points had come up.

These notable points suggest that the approach in higher education needs to move way forward. Simultaneously, the curriculum of accountancy needs to be available in such a way that it can help in succeeding long term goals and challenges. And this is in relation to accountancy. 


Given the current situation, accountancy has been extremely important as an essential medium among business organizations. To keep the essentiality alive, a good amount of training is necessary for the upcoming generation to learn. Alongside this, it is needless to mention that accountancy is the backbone of every business organization. 

“However, accountancy education has not been of much importance before the pandemic hit. Thus, it is an absolute necessity to exercise upon modern models.” 

That way, one can understand how it plays an important role in society and how it’s agility can cause adverse effects. The interaction of various practitioners around the world can share their wisdom which will be helpful in clearing out doubts and approaching new ideas.

Thus, discussing long term goals can help everyone in grasping the concepts and working on it in the future. This way, it prepares the next generation to be ready when these challenges arise. 

Cyber attacks will continue to exist even a decade later. More so, the attacks could even become more advanced or aggressive. However, educational discussions about such problems related to accountancy, Data recovery, can make the future accountants more aware of the situation. In other words, it can turn them into dynamic decision-makers. 


The upcoming era will come face to face with new challenges of cyber-attacks and cybercrimes. But to anticipate the cause, through inferred knowledge, the future generation can overcome such shortcomings. Thus, stay updated on accountancy and Data recovery and keep track of what’s going around the globe!

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