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ai tools in education

Are AI Tools Ready To Be Trusted and Used as Educational Resources?

You never know what will come into the classroom next, whether it’s augmented reality mathematics or AI robots tutoring students. Teachers need tech to keep students’ attention and increase efficiency, but it’s common knowledge that countless AI models are still in early development. Are there consequences to trusting technically unfinished AI in education too soon? Do they

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generative ai

How Generative AI Is Reshaping the Workforce in 2023

You’ve interacted with generative AI even if you haven’t known it by that name. Consider when Dall-E creates images to spark your design work or ChatGPT constructs code or outlines narratives.  The more people use these tools, the more information they collect to advance. They become smarter with human-in-the-loop (HITL) processing, but is this something workforces want? 

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can ai software understand human emotions

Can AI Software Understand Human Emotions

AI software is the best technology for understanding humanity based on hard numbers and history. Internet users may be familiar with AI that takes information from user activity or Google searches and analyzes it to become the most knowledgeable technology on the planet. But is AI software so advanced it can understand complex human emotions?  How Aware

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OpenAI's ChatGPT

Is the Release of ChatGPT AI Going to Affect the Education Industry?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT unlocks a new world of human-chatbot communications, including within the education sector. Everyone is contributing to the bot’s growing conversational abilities, and teachers and students are inventing creative uses that could help and hurt schooling permanently. It may be too early to tell ChatGPT’s specific effect on education, but teachers are already theorizing, especially since

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AI natural language processing

Why Businesses Should Use AI for Natural Language Processing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has many promising applications for businesses today. Most of these use cases revolve around data-centric, logical decision-making, but AI can be helpful in areas as nuanced and creative as language, too. Natural language processing (NLP) is the perfect example. NLP has made major strides over the past few years, but what exactly is this

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