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how to differentiate ai from automation

How Do You Differentiate AI From Automation?

A lot of us use the terms artificial intelligence (AI) and automation interchangeably to describe the technological take over in the human-operated processes, and a lot of us would stare blankly at the person who asks the difference between the two. I know I did when I was asked the same. It has been common to use

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artificial intelligence in wildlife restoration

Artificial Intelligence’s Role in Wildlife Conservation Efforts

Artificial intelligence has been helping many different areas of everyday American life evolve since the turn of the Millennium, and a lot of its uses have been for good causes. Non-profits utilize data management software to find better ways to contact new donors, and they also utilize AI and machine learning to determine who requires their services

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how good is face recognition technology today

Facial Recognition Technology: Evolution and Applications

The ability to detect a face from an image or video, and identify or verify it using an existing database is perhaps one of the critical milestones in the history of automated systems. In fact, it makes machines or systems a step closer to human intelligence, thus making them more efficient and accurate than ever.  “No wonder

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lalal artificial intelligence based audio splitter

LALAL.AI – AI-Powered High-Quality Audio Splitting | Review

Are you a music lover, musician, sound producer or in the field of the music industry who keep trying with new vocals to get the best output for your new upcoming music track? Are you seriously looking for a perfect platform where there is a  clear separation of vocals and instruments from existing tracks? “Then LALAL.AI is

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artificial intelligence in gaming

How AI Revolutionize the Way Video Games Developed and Played

Artificial intelligence is simplifying our lives and changing the way we perform everyday tasks. An AI revolution has already taken place in many industries, like healthcare and marketing. But is it going to affect the future of video games as well? The simple answer is yes. “Although AI has been an important part of video games since

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