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Myths and Facts of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Myths and Real Facts – You Must Know

Artificial Intelligence has transformed the understanding of possible solutions to any problem. Enterprise-grade AI solutions have been phenomenal. With most innovative Technologies Artificial Intelligence has harnessed life on earth is becoming amazing. From smart cars to automated homes, Artificial Intelligence gave rise to extraordinary and most intelligent options for humans. In recent times, there has been an AI

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Ai & ML next frontier of customer experience

AI & ML: The Next Digital Frontier for Customer Experience

Businesses are heading, growing and leading, day by day with the help of AI and ML. Surprisingly, many people have heard about machine learning and artificial intelligence but do not understand how these technologies work and how it helps to enhance the customer experience. In a simple definition,  “Artificial Intelligence could be best explained as a technique

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artificial Intelligence in education

How AI in Education Helps School Pupils During COVID-19 Outbreak?

A growing pandemic, over 20% of the world’s population are currently under lockdown in an urgent bid to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Rapidly spreading, the effects of this virus that started in the Hubei city of Wuhan and is thought to have started in one of the city’s seafood markets, is a virus that spread to

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Future of Artificial Intelligence

Future of AI in 2020: What are the Trends and Predictions

Artificial Intelligence – this one word has made a stir in the major industries that are out there. There is no doubt to the fact that modernization of the digital world along with vast technological advancement has managed to modify the lifestyles around.   AI ( Artificial Intelligence) being the driving force for this technological advancement has provided

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Artificial Intelligence Education: Current State And Future

While there have been numerous technological inventions that most people would regard as highly impressive, few can captivate people’s attention like AI. AI technology has come a long way since its inception. Programs are now able to dynamically learn and interact with people in a way never before seen. This has allowed AI tech to propagate in

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