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Leveraging AI For Retail Applications In 2021

In 2021, customers have and will continue to rely on retail applications that provide personalized service. Retailers have found that adding personalization technology to their apps can increase revenue growth up to 15%. Remember, the personalization concept isn’t necessarily new. In brick-and-mortar days, customers could rely on salespeople to guide them toward products that fit their needs.

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usage of ai for customer behaviour analysis

Usage of Artificial Intelligence For Customer Behavior Analysis

The world is getting revolutionized with the impact of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. These digital technologies have impacted various sectors and became valuable to humankind.  Artificial intelligence is the technology that has created a revolution in the business sector by offering advanced solutions and tactics for the effective growth of the business. Business people

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ai and customer service

How AI and Automation Drive Better Customer Service

Every industry is now beginning to see the benefits of artificial intelligence and automation. AI and automation help improve operational quality, reduce errors, enhance customer experience, cut down costs, and increase profits. “AI and automation in customer service are helping companies take the right approach when it comes to improving experiences.”  Customer service is an important subset

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Ai in Marketing

Impact of Artificial Intelligence On Marketing- Past and Future

2020 has not been sparing in shocks to business. But while some industries had to take a break and reconsider all operating principles, the development of technologies, including artificial intelligence, has accelerated. Just look at how AI has already transformed lending and loan management. AI in action: Trends in 2020 and predictions for 2021 at MarTech In

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can artificial intelligence help in making sales

Can ArtificiaI Intelligence Help Improve Your Sales

If there is one thing that is important in any business, it is sales. No matter what business you run, the sales of your products and services are your bread and butter. It is no wonder that companies look for new ways to increase sales and reach more customers. Involving artificial intelligence in generating sales is a step

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