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artificial intelligence in gaming

How AI Revolutionize the Way Video Games Developed and Played

Artificial intelligence is simplifying our lives and changing the way we perform everyday tasks. An AI revolution has already taken place in many industries, like healthcare and marketing. But is it going to affect the future of video games as well? The simple answer is yes. “Although AI has been an important part of video games since

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AI Enterprise Applications Help You Make Better Business Decisions

AI solutions have the potential to improve business’ decision-making processes significantly. Put simply, it has moved towards becoming a basic component of enterprise applications (EAs) towards a crucial determinant of successful business strategies. According to a survey conducted by PwC. “Over 72% of business leaders believe that using AI can enable humans to focus on meaningful tasks” 

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Inspiring AI technologies

7 Awe Inspiring AI Techs That Transformed The Digital World

For many people worldwide, artificial intelligence is slowly making its way into their lives without fussing. From our cars, homes, mobile phones, and our workplace, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. Apart from our personal lives, Artificial Intelligence has also made its way into various industries such as automotive, e-commerce, healthcare, and entertainment. To better understand artificial intelligence’s impact

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AI in Image Recognition

AI in Image Recognition What You Should Know

According to Markets Research, the image recognition market size in the retail industry is projected to reach USD 38.9 billion by 2021. The same report reveals that the image recognition market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 19.5% from 2016 to 2021.  What is Image Recognition?  Image recognition is another emerging technology trend that

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AI events in north america

Top 5 AI Events Happening in North America in 2020

Let’s get back to the year 1950.  Computer Scientists -Minsky and McCarthy – narrated AI as anything which gets performed by the machine or by a set of programs and if the same thing when carried out by humans requires some sort of more intelligence to complete the given task. Nowadays, AI is pervasive in nature. Whether you

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