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AI chatbot

Ai Chatbot: Automate The Experience For Your Customers

AI chatbots are the future and the present of the engagement between a brand and its customers. Read more to know about what they are and how to automate the experience for your customers. Most of us are already familiar with the term “artificial intelligence,” and the first thing that comes to our mind is Self-driven technologies

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artificial Intelligence in restaurants

How Restaurants are Making the Most of AI Technology

AI is transforming all industries around the world, and with the technology rapidly evolving all the time, the impact of machine learning is becoming more and more astounding. “No sector has been left untouched, from the biggest social media platforms to the healthcare industry. Even the restaurant industry is seeing AI coming in a big way.”  But

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impact of Artificial intelligence on content writing

Impacts of Artificial Intelligence in Content Writing

Artificial intelligence has transformed the content-writing industry because most things are done by artificial intelligence when writing content today. Many publishers use artificial intelligence to generate their content, for example, The Press Association creates about 30,000 local stories through artificial intelligence. “If you think that this is done by formula writing, you are wrong, because the AI

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Conversational AI

How To Use Conversational AI on Your Website

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (or Conversational AI), is simply put, software or program that allows computers to simulate conversations, whether it’s textual conversations or audio and even audio-visual conversations. As one of the most recent breakthroughs in business and tech, there are many ways businesses can use conversational AI to automate customer engagements and conversations in various platforms

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Robotics Improves Education at School

How Robotics Improves Education at School

Historically, we’ve come a long way since the introduction of “robotics” as a term coined by Isaac Asimov, in addition to his Laws of Robotics. Artificial intelligence is present in every facet of our daily lives, from AI-driven personal assistants such as Siri to global search engine algorithms like Google. The field in which we are still

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