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data and AI transform finance industry

How Data and AI Will Transform the Financial Industry in 2023

Every industry in the global economy benefits from artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. It was only a matter of time until banks, financial institutions, and wealth management organizations leveraged this tech to gain a competitive edge. AI and big data have numerous applications in the financial sector. The industry will become more digitally data-driven as more

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microsoft mimic AI voice

The Science Behind How Microsoft’s AI Can Mimic Anyone’s Voice in 3 Seconds

You may understand how powerful artificial intelligence (AI) programs are getting. They are mimicking the arts of greats and writing scripts for global leaders, causing global conversations surrounding the rapid expansion of AI tools. Most recently, Microsoft developed an AI for voice mimicry. Its efficiency and accuracy are groundbreaking, yet users question its purpose and utilization. How

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ai to create 3D model designs

Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate 3D Model Designs

Many digital artists, architects, engineers, and game developers today rely on 3D models. However, creating these digital objects is often a time-consuming, involved process. New artificial intelligence (AI) models may provide a solution. AI-generated art has gained a lot of notoriety lately, though mostly in the form of 2D images. Now, several companies have announced machine learning

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AI business Cloud

5 Tips for Building a Business AI Platform on Cloud

The cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful combination for companies. If you’re thinking about building an AI platform that works in the cloud, there are several things to keep in mind to get the best outcomes for your business. 1. Pick an Appropriate Cloud Provider and Plan Start by investigating your current cloud provider or

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using ai for internal audit in education

Using AI for Internal Audits in the Education Sector

Schools around the nation are leveraging the latest innovations in education technology to further the goals of their districts. For example, take-home laptops are now staples in virtual classrooms. Without technology, it would’ve been nearly impossible for students to continue learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. One prominent technology becoming increasingly popular in the education sector is artificial

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