All You Need To Know About Rhinoplasty


Are you not happy with the shape of your nose? Do you want to improve its appearance? You can go for rhinoplasty. The name explains its meaning; rhino means nose and plasty means shaping. So, rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery that is done to reconstruct or reshape the nose. The cosmetic surgery modifies bones and nasal cartilages to give a perfect shape to the nose. Nasal fractures are also treated with it. The operation is also preferred for correcting breathing problems or birth defects.

A Challenging Cosmetic Surgery

Among all the plastic surgeries, rhinoplasty is the most challenging and complex. It is tough to perform because of the small size of the nose and delicate nasal passage. Only a rhinoplasty expert can perform it in a specialized manner. It helps in cutting down the risks and complications associated with the surgery.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Risks

Before considering any surgery, it is vital to understand the risks behind it.

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Anesthesia reaction
  • Uneven nose
  • Scars
  • Hole in Septum
  • Pain, swelling or discoloration
  • Permanent lack of sensation in and around the nose

To eliminate these risks, it is advised to prefer only a rhinoplasty specialist. Else a surgery can lead to any of the mentioned risks. It even creates the need for additional surgery.

Schedule a Meeting with Your Surgeon to Clarify All Doubts

Before the surgery, a meeting with the surgeon is vital to discuss the critical parameters for avoiding any complication later.

Medical History

A discussion with the doctor about your medical history is essential. Your surgeon can ask you about any previous surgeries if you have ever gone through or about the medication if you are taking any. Rhinoplasty is not for people having bleeding disorders.

Physical Examination

A thorough physical examination is carried out to determine the effect of surgery on your breathing. The doctor also conducts a blood test and deeply analyzes your nose inside out. This helps them decide what changes are required to provide the results you desire

Your doctor can also use the computer software to make you available with the different effects of surgery on your nose. Open up with your expectations only then the surgeon can judge what exactly needs to be done to meet your hope with the surgery.

How Is The Process Carried?

The surgery generally does not require an overnight stay at the hospital. You will either get local anesthesia or general to get the surgery performed on your nose.

  • Local anesthesia – It is usually preferred in an outpatient procedure. The injection doesn’t make you asleep, but sedates you. It is injected into nasal tissues through the intravenous line. Your nose gets numb and keeps you pain-free and relaxed during the surgery.
  • General anesthesia – It makes you unconscious throughout your operation. Your surgeon will let you inhale it through your vein with a small tube that is placed in your hand, chest, or neck.   

Rhinoplasty is carried out with a cut within your nostrils or a small cut across the nose base for difficult cases. The bone and the cartilage situated below the skin are adjusted. For minor changes, cartilage is taken from your ear or nose by going deeper inside them. On the other hand, cartilage from the ribs or bone from other body parts is taken for larger changes. Once all the necessary changes are done in shaping cartilage or nasal bones; the tissue and skin of the nose are placed back. The cut made for the surgery receives stitches. This completes your rhinoplasty surgery


While resting after surgery, your head position should be at a higher level than your chest. This helps in reducing swelling and bleeding. Your nose will take approximately six months to heal completely. Expect a little swelling during this period that only you or your doctor can notice.

Once you undergo surgery, it is recommended to avoid exertion for four to six weeks. Most of the people also wear a nasal splint for the first week. As you know everything about the surgery now, discuss with your doctor to undergo surgery for having an appealing nose.

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