Impacts of Artificial Intelligence in Content Writing

impact of Artificial intelligence on content writing

Artificial intelligence has transformed the content-writing industry because most things are done by artificial intelligence when writing content today. Many publishers use artificial intelligence to generate their content, for example, The Press Association creates about 30,000 local stories through artificial intelligence.

“If you think that this is done by formula writing, you are wrong, because the AI has gone beyond formulating and is now creating sensible written content.” 

Whether you are a content writer or have a content writer team, writing content is not an easy task, especially if you have limited time. There are also many other tasks such as keyword research, optimization, proofreading, uploading and publishing.

Now, all these tasks take time and effort, but what if there is a machine that does these tasks automatically for you?

In this article, you will learn more about how AI works and some of its applications in the content writing industry.

How AI Content Writer works

There are various technologies in AI Content Writer, the most important of which is Natural Language Generator (NLG). NLG automatically generates the narrative written content from the data you have provided, i.e. titles, key points.

NLG will be responsible for various tasks for writing content such as

  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Automatic e-mails
  • Financial update system
  • Automatic communication between user and system
  • Business intelligence dashboards
  • Business intelligence dashboards

These are only the most common and popular, but numerous other applications are used in different industries.

However, we have sorted out some of the popular AI-based tools available online to help content creators.

  • Plagiarism checker

Every author of the content knows the importance of plagiarism and the side effects of its use in publications. Artificial intelligence has made it easier to check for plagiarism in your content because without it, it seems impossible to verify copied content.

The plagiarism AI checks your article and compares it to all other content to find similarities. However, the modern AI of some tools is also able to detect the paraphrased context in your article, as CopyScape’s plagiarism check does.

The above tool is a very accurate gauge of the appropriate content, as it searches all content in search engines, including descriptions on social media and YouTube. If your content has any twisted content, it will detect it.

  • Grammar Checker

“There was a time when authors had to hire proofreaders to find bugs in their content, but now the trend has changed: the AI-based tools automatically detect the bugs and suggest you correct them.” 

Grammar checkers like Grammarly only take seconds to detect grammatical errors and some other content errors. It uses its AI technology to find all tenses, spelling, interference, clarity and output errors.

In this way, the tool could be more efficient than a human because it only takes seconds and does not need any revision. Some of the modern artificial intelligence in this tool help improve the integration, clarity and execution of sentences.

  • Paraphrasing Tool 

The paraphrasing tool is another example of an AI-based tool that works more efficiently than a human. The online rephrasing tool works by replacing the words with their suitable synonyms to create a new copy of the original content.

As an example of how it works, we can take the paraphrasing tool from Prepostseo. This tool is very fast and precise as it uses its AI-based technology Natural Language Processing NLP to replace the words but keeps the actual meaning of the context.

  • Image to Text Converter 

This online tool uses AI to convert the uploaded image into text that can be used for any purpose. This tool is useful for students, teachers, business people and writers as they need to convert previously written work into editable documents.

For example, Simple OCR’s picture-to-text tool uses the AI-based Optical Character Recognition OCR technology to extract the text from the image. This tool is beneficial for converting documents that need to be converted into some modifications, and you don’t need to rewrite the entire context.

  • AI article generator

“This is also called a virtual content writer because it generates the article independently without human interaction and writes the content automatically with the support of the AI” 

Article Forge’s article generator is a very amazing tool that not only creates context but also makes it suitable for SEO, foreign exchange, review, editing and proofreading your article.

  • Reverse Image Text

Sometimes you need to search for a query about a similar image or similar information through an image. There are some tools on the Internet known as reverse image text that perform the aforementioned operations.

The user uploads the image and the tool looks for the relative result over the image and in this way, you can get what you want. As an example, we can take the tool called Tin eye, which helps to browse the data within seconds by uploading images.

  • Optimizer Checker

If you are a writer or SEO specialist, you may know the importance of text optimization. Text optimization is described as improving your performance in the context of improving readability.

The writing performance check tools are based on artificial intelligence because it analyses the article and generates a score accordingly.

  • Readability Analyzer

The author can write the content in an easily understandable way and this is one of the needs of SEO guidelines for search engines.

The tools that generate the readability value analyze your text and see the reading behaviour according to the human. 


The content writing quite becomes difficult when trying to escape plagiarism or low-quality writing but the AI has changed this practice. Now, the time efficiency has gone more far after the AI has started generating articles on its own. 

If you are a writer and want to check the quality of your writing then AI will let you know your position. It is expected that AI will be enough in the future to replace humans for writing the content. 

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