Artificial Intelligence, a Final Frontier Where Man Is Likely To Go!

Risks and Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Not so long ago, a man was judged by the Intelligence he possessed. As machines took over their place, mental faculties that were thought to require intelligence were removed from the definition.

Why? Machines are now programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.

“When machines began rationalising and mimicking human actions, they used Artificial Intelligence to do so and it took over the world by storm “

It is now the computer’s job to ‘think’ and act intelligently, thereby replacing natural language processing with machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence, although a computer program, now could think and learn. It developed as a field of study which tried to make computers “smart”. As machines become increasingly smart and capable of accomplishing bigger better tasks just by filling or feeding information, a balanced intelligent mental faculty that was once so important to require intelligence was removed from the definition.

Before we understand the risks and benefits of Artificial Intelligence, we need to understand their types, their performance potential and ultimately what are the risks and benefits that are likely to take over the world with it.

The Weak AI

It is capable of completing work that is mostly confined to being very specific. They are not programmed to mimic human nature. The work assigned to an Artificial Intelligence that is weak is specific.

It’s generally designed for one intelligent work, like for example, assigning addresses and details on an envelope. However, anyone who works that they take-up is delivered very intelligently, therefore AI weak, although they have a very narrow scope, they have their relevance as they are also economically priced.

The Strong AI

A strong Artificial Intelligence is capable of all that the human mind seeks to do. It is perfectly capable of replicating each human action verbatim. And true enough, if all that has to be mimicked, including man’s intelligence, that has been acquired by the Artificial Intelligence that is of the strong category, men in no time is going to be left in a dilemma of sorts.

He is likely to wonder what his creation, Artificial Intelligence Super would do next, leaving him utterly perplexed. Will it be constructive enough to be man’s best friend in his loneliness or will it plan to be his best enemy remains to be seen? We don’t know the right answer yet.

Super AI

The super AI surpasses all human intelligence and ability. They are a different genre and have different abbreviations. They are called Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). They are the best in everything they do, they have emotions, feelings, hobbies, skills humans just have to name it the way they have designed it from their minds.

They (chatbots) are good at providing assignment help in maths, science, art, medicine, you name it. It surpasses the best of human minds. Even the brightest of human minds are not close to catching up with their abilities, they even emulate your hobbies and perfect them.

The Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, however, amazing the creation may be, is an indication of mankind living on the mouth of a dormant volcano, a dormant volcano too has normal physical functions suspended or slowed down for a while or is in a deep slumber waiting to be awakened.

Such is the impact of ASI, manmade but likely to spell man’s doom, if not managed with the same intelligence that the machine has acquired. And what if, man is enslaved to his whims and the machine takes over. These may be elaborated on as the difficulties and risks of Artificial Intelligence. But at this point, it is too early to predict a clear standpoint or the potential impact of AI in the future.

The reason for this being, the revolution of sorts that has taken over the business and market domain where they have been fully utilised bringing a change that had not been witnessed earlier. A report published recently clearly stated how the judgment, in a convicted trial delivered a better judgment based on Artificial Intelligence investigation, other than the jury that sat to give the verdict. That being just one example of machine over man.

The Alexa and Sophia, the two names in each household cannot be neglected when they are receiving every word that is being exchanged in the house for future feeds and performing all that they are being asked to do from singing a lullaby to the baby asleep or singing the Birthday song!


— Katherine Lily, working as a senior researcher at Online Assignment Expert, a company that provides academic services and assignment help in Australia. She also supervises data scientists and leads several projects based on AI and web development.

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