Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence

pros and cons of artificial intelligence

Evolution; a way forward to betterment. Evolution is everywhere. In every corner of the universe, if observed closely, you would find the traces of evolution. It defines human beings. They evolve themselves with the passage of time. One might agree/disagree with Charles Darwin’s physical evolution but the Evolution of Intelligence is an aspect agreed all-inclusively. What, by the way, Evolution of Intelligence is? Evolution is a journey. Man has evolved through the greatest journey the universe has ever witnessed. A journey from drawing lines with a stick on the ground to Algebra and Trigonometry. A journey from Barter System to Automated Stock Exchanges. A journey from considering the Earth as the center of Universe to Andromeda, Clusters and Interstellar. A journey from worshipping the Moon to Apollo Mission. And a journey from Abacus to Highly Efficient Artificially Intelligent Computer Systems. These are the hallmark achievements of human civilization. When would that journey end? No one knows.

“ How far humans have come into this journey, one knows for sure. A destination humans are standing on right now is Artificial Intelligence. ”


Let’s dive deep into the Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence. 

Lead-ins of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Anything that has mean of inception is artificial. Artificial satellite versus natural satellite, the moon. Artificial body hands and legs for disabled kids and brave veterans. Artificial Carbon dioxide CO2 causing Global Warming worldwide with far-ranging implications versus natural Carbon Dioxide C02. What about Artificial Intelligence? Strange true. It was only a notion back in the 1960s that was impossible as is Time Travel Today. But there came a moment when Artificial Intelligence got the attention of the mighty intellectual lords of earth; the scientists. humanity is getting along with Artificial Intelligence in every sphere of life.

“A moment when an artificially intelligent computer system the Deep Blue defeated World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov in six-game combat.”

Historical Perspective of AI.

The journey of Computer systems starts from Turing Machine. A single machine that helped the Allied Forces win the World War breaking the mighty Enigma. That was the very first computer system that evolved on earth. After the inception of the Turing Machine, there were many breakthroughs that paved the way for modern-day computer systems. All this way not achieved in a single year or a single decade. The evolution of the computer system is comprised of four generations.

Expanding Incursions of AI.

At present, the area of implementation of AI is expanding with each passing day. What is, by the way, the world’s biggest library? Don’t you know? Despite the fact that you have its access at your fingertip. A Search Engine. Yes, a search engine is the biggest library in the world. The question here is how you would be able to fetch the desired result from that ocean of knowledge? All hail Artificial Intelligence. You intend to travel, firstly, you see the weather forecast, AI.

You don’t know the way, you ask the query from Siri in Apple, Cortana in Microsoft, Alexa in Amazon, and Tesla, and they would give you the best and shortest path, AI. These are minor things that have become part of life today. You use them without even realizing them.

AI Revolutionizing Data Sciences.

Speaking of professional domains, data is a more precious resource of the future. More precious than Persian Oil and African Gold would be. Why Facebook is facing a penalty of $5 Billion? Unable to Secure Data. Why Cambridge Project as being termed as Another Whistle-Blower? Because it is based on Artificial Intelligence and it is totally associated with data. When it comes to bigger business organization, data indeed has a greater worth as well as the impact on the business. Today, businesses are being run on behalf of data. 

Dark Data

The data that a company is having at its disposal is worthy. But not all the data is being used. There is data that remains in the databases of the company. If a data a company is storing is of no used to company, what’s the purpose of storing it in the first place? Nothing meaningful. AI defines the jurisdictions for such data. AI directs the systems to get over with the data that is necessary.

Data Integration

The data that an organization is collecting not thoroughly Dark Data. There is data is that is extremely useful for the company. How to put all that data in use by integrating all of the data with numerous departments of the company. It is more like harmonizing the data according to the needs of the service. 

Efficacious versus Pilled Up data

The data that is being collected at the disposal of service can be segregated into dark data as well as the useful data. The most important question of the entire data debate is that who would segregate between those distinctions of usefulness and uselessness? Here comes the role of AI. Applications built by keeping in view the data-oriented aspects can segregate that. AI would make it possible to harness all the departments of the company to harness useful data effectively. 

5R’s of Data 

The data is utilized for so many purposes is that data of different natures. The nature of data is comprised of the traits if data. The data that a company is collecting might be segregated into different sorts based on the traits it is carrying.

1. Relevance

Relevancy of data is the most important aspect. The data must be relevant. Similar data can give a better approach to harness itself with the application that is being used for the data segregation. Similar data would be easily segregated.

2. Recency 

Data that is being segregated must have an association with the previous task. Previously used data would better be rationalized that whether to use it or not to.

3. Range

Data must be collected from wide-ranging resources. It would enhance the efficiency of data. Diverse data can be made more effective when it comes to drawing the results pertaining to the company’s grooming.

4. Robustness 

Data that is being segregated must be robust. Concrete data be optimized in a better way. A way that reflects appealing eventualities.

5. Reliability 

Reliability of data, for sure, matters. Reliable data is easier to get along with Artificial Approaches. A reliable data can also give you the promising figures that could be more useful the evaluation of the existing systems.

AI harmonizing Finance and Economics.

A newly emerged exchange running artificially without the workforce in Hong Kong is the recent demonstration of what can be achieved by Artificial Intelligence in finance. Extremely complex applications that finance organizations are using are designed keeping in view the artificial intelligence aspects. Hefty calculations are being performed efficiently worldwide. These applications [MetaStock, Optuma, QuantShare, TC2000, and Tradingview] are the backbone of the finance industry. These are the applications that are running stock exchanges worldwide. They represent the indicators that are crucial players of the economy of a country. Entire economies are being driven by them. There was a moment when there was only a system called the Barter System. Here we are, hundreds of systems and all of them are artificially managed worldwide. This is the illustration and face of artificial today.  

Coaxing SEO via AI Evaluation and Evolution.

You made a search today about Search Engine Optimization and its advantages, a while later, you start receiving ads pertaining to SEO on the sidebar of your windows. How come that be possible? How does the search engine knows that you are searching for having queries pertaining to SEO? Don’t you know all the search engines are using AI algorithms that rationales your search history? Behind your query, there are so many algorithms that are working to give you the best-suited results as well as the relevant content. That’s what is all about search engine marketing. 

Digital Marketing Credentials

Search Engine Optimization is designed in such a way that it reflects the credentials if digital marketing. SEO is the best-suited tool for outreaching and branding and a way to standardize your business. To maximize the presence of your business in the business domains, you’ve to make your business get the due audience that would be a business-boosting factor. 

Role of Marketing Platforms

Digital marketing is a notion. That notion is being carried away by different marketing platforms. These platforms that provide dual layouts. A layout for the business, a layout for the consumer. Both get a viable platform to approach their respective queries.

More like,

  • Google my Business
  • Yelp
  • Manta
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare
  • Instagram
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Angie’s List
  • Yellow pages
  • Better Business Bureau

These are all the platforms that are being used as a review as well as marketing platforms. They reveal the basic credentials a business is holding. If a robust strategy is defined for marketing over these platforms, you can get the best out of them that would eventually boost your business.

Evolution of Google’s Algorithms 

Google, being a Search Engine Optimizer is doing a great job all-inclusively. That effectiveness wasn’t achieved overnight or over a year. It took a lot of time as well as a lot to consider to get to a better node. Each algorithm was the more evolved format of the previous one.

Evolutionary like,

  • Panda                                           (24 Feb 2011)
  • Penguin                                      (24 April 2012)
  • Hummingbird                        (22 August 2013)
  • Pigeon                                          (24 July 2014)
  • Mobile-Friendly Update          (21 April 2015)
  • RankBrain                             (26 October 2015)
  • Possum                            (01 September 2016)
  • Fred                                          (08 March 2017)

These are the updates that have been evaluating overtime to make Google more friendly and compatible with queries of the user. 

Futuristic Horizons 

Digital Marketing is to evolve with the passage of time. Primarily, outbound mediums were considered as all in all parameters for marketing. These things have evolved with the passage of time. Today, inbound marketing is a more effective tool in the digital marketing world. Social Media, Marketing Platforms and Marketing Protocols are the more efficacious tools in domains of digital marketing. Amongst those platforms, prevailing ones are more effective.

Prevailing like,

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Remarketing (RM)
  • Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

With the evaluation of these parameters, digital marketing would too get better and better. These are basic carriers of marketing when it comes to digital marketing. These are all designed keeping in view the Artificial Intelligence that drives them all.

Educational Dimensions and Role of AI.

Artificial Intelligence is also feeding the credentials in educational dimensions. Fetching an internationally held educational conference, using more thorough applications for research purposes, deducing theories and facts with the help more intelligent computer systems is more prominent as well as a more effective approach today. This approach is getting more and more embedded in today’s educational dimensions.

“ Artificial Intelligence is yet to make some significant contributions to education and learning. We are quite far from seeing intelligent machines in the classrooms. ”

A Bird’s Eye view at the finale of Pros and Cons of AI.

Hard truths cut both ways. Assessing the take on pros and cons, it can be concluded that there are certain damaging aspects too. Intentional or unintentional, but they have the implication for a productive human cycle. Surveillance tools are designed keeping in view AI parameters and even they work accordingly. They could be damaging to hefty extents.

More like,

  • False Use of Surveillance Tools
  • More Probabilities of Cyber Crime
  • Downfall of Workforce
  • Mitigation of Human Incursion in Mainstream.
  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Access to Malicious Resources via AI Tools
  • Obsoleteness of Conventional Systems

Agreed or not, intentional or unintentional, but these are/could be the impacts in near or distant future. It is not about giving a notion about abandoning the AI. It is about making it more and more robust free from all malicious probabilities leaving a better hereafter for generations to come. 

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