Top 6 Benefits of Professional Web Design

Benefits of web design

When there are so many website builders online that you can use for free or almost for free, why should you even consider a professional UX/UI design agency? Does it bring you any benefits?

It sure does, in fact! If you want to be taken seriously, that is, according to Clay. A website that took 15 minutes to make on a free website constructor will never look as good as a customized one. It will have reduced functionality and many other drawbacks. 

Now let us dive deeper into the subject. In this post, we are going to discuss the top benefits of professional web design. 

The Perks of Working with a Professional Web Agency

Here are some of the reasons why consulting with a professional web design agency should be your first choice. Many web design agencies provide free consultations where you discuss the desired features, get an analysis of your business idea, and cost estimates. Talking to a couple of agencies before you decide can be very in the long run.

Impressive Design

“The first impression is extremely important in web design. Users decide whether they want to close or continue exploring your website in about 50 milliseconds.” 

Therefore, it is in your best interest to have an original and interesting website. Only working with a professional design agency that has extensive experience and knowledge of what users like you can create such a page online.

You need to consider the needs and desires of your users and create a web page that helps satisfy these needs in the most intuitive way. It may take much research and testing before you achieve the most pleasurable result. However, this is only possible with custom-made websites, because the site builders have pre-made layouts that you cannot alter much.


The websites that you make in different online builders all look alike. Take note that your competitors and your users will notice that you are saving money. This may negatively affect your reputation and level of trust.

Everybody knows that successful companies treat their websites as one of their main tools of income and invest in them. By creating a website in a drag-and-drop editor you may appear as incompetent of unsuccessful.

Better SEO

Search engine optimization is important for the success of your business because it allows new clients to find you faster and easier. Using keywords, adding meta and image alt tags to your content, and taking some other measures you can guarantee yourself a high place in the search results

However, only custom-made websites have the chance to rank high on Google. Moreover, the drag-and-drop websites simply do not provide enough opportunities for SEO work, have an increased bounce rate, and many other disadvantages. In the long run, it does not make sense to spend time and money on a constructor because it deprives you of many opportunities that a website should offer.

Represents Your Brand

As we have already mentioned, ready-made websites provide fewer possibilities to create effective and beautiful websites. However, making a custom website also means that you are not limited by standard fonts, colours, and block layouts when broadcasting your corporate identity.

The process of choosing “who to buy from” is closely connected to branding. It is very important for customers to see that you have a stable online presence, and you understand your values and your unique identity.

“Your website is one of the main tools to broadcast all this information. Nevertheless, if you do not create a website that is tailored to your needs, you do not exploit this chance at all.” 

Powerful Functionality

One of the main reasons why large companies, popular blogs, or online platforms with lots of traffic do not choose ready-made solutions is because their functionality is very limited. Various online builders have different policies, but they can set limits on traffic, the number of created pages, etc.

Not all of them allow for analytics tools or integration with CRMs. At the same time, when you create a website with a professional team, all these limitations are eliminated.

More Flexible

If your business grows, your website grows alongside it. However, adding new functionality or renovations are hard to do with ready-made websites. In some cases, it can be even more expensive than if you designed a tailored website from scratch. So if you are planning to scale in the future, work with a professional web agency.


Overall, professional web design has many benefits. It allows you to broadcast your corporate identity and has unlimited functionality when working with customers and processing their requests. If you are choosing between custom design and website builders online, you should certainly go with the first option.

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